What would you like to change about your life?

Since offering people the opportunity to choose exactly which problem they’d like to have solved on my website


I’ve been wondering if there was something else I could offer that would let you live the life you’ve always wanted.

To find out I thought I’d just ask you the question and have you leave your answer on my blog:

“What else would you like to change about your life?”

And you know what, it can be anything at all.  Just make sure it’s something you really want to change because I’m going to take your feedback and use it to create new programs in the future.

Examples could be fear of anger or confrontation, experiencing and expressing uncontrolled anger, and specific relationship issues.

You often do get what you wish for… so think BIG.

Just leave a comment below (to remain anonymous just give your name as “anonymous.”

623 thoughts on “What would you like to change about your life?

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  4. I want to learn to deal with anger. when I was growing up…anger was a sin. I NEVER saw my parents fight or argue. I freeze when people are angry.

  5. As far back as I can remember since childhood I have had this anxiety worry like state that has been on and off. It’s very unsettling and seems to try and sabotage many aspects of my life. So… I would like to rid myself of this once and for all.

    Thank you Shelly.

  6. I would like to have the confidence that all the self-help I do works for me! As I feel that maybe it doesn’t work for me or nothing is changing. Thank you!

  7. I want to learn how to use the law of attraction better, And to stop blaming others for my insecurities

  8. I’d like to believe in my capacity to self regulate, body and soul.

  9. Mitali hazarika says:

    I would like to get rid of ruminating thoughts.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I would like to get rid of my social media addiction. I know, ridiculous, right?
    But it’s ruining my life.

  11. I would like to close the gap of intention and follow through. I would want to and almost be sure – that I would get up early to meditate and jog and get a jump on writing. Hasn’t happened. Ever. Well, since I was single rather. I am married with a beautiful baby girl. I try not to be hard on myself bc of that because j am truly grateful for what I have and own this stage in my life but..I just feel like I could do more in my journey in maxing my potential…..sorry for the long rant! But that’s my answer.

  12. Mohammed Yousufuddin says:

    I want to improve my finances by starting my own business

  13. I would like to easily interact with loved ones who have mistreated me.

  14. I would like the ability to stand up for my beliefs and/or perspective during a disagreement or controversial topic.

  15. I would like to once more be physically attracted to my partner… After years of unfulfilled sex due to premature ejaculation and all the emotional baggage that goes with it I have little desire to have penetrative sex. It used to be one of my favourite things.

  16. Mohammed Yousufuddin says:

    I want to control my fear and anger also I would like to change my financial situation

  17. Kristopher king says:

    Bad anxiety and self doubt

  18. Vocalizing and enforcing boundaries and how to stop struggling with debt

  19. How to deal with a very negative and critical spouse?

  20. I want all negative energy to be removed from my subsconscious.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Releasing sexual inhibitions, assertive communication in relationships

  22. Ending self sabotage, or, limiting beliefs that hinder real growth and progress. Self worth, a sense of deserving, getting rid of scarcity and lack.

    BIG issues for so many people.

  23. Clarita Charlotte says:

    As a child me and my siblings were denied a lot of basic things, and constantly being told it was because we did not have the money for it. I later realized that my mother was a victim of financial abuse and we fell victim to it as well. So to my core there is a belief that money is scarce and hard to come by and I am not deserving of it in excess, only just enough to survive and get by. I need help to change my mentality of lack and scarcity around money.

  24. fullerlaura says:

    I would like to overcome debilitating anxiety. I have dealt with anxiety since I was 9 or 10. I have been to counseling, I have been hypnotized, I meditate regularly, I have all these tools I use when I become paralyzed w/ anxiety or maybe its PTSD. All I know is I’m so tired of dealing w/ it. I am in my 50’s now & it has never gone away. Thank you, Morty

    1. shellylefkoe says:

      Whenever you’re ready I can help.
      Warmly, Shelly

  25. Nicole Schmitt says:

    That I’m safe and protected!

  26. the fear of not seeing my future, just doing what I have to to get by, I want to know what my purpose is and how to find it. I have lost my sense of purpose and where I fit in .I’m not sure what the point is anymore.I want to care about what it is that I do for a living not just exist.

  27. I would like to let go of my negative beliefs about aging and activity, work and dreams for future! The “what’s the point attitude, I haven’t got long anyway”!

  28. Sarah-Jane says:

    anonymous-I would like my sex drive back, to have a job where my skills and experience are utilized more, to be more motivated and stop procrastinating

  29. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to be able to get out of bed easily in the morning. No matter how much I look forward to my day, and no matter how much sleep I get, I still want to stay in bed.

  30. i want to get rid of belief that my partner will cheat on me at some point or other

  31. Christine says:

    I want to become an entrepreneur but need financial backup

  32. I’d like to stop blaming, both myself and others, if I think things could have been done better.

  33. Hello,
    I would like to be more independent from close people’s emotions,needs,expectations.

    Thank you!

  34. Anonymous says:

    I wish to establish relationship I want and not to be afraid of it at all. I wish my own bussiness Im satisfied with.

  35. Hi
    I’d like to become free from oppression by my feelings. I wanna be free to decide without the pain of those negative feelings.

    I also wanna find myself. I don’t wanna be someone I’m not.

  36. anonymous says:

    I would like to learn how to cope with the fact that my 34 year old adult, homeless son is battling addiction and severe mental illness. It’s very hard as a parent (and family) to deal with this problem. Anonymous

  37. I would like to be stronger in my decision making and not to fear change and the unknown

  38. anonymous says:

    Hi Morty, I’d like to be truly positive and believe good things are possible in a world where things are so bleak and hard.

  39. David Norris says:

    I want to become wealthy enough to have everything I want in life and be able to help others achieve financial abundance. David

  40. Rachael Dean says:

    Desperately need help with my addictions.

  41. I want to remove my feelings of self pity and my harsh reaction when others judge me.

  42. anonymous says:

    Hi Morty, How to I rid myself of the belief that I’m an outsider; peripheral in my own life experiences and interactions

  43. Hi Morty,
    I’d like to learn how to release/control my anger.

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