I Need Your Help

Last week I read an email from Seth Godin that inspired
me to ask a new question.

A powerful question that could change how we talk about
the work we do.

And it’s a question I need your help to answer.

What is the question?

“How have we helped you in a way that no one else has?”

Or to put it another way:

“What have we done for you that others may have

To answer leave a comment on this page of my blog.

I’ll read every comment as usual and respond to your
answers in a future blog post.

58 thoughts on “I Need Your Help

  1. I’m simply amazed at how fast and effective the Lefkoe-method is. It’s a piece of gold for me, incredibly well aligned with my conscious-spiritual & combative-survival arts practices and everyone I come into training with.

    Thank you.

  2. I have done enumerable growth and development programs for over 30 years. People see me as a leader, my “beingness” shows up as a leader. My mother frequently asks, “Why are you not leading your own seminar, you are clearly a leader?” Your free beliefs website has trained me to listen for my beliefs. Yesterday in my exercise class the instructor acknowledged me for how well I follow her instructions, and in that moment I heard myself say, “Yes, I follow instructions very well, I’m a good follower!” Oh my goodness, with that belief, how could I ever be…a leader!?

    1. All great leaders first learn how important it is to listen and follow others. Basically we’re all potentially great leaders.

  3. Your method is life changing. I don’t know of anyone else who so clearly and succinctly identifies the genesis of our limiting beliefs. To go back and identify where the belief began and view it as a (mostly) rational adult instead of through the eyes of a child allows people to see the events with a whole new perspective and understanding. It suddenly becomes clear that a situation I assumed happened because I was not good enough was actually an issue with someone else’s inability to give love.

    I have long held the belief that I had to be perfect and to make other people happy in order to win their love and approval. But since it is impossible to make anyone else happy (they choose for themselves to be happy or not), I could never succeed. Thus I felt unworthy of being loved, never able to be good enough to earn love. When I went through your process and saw myself as separate from my beliefs, I recognized instantly that how I interpret a situation doesn’t matter, what I believe about a given circumstance is inconsequential to who I am.

    We tend to define our lives by labels: I am a doctor, I am a worrier, I am not good enough, I am active and outgoing… whatever the label is. Now I realize the true answer for me is: I am. Period.

    I shared your process with a friend who has suffered her whole life believing she had to act and look a certain way in order to be acceptable to others. She constantly worried “what will they think of me?” Last night she sent me a message proclaiming “I am free! I am no longer in bondage to what other people think of me”

    What an amazing gift I was able to give her, because of your process.

    I’ve already referred two other people to your website. Your work is amazing and needs to be shared.

  4. The short session I did on eliminating the belief that Mistakes are Bad has powerfully changed my view of myself and others. I used the same video again but changed the limiting belief to It’s dangerous and bad when someone is mad at me. The memories surfaced and tears flowed, but at the sessions end my belief became something something very different. I feel more accepting and less resistant now. It might seem contradictory, but I’m noticing that the less I worry, the easier solutions occur to me. Another benefit – I’ve lost the background anxiety that hung on for years.
    Thank you.

  5. Augusta Pintea says:

    You helped me realize that I was making the same mistakes with my child as my parents did with me….not because they didn’t loved me but because they didn’t know better…the key for changing the world for better lies in our children..they are the next generation…I can not thank you enough!!! Bless you!!!

  6. Michael Rose says:


    Your method is clear, practical and effective. By applying it, I was able almost immediately to eliminate a negative belief (“I’m not important”). My chains of illusions are falling away. Positive cycles in me have started to operate, are gathering momentum, and will not be stopped.

    Thank you.
    Michael Rose

  7. Wow! I feel exhilarated Each time I go through the process. It’s as if a weight has been released from my chest.

  8. Michael Kaminski says:

    Morty, the impact you’ve had in my life is priceless.

    I’ve struggled for twenty years with a limiting belief that was crippling me and as a result, my family. I have read a ton of books and gone through one on one counseling to resolve my problem with no success and it was because of what you say, it was all to treat the behavior. With your help, my issue was resolved within about 30 minutes!

    What you’ve given me that others have not is the truth and I appreciate you very much for this as does my family.

    1. Hi Michael,

      I’m thrilled to hear about the great results you’ve gotten from our work.

      If you haven’t yet seen our Natural Confidence program that helps you eliminate 19 of the most common damaging beliefs, check out http://naturalconfidenceprogram.com.

      Love, Morty

  9. You`ve helped me like no one else has by offering a real solution to complex issues that seemed too deep to rewire. A lot of what you talk about in your book I have myself come to realize, but didn`t know how to implement. I read your book start to finish in one sitting and was finished feeling like a ray of real hope shone through, as I work with teens who are struggling to better themselves and would greatly benefit from your work.

    I`m an Aboriginal youth leader and I travel Canada delivering life changing presentations to youth who desperately need it – the majority of my people live in 3rd world conditions in the midst of one of the wealthiest countries in the world and battle with substance abuse, violence, crime and suicide (the #1 cause of death for Aboriginal youth 13-30 is suicide). For example, a northern community of 2,200 has had 300 youth commit suicide in the past 5 years. I’ve overcome suicide myself and helped many reclaim their lives as well, but I felt that I wasn’t doing enough or that I could do more; that’s when I found your book.

    I’m working with an author from BC, a doctor from Winnipeg, and Child and Family Services human resource director to create lasting change in the Aboriginal population – but work has been slow going. I believe that your method can help hundreds of thousands of children, youth and adults who desperately need it and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get this information to them as soon as possible.

    Morty, I can’t explain how much I want to help my people; it brings tears to my eyes knowing how happy they can be after living with so much hopelessness and despair. I’m begging you to help me help them. If money is an issue, I can raise funds. If people are needed, I can gather dozens of committed individuals. I’ll do whatever it takes.

    At the very least, I ask if I can have permission to share this information with Aboriginals across North America. It would be a huge step in the right direction for many suffering needlessly. I and thousands of others would be eternally grateful – and we’ll make sure you know just how grateful we will be. I guarantee it.

    All the Best,

    Dallas C.

  10. Dear Morty,

    I beleive you found a road in my brain that I did not discover until now.
    Thank you and your friends for showing me this road .

  11. Dear Morty
    I am an NLP trainer and master practitioner, so I know few metods to eliminate limiting belives…
    but I have to say that your metod was the most effective for my clients, and made a big differernse .
    thank you very much for shering it.
    god bless you

  12. Dear Morty,
    I teach my self to be able to see the powr inside me and take away the thought that stop me from develop. By doing that i found out that l now know my self beter, ther for I do beter at work (theaching) and at home with my family.

  13. Samantha Chadwick says:

    Hi Morty, I found your method is like opening a window that never appeared to exist before, a different view of the reality of my belief which gave me a much better understanding of where it came from. Once I could see exactly how I came to have that belief, I could see it was unfounded and no longer necessary to hang onto it which made releasing it so much easier. Thanks again for sharing your gift!

  14. You have helped me, which I’m very grateful for. I’m currently working on Joe Vitale’s “The Missing Secret” program and that with the combination of your help with clearing is working brilliantly, thank you so much for your help.
    Your work is very inspiring! 🙂

  15. Morty,

    Thank you so very much for helping me change my limiting beliefs! Your program is just amazing! I’m actually surprising myself now! I took your “I’m not good enough” course a little less than a week ago, and now I’m doing a lot of things differently. Every day is more fun! I don’t answer people’s rude questions anymore. I talk more confidently to people, without even trying! I do things that are new and exciting for me, that would usually be totally out of my comfort zone! I’m loving this! I just finished your second program and I really looking forward to seeing the changes start even more! Thank you so much!

  16. Hey Morty, Just writing to say HI and say THANKS for developing this powerful technique. It was obviously a life-time goal for you and one that should be commended for undertaking and sharing so passionately with others. I especially like how simple and powerfully you put the viewer in a “logic box” that can only lead him/her to one conclusion: that he/she is ultimately responsible and powerful in their creation of beliefs. The most effective thing I’ve seen in studying positive motivation and success theories so far. Such a breakthrough that I shall continue to recommend to others….You rock.

  17. G.Narayanan says:

    Dear Morty,

    I found your program unique in the sense it simplifies the approach to eliminate limited or dis-empowering beliefs. We realize that beliefs are our choices and can be changed to make them more empowering.

    Thanks for your innovative communication style.


  18. erika longo says:

    you had show me the way about how achieve my goals, first of all you make understad that all I want, for me it’s possible to get, and second you show me the way. I know that I still need to study, and apply again and again, but I’m sure that I’m goig to achieve all my goals

  19. Roy Alexander says:

    Hi Morty and the team,

    I can’t say I’ve been “helped” yet because I have gone thru a Lefkoe session for my issues … but I’d still like to add this:- there are plenty of literature and videos on the Law of Attraction but only a few of them address the issue of your subconscious filtering/altering the thoughts you generate. They come to the point of saying – so beware of what your subconscious beliefs are. period. I ‘ve come across only one system that addresses the resolution of those beliefs in a “no-gimmics” kinda way. And that’s the Lefkoe method. Mankind thanks you.

    Roy (Switzerland)

  20. You’ve simplify the language and got me to see in me something that resemble your experience and you led me in the experience of a solution.

    Others lead the experience with a presentation of their model or they use someone else experience I relate to which they explain and will be better explained when you buy the product that is.

  21. Maximilian says:

    I’m a very reflective person so I wouldn’t say you’ve given me anything I haven’t given myself other than that your conviction in the hypnosis/belief recreation departments are exquisite. That is to say, what you’ve proven a way to change a belief through a substantial number of people, or so I’ve been told (by you). Either way, that thought in my head allows me to have more faith and that faith is probably exactly what was necessary to found my belief that it’d work. Sort of recursive then isn’t it? – Like life itself. Anyway, knowing how beliefs are formed (through personal interpretation of neutral life events, tending toward the premature) I can use my natural talent of reflection to understand how to better create my world. So evidently what you’ve given is a small but vital piece to a puzzle that allows me to better understand my world and how I’m determining it to be. A pretty meaningful thing, I’d say. Many thanks for that.

  22. Beatriz Adriana says:

    I absolutely love your program. I´m not a native English speaker but I´ll do my best to give some feedback.

    I had read a lot about finding solutions to be better, but the method itself has everything in a short amount of time that is needed to feel so much different.
    The video makes you interact in a such great way. I love it, I feel different now, and I´m getting more successful everyday.

  23. @: Hello Morty you don’t know how much you have helped me. Your video showed me that nobody told me that i would not succeed in life i was telling myself that i was not smart that is was not going to be successful. I had started a buss about 2 years ago, i was doing OK but not as good as i thought i should. Deep down inside i guess i was still doubting my self. Since i saw you video my outlook changed about my self, now i tell myself i am a WINNER i was born to win. I tell myself this all day. My future looks a lot brighter. Thank you Morty

  24. Debbie Dietrich says:

    Hi Morty
    My mentor, Raymond Aaron, has mentioned several times how much you helped him get over several negative beliefs and also helped lower his blood pressure! I was so thankful when I received your email with an invite to try it out for free. After eliminating “I’m not good enough”, I wasn’t so sure that I had eliminated the belief, until I was at work and bombarded with tasks and questions and phone calls, and I suddenly realized that I wasn’t doing the negative self-talk anymore. I haven’t thought “I’m not good enough” since then. Instead I think, their expectations of me are unrealistic. Again I received another email from you inviting me to eliminate 1 belief at a time for a nominal fee. This I am financially able to do. I have told several of my friends and I truly hope they avail themselves of this amazing gift. A heartfelt thanks.
    Debbie Dietrich

  25. Dear Morty: You have helped me immensely. I couldn’t quite understand why I was unable to do better in the way of positive thinking. I had read and practiced for decades, literally. Then one day, I got an email from you. You explained it is our beliefs, our underlying beliefs that determine for us whether we can change or not. A “huge” light bulb went on in my head. Then you said, somewhere, that “Anything only has meaning when we give it meaning.” A searchlight blasted on in my soul. I had been trying to say that my entire professional career. But it was your words that put it right, that is, accurately, for me. Again, I say you have helped me immensely. Thank you.

  26. Rasmus-Anders says:


    Morty, thanks to you I know the power of beliefs and how they impact every word we say and every action we take. When we have mostly positive beliefs about life, success & what not, then life becomes like a harmonious play where we can just step into our greatness with ease and joy. I’ll never underestimate the power of beliefs again


  27. ANNAMARIA says:

    The Decision making process brought me back to where it all began. Limiting beliefs have plagued my young adult and adult life, but since getting back to their points or origin and taking ownership of them, (well as an educator, I know that if my students know why something is and how it functions…they better grasp how to do it) I have a totally different perspective of what makes me tick. I can now look at myself and situations and relationships and people (I work in a high school) and better understand it all.

  28. Barbara Spector says:

    Morty, I think the big difference is that your process goes one or two critically important steps further than any other form of therapy. The first is that you don’t stop at simply remember where a belief or limitation came from (childhood) but you lead the client to take complete ownership of their belief so that they can stop renacting that belief in their life and they can stop blaming the parent (or anyone else) and as a result, there is an experience of freedom and great relief. The other critically important step is recognizing that you are the creator of your life and therefore, are the creator. This leaves the client totally empowered to self-coach when other survival patterns show up later on.

  29. 1. You care. Even though it is an “artificial” program and I am not directly meeting you in person I sense and feel your caring and personal touch. You must have had a good night sleep and felt very positive when making the recording. I mention this because I have other programs and I just DO NOT feel anything and they just seem robotic and cheep (even though expensive) and in it just for the money. Honestly, I did not sense the same strong “feeling” when I tried the one with your wife. This is perhaps due to some “women issues” in my life. I must give the example of Jack Canfield’s recent book and CD. I feel he is tired and just quick in getting another book out and so he might be 100% right in his principals of success but I don’t believe it, I don’t feel it, I don’t sense it and sadly I don’t care for it. As the saying goes, ” I don’t care how much you know, I only want to know how much you care.” I have the same negative feelings about Eldon Taylors work as well. I felt swindled into just buying stuff with no caring or true human feeling.
    2. You believe. I did an EFT session with a trained practicioner and he made the biggest blunder of all and I did not have a voice or awareness of what happened until a few days later. He gently pushed me into an early childhood memory and I really did not want to go there. But the Big Mistake he made was to say that “If what you say is true…”, meaning he called me a liar and did not believe me. I was there and know it was true. This damaged the whole healing process. This reminds me of the book “If you see Buddha on the Road, Kill him” where he mentions “Take from no man his song” where one needs to speak but that is not enough, another needs to listen but that is not enough, but more importantly needs to care and believe in the other persons story.
    3. You are Honest and have a higher sense of integrity.
    4. You are open to both negative and positive feedback and give a lifetime money back guarantee. Most therapists don’t care about receiving any feedback from their clients but ONLY if they have good insurance and how are “you” going to pay.

  30. hi, when i began reading your e-mail i wa rather spectic and sim,ply did not beleive you. i thought to myself-how can a stranger help me. then day by day i bacame more optimistic and self confident. great thanks to you.

  31. Hi,i am very much eager to buy the cd,atleast one of my limiting belief will be and surely eliminted.i think deep down
    i have a problem of fear. fear of every thing.

  32. Hi Morty, the basic fact is, what U said was apply my method & see the difference, if not come back take another excuse, finally when all thing is elemenated U will rech the goal & I am telling to everyone that apply these method without doubt, with firm faith that what U learn is correct & apply & see the difference. Salim

  33. At the age of 9 I had a tramatic experience that caused “me” to go inward. At age 15 I got married to get away from a abusive home. By age 21 I had 3 sons and was struggling to “come back”. For the past 40 years I ahave been reading and struggling and have over the years made great headway but it was not until I got your email which offered me “FREE” HELP WAS I able to make a real breakthrough into reality, into my here and now.

    The fact that you offered the first course free made it possible for me to get the breakthroug that I needed, in that I am living on a small (very small) pension and a small social security check and did not have money for expensive self help info If it cost more than I think I can pay it does not help me no matter how great the information is.

    It always amazes me that people want to charge exhorbant amounts for helping people who need it the most and can least afford to get the information. (or at least think they can’t).

    I just did a presentation before 600 High school students and I rocked the house and boy did it feel great. Thanks Marty
    Be Blessed

  34. Tom Albertsson says:

    Hi Morty,

    First of all, thank you for creating this process!

    I went through the “I’m not good enough” exercise and at the end experienced a felt-shift. There’s no fear of dropping back, because once you KNOW something, it’s like suddenly being able to read; you can’t then go back and pretend your illiterate and the page is an incomprehensible jumble.

    What, for me, makes your approach unique and special from the methods all those other good folks use to transform limiting beliefs, is this:

    (1) Your method is FUN and EASY to do! Almost like going along with an episode of one’s favorite cartoon, and participating in it!

    (2) Your method is COMPLETE, what in science is called necessary and sufficient: it is what you must do, and all you have to do. [*Only reservation: see question below.]

    (3) Your method contains THREE necessary elements: understanding, experience, and the all important FELT-SHIFT.

    (4) Your method is DEEP: only when the approach is deep enough can you get at the root cause. Only then can change be permanent and can one achieve true knowing, Gnosis.

    Out of these 4 items, what to me would be the MOST distinguishing feature of your method?

    Hmmm…the MOST important item for me is that your approach goes DEEP enough to truly affect change at the causal level. Otherwise it would ultimately be useless.

    Next in line would be the FUN, the THREE elements, and the COMPLETENESS.

    The caveat I raised above concerned the question of installing new beliefs or interpretations. When you remove something that has perhaps been there for many year, isn’t it necessary to replace it with something constructive? As one well-known teacher puts it: “Erase and replace.”



  35. Dear Morty ,
    I have gained much more confidence as a result of using the leftkoe tecnique.
    Its a natural confidence now , whereas before it was forced.
    I felt much more adequate and empowered to face challenges that came my way
    and able to deal with them with more of an unconditioned response rather than reactive. I bless the day i found you . Since then i’ve been steadily climbing upward on the rungs of life , much steadier and at a much more rapip pace .
    What did occur for me mostly was losing the fear of the unknown and trusting my own creations . Thankyou Morty and blessings and love to you, your lovely wife and family.
    And happy thanksgiving day to all for next week .Alwats remembering to say THANKYOU!

  36. You have provided me with a very simple, step by step way of releasing deeply embedded beliefs. I liked how I could understand the process and see the complete logic in it, and I was surprised how well that worked! No complicated self delving – just a logical, simple process……and RESULTS!
    Thank you Morty & Shelly.

  37. After doing so much self development to help me grow and make a better life I had come to be an advocate of positive thinking. This is turn had made me too strict with my thought process and I started to almost repress any negativity thinking that it would be counterproductive. When I did the “I’m not good enough” program, the first thing that struck me was that although I knew conceptually that I AM good enough, my deeper self believed that I was NOT. My emotions gave it away, and it was almost a kind of release to stop denying my feelings and accept what I felt… even if my mind said otherwise.

    And since I could not change something I did not face, facing this belief and accepting the fact that I’ve had it all these years was the beginning of healing it. Once that happened, the rest of the program effectively erased the emotional charge behind it, and now I’m feeling so liberated.

    The other wonderful thing is that after removing this belief in such a short while, another belief I had (“Change takes time”) was shaken. I don’t think it was completely erased, but now I question it.

    Thanks for your help Morty! You really are changing the world by freeing people from their encumbering, deep-seated and often hidden beliefs.

  38. i have gained more confidence , detachment and peace.But still I dont know how to tackle violence of speech and domination of another. Thanks v. much for what you’ve given me. Pratibha

  39. The thing you have delivered that no-one else before ever had to me was permanency of transformation. All the other systems, the ones that worked, involved something that you had to do over and over without slipping, maybe for the rest of one’s life. Now, the only reason I’m using the Lefkoe Method over and over again is that I keep discovering new beliefs to eliminate – and each time leaves me stronger and more free.

    The only way you could make it better is by providing training on how to identify beliefs and identify and remove conditionings by oneself – the two things that your book and courses don’t cover. I realise that doing so would cut into your long-term income, because it would mean way fewer repeat customers, but I think it’s the biggest contribution you could make to the world using the Lefkoe Method.

  40. Hey,

    I have done two of your programs, Im not good enough and Mistakes and failure are bad. They are fantastic and it really worked. I was initally hesitant because after suffering from severe bulimia and compulsive over eating Im always told by doctors that thier program is the one and often it doesn’t help.BUT your program works!!! Its great, I feel like I am so much free-er emotionally and I want to do more of your programs.

    I would love to see a program on eating disorders and compulsive over eating. I would definatley buy it. I hate my eating disorder but I cant seem to pin down the exact beliefs I hold that keep it. But your program has allowed me to see that by getting rid of the beliefs I can get rid of the illness.

    ALl the best and thank you so much for your programs.

  41. Bill Neilson says:

    All I know is that I am much happier and at peace with myself, most than I have for a long time.
    Definitely a simple and creative solution.

  42. I’ve read much about beliefs and their effects but The Lefkoe Method filled in the blanks and gave me a fuller sense of how they work. Most importantly I was given a practical tool on how to bust certain beliefs. No other personal development resource has given me such a tool. I use the Lefkoe Method daily.

  43. Dear Morty,

    To answer your question as asked would be to diminish to fullness of your gift! Here’s why…

    No other system, method or approach has ever really worked despite many years of attending to this knotty issue of; “how to effectively and permanently resolve unwanted beliefs?”

    Your process works by taking a hidden subconscious issue and bringing it present into the consciousness of the individual in such a smooth and delightful way it is undeniable and therefore quite real!

    From this position the item may be effectively addressed and seen in its totality; all trauma, viewpoints, actions and conclusions (mostly incorrect) are reexperienced almost in ‘real-time’ (is if there), yet at the same time viewing it from 3rd position.

    Thus a non-judgemental all seeing ‘IS-ness’ is achceived that deletes the “positionality” that got one stuck in the first instance. Clarity is regained, energy is released and stuck attention is freed up. Energy abounds and happiness is restored.

    Truely this is one of the most important breakthroughs in mental technology ever innovated – my fondest hope is that the whole world will avail its self of this magnificent discovery!

    Namaste, Sunyata

  44. Hi

    I heard of your method through Steve Pavlina’s site.
    I was very impressed with the idea of what you do (without even knowing whether it worked or not), and I’ve told several of my friends to check it out. I loved your idea that we create beliefs when we apply meaning to situations that don’t have any (did I get that right?). That statement gave me serious food for thought and has me reflecting a lot on my life and how I deal with things.

    I did the “I’m not good enough” course on your site and didn’t really know how I felt afterwards. I didn’t know if it affected me at all. I know I am an intelligent person and have a lot of abilities (I can usually solve any problem thrown at me), and I say that without arrogance, it’s just true. Despite this I have very low confidence, and go into periods of almost depression and feeling undeserving. When I come under verbal attack (say from a friend, or co worker, or client) I pretty much always shrink away and apologise and leave them being right, whether they were or not. This seems to be changing thanks to you and your method though.

    Twice recently, since I did the method, I came under verbal attack (a customer on one occasion, and a co worker on another). In both cases I stood my ground (not in a defiant way, it just happened naturally. In other words I didn’t force it, it was just there). I clearly explained the situation to both people, and told them how we would solve it. I didn’t attack them (which is what people often do when being attacked), I just had the confidence to believe in my position and hold it. When the conversation was over I was able to tell them why their approach was wrong in a gentle way, and explained that I can always help them if we just talk about the problem. They both admitted their attack position was at fault and apologised to me.

    The fact that I stood my ground and had the self respect (not pride or arrogance) to do it was wonderful for me. I always have the fear of slipping back to my old self but I really hope that doesn’t happen

    Thanks again


  45. You put things very simply and in a visual way. The almost child-like simplicity of the videos is very appealing and memorable – I can still visualise many of the shots.
    You made sure, by asking me to say things out loud, that I did say things out loud which I know I wouldnt have done otherwise. You have consistently asked for feedback. You have not pressurised me to buy your products, which is always off-putting.
    That’s all I can think of for now, but let me just add a thank you!

  46. You’ve given me another view of things Morty. I like the logic and re framing of your arguments. I’ve gone through the free belief busting you’ve published and I look forward to experiencing more when I buy the whole program.

  47. Hi there

    I do lots of coaching and although I was aware of meta programs and had even done a very powerful piece on how my beliefs about public speaking make me successful in that area, I just had no real comprehension how powerful and limiting beliefs can be and more importantly, some effective processes to use to get past them. Now that I’m aware of them, I am constantly asking “What is the belief behind this behaviour?” – with coachees, my kids, my partner, my parents and myself. Your process has assisted me greatly in finding more effective solutions.

    Your work is so enlightening


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