44 thoughts on “Lefkoe Stimulus Process Feedback

  1. Shellie Dryer says:


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  3. Rodrigo Mouton says:

    Happy New Year 2021!!!

  4. I am liking this process. It helps me to simplify early personal expereinces I had that were kind of chaotic and messy and continually apply the basic distinctions that the Lefkoe makes about attributing meaning to a situation, and re-cognizing that I saw it through a child’s natural perception of threats. I did a bunch yesterday and I was doing all of this breathing and yawning yesterday. I feel lighter and more proactive today. I also had this big insight that I created a giant reflex to block and suppress that feeling threatened and perceiving a threat to my survival, because it would flare up in my adolescence and young adulthood and I felt embarassed becoming that way. Anyways, it has been helpful and I really think this process is terrific and will recommend it to folks that are open to it.

    1. i just finished the first of the LSP. wow…i read the questions and just , well when i read the “opposite ” section something just changed. i really had this association of an event and fear most all my life. it was sitting there , in play all the time. i am not sure what to say at this point. I am going thru a reorientation of sorts. That association was as real as the chair I am sitting in. it is like there was some background noise in my head going that i did not even know was going on , and I was always kinda fighting it or trying to quiet it down all the time….now it has gone silent. i feel like a release of something that has had a hold on me for a long time.

  5. I think there may be more of ‘I’m not good enough’ left in there. I’m going to do that one again if I can get back to the original course material

  6. Thanks Morty for the extra de-conditioning. I’ve tried to interest my friends and colleagues in your stuff but everyone thinks I’m a nutter because I’m working so hard on myself and they’re all sorted it appears. A friend of mine told me before I found your stuff that I have an overdeveloped sense of duty. Completing your Natural Confidence course proved to me that he was right and that I’ve run around trying to help everyone else and be there for everyone else and ignoring my own choices so much that I eventually had no preferences when I was given a choice. I’ve realised through this self-sorting process that it’s pompous to think you can rescue other people and although I did it because I thought it was my duty and not because I really thought I knew better, I’ve realised that users can see you coming and will walk all over you and love it, and that no-one can fix someone else’s life for them unless they make that choice for themselves. So if I never manage to convince anyone else that your courses are as fabulous as I now know they are, I can tell you that this is the best course I have ever done and the speed with which I can make a change in myself is mind-blowing! Thanks very much for your great discovery and your generosity.

  7. Karen Schmidt says:

    I could not finish I’m not good enough. After I typed I’m not good enough the video would not continue and kept going back to the beginning. 🙁 I guess I really am not good enough.

  8. Excellent, it worked well. I added some events “Being introduced to new people” or “meeting new people”, and “not doing things perfectly” and “people shining on me”. Also, I had events in early adulthood for which the narrative doesn’t support, but after I learned the process I was able to modify it to suit me.

  9. I have a fear of blushing. I was screamed at by a teacher when I was 6 years old. This happened in front of the whole class. The whole room went silent. I was petrified and felt like I was going to burst because the blousing was so intense. I had to grab a pencil and snap it thinking it would stop the blushing. Since then it has caused social anxiety and a fear of speaking in a group of people as well as a fear of people in authoritative positions.I always get nervous and go bright red when talking to my boss who ever it is.

  10. Thank You !!!
    I am still amazed that it happens so fast! I de-conditioned “I feel anxiety whenever I have to stand up for myself”, in a minute.
    I appreciate what you do so much!!!
    I’m a student nurse. I read a statistic that 90% of nurses say they face angry doctors regularly, our job requires that we question doctors orders, and bullying is a problem in the health care industry.
    This process has improved the quality of my life by leaps and bounds.

    If you are not having success yet, I have had to repeat some more than a few times. I had to check Erickson’s stages to try and pinpoint what could have happened when I was too little to remember, like potty training.
    For me it was important to pause the program and spend time getting into the feeling of being a little kid and thinking the alternative interpretations AS a little kid. Picturing my mom, what she looked like then, imagining my little voice saying the words, like “Mommy, maybe you are frustrated because you are impatient, or maybe you just have un-realistic expectations” until it din’t feel like anything was “causing” me to feel anything. All the while I’m wearing that silly polka dot dress I loved so much ha-ha.

  11. annamaria says:

    I used the program and it made sense. My heart felt calmer and i felt like i had an insight. it has been useful to me indeed. I only had one de-condition so far. I cannot wait to do the other 4.
    God bless!!! You are so good in what you do!!!

    Love to you and the lovely Shelley!!!
    I can`t wait to have another session with her!
    Anna 🙂

  12. Crap, glad I didn’t pay for this.
    See this…. I’m not this or that ….out there….wat the ????
    Repetitive, boring and just ridiculous.

    1. annamaria says:

      Try again. Maybe you are not visual…reading for you its annoying. Or maybe you are impatient ? If you got so far, you are likely to have experienced Morty`s powerful logic. Try again. Take your time. Hope you`ll see the benefit. You may be auditory state (prefer listening, hearing others talking to you). then ask someone to read it for you or read it aloud to yourself and slowly. Repeat words or concepts that are not easy for you to get (because you are in auditory state, not because you aren`t smart enough!). Take your time.

      I am often in an auditory state, i like people talking to me. Reading stuff …to me its so stressful, annoying…so i read it slowly and put effort in linking what i read before and after. I take my time and pause a lot. I am slow while reading so i grasp the profound meaning of what Morty teach us and then, i have my reward! I eliminated so many issues so far my friend i actually wrote a book about it!!!

      Be well and hope it helps and hey! you sound frustrated…. calm down and try again!, kiss.
      Anna 🙂

  13. hiya Morty,

    thanks for such a great online process for eliminating old redundant beliefs.

    I am in the field of helping others with intuition skills and also volunteering recovery from addiction for some 18 yrs plus and I have found your process really does work and have incorporated it into my existing spiritual tools to disentangle old patterns, clutter and beliefs. Its quite good

    Just before xmas 2013 I found your site via a steve pavlina article, (I have a several clients who like him and one of which I think currently working with him ) so preferring a pragmatic approach in my work and others I liked you site and its uncluttered approach.

    I was taking a reflective look in early Dec on old beliefs and was all about removing them, knowing they were driving unproductive behaviors and working with a pal here in austin tx. I have no problem looking these old behaviors however its slim pickings out there finding something that actually works and more importantly sticks. So, after the taster of the free trial which really does a good job of digging out the causes of the beliefs

    I’ve subsequently have mentioned your site to several friends who have long term recovery and self work too. (and their quite & considerably fearless in their approach) .
    the common theme is one of begin weary and aware of playing whack a mole with old beliefs that just don’t seem to go away, sprouting up at in appropriate times when all is running smooth.

    So, I dug in before xmas and did a good solid pass of the natcon program and really do feel different internally.
    I am doing a second pass with the program ( again with notes, because really I want to be sure I’m done and moved on ) and looking at your LSP process.

    great work mate and this a bargain price considering the effectiveness.

    warm regards


    1. Hi Ed,

      Thanks for taking the time to write and letting me know about your use of our work.

      I’m especially happy to hear you are using The Lefkoe Method to help others.

      Love, Morty

      1. Hey Morty?!, I have one question:

        How does your program differ from the practice of hypnosis in eradicating beliefs?

  14. Hi Morty,
    I am 47 years old and have been a positive person of faith my whole life. I went through your short program and it changed my life. I am sharing it with everyone I care about. thank you!

  15. Thank you for your videos and direction.

    Most of my negative learning took place in my adult years… with the relationships that I chose … who undermined both my importance and my attempts to be good enough for them.

    I do not relate to your childhood scenarios ….

    Is there another way that I can incorporate this into my adult scenarios?

    Thank you.

  16. Laurie Nedvin says:

    ps. Just because I’ve listened (and watched) the first (false) Belief System, that Mistakes and failures are bad, and after watching it twice, I still have not rid myself of its old meaning, though I have tried very hard, I DON’T WANT TO FEEL AS IF I AM, IRONICALLY “FAILING” BY NOT BEING ABLE TO RID MYSELF OF THAT BELIEF, although I DO feel lighter and much better.

    1. Go with the flow, try not to concentrate on needing it to work. Here’s a simple 2 step system:

      Step 1. Adopt the mindset of ‘if it works it works, if it doesn’t it doesn’t!’.

      (Then the process will do what it attests and your mind won’t have time to doubt)

      Step 2. Don’t stress and be kind and gentle to yourself!

      (You always have yourself if all else fails, so you may as well learn to accept yourself as what you are – that’s not a failure BTW, its pure consciousness!)

      You are past definitions


  17. Laurie Nedvin says:

    I started with Belief System 1: “Mistakes and Failures are bad.” I watched, listened intently, answered out loud … yet, at the end of the video, although a lot of it made sense, I still had a gut reaction, not a flat one, so I still held the belief. I repeated the video. I still had the belief that Mistakes and Failures are Bad. I so wanted that belief to go away. I think part of the problem is that the words, themselves — “Mistakes” and especially “Failures” themselves, hold such … well, meaning … which is exactly what we are trying to get rid of. Believe me, a lot of what you said made sense. If you can’t visualize it, describe it (like the computer on my desk, what shape, color, etc.) then it’s the meaning we put to things unseen… the old Laurie would’ve replayed and replayed the video. I said, “No.” It would only have a negative effect on me, I would try “harder”, become more upset that I didn’t “succeed”in getting rid of the belief and wouldn’t want to continue. Instead, I said, “Laurie, you did the best you could. Now, leave it alone. Go relax. You’ll know what to do at a later point.” Well! The next morning, (this morning,) I woke up, NOT severely depressed, NOT depressed at all. Instead I felt “lighter.” And I woke up early instead of at one or three in the afternoon because I couldn’t get my head off of the pillow. I think the challenging belief systems works on the subconscious, as well as the conscious level. Later on, this evening, I heard from a new friend and was so anxious that I went on and on about my physical disabilities and overwhelmed my friend who said she needed to get off the phone. I felt terrible, that I had “made a terrible mistake” which led me to the “fear” that “she would never call me again and that our friendship is over.” Old habits (may) die hard — although your whole program is about nicking it in the bud and NOT having habits die hard. it was familiar to me, my instant reaction. For some reason, the next thing I did was POSITIVE. I turned to “The Lefkoe Belief Process” — the free Belief Elimination Program and listened and watched the first video about what must change in order for your life to change (I am paraphrasing, here.) I watched it twice. I don’t know now whether tomorrow I should go back to “Mistakes and Failures are Bad” (and if so, how many times, because I am afraid of banging my head against the same wall and have it become a negative experience, very soon. I write this not only to ask you this question, but maybe there are people who are going through exactly what I’m going through and may be helped by the fact that they are not alone. Please let me know what to do as far as how many times I must watch the first video (Mistakes and Failures are Bad”) for the negative meaning to disappear. I think, at this point, I need to move on. I await your response. And anyone else’s. ps. Also, where do I post comments that others can respond to? And where I can read theirs? So many different sites. Thank you! I really believe in this, whole-heartedly, Morty. Sincerely, Laurie Nedvin

  18. Laura Maria says:

    I just tried the free process you offer on your website, and it worked! I’m excited, yet peaceful at the same time. Within minutes after clearing the belief that I’m not good enough, I had a conversation with my husband in which I explained that I’ve been troubled by 2 questions that I’ve been dwelling on, one regarding my career, and the other one regarding whether or not we will relocate. Before clearing the belief, I was not able to articulate what was troubling me – I just knew I felt troubled and feeling a low-level of quiet desperation. Now I’ve named it! Thank you very much for your help. I will be back!

  19. Well, what can I say? I’ve had hypnotherapy, counselling, and I feel like I’ve read every book on psychology that’s ever been written and still felt that there was something still in my head that I just couldn’t explain. If you can imagine each situation I’ve ever encountered as one of the many thousands of stones in a giant pyramid, and every time I thought I’d solved my problem by taking away a stone, somebody just put it back again after an hour , day or weeks. But when I tried the free belief removal I knew within minutes that something had changed.
    After buying the course, I’m now on belief number 12 and the stones are coming down thick and fast. It’s hard to explain, but the beliefs just aren’t there anymore and I do things now and then think ‘I wouldn’t have done that yesterday’. The system is similar to the psychology books I’ve read over thousands of hours but the Lefkoe Method seems to put everything into place simply but effectively.

    This is probably the best money I’ve ever spent.

    Kevin (uk)

  20. As always WOW I had just had a very uncomfortable telephone call from my sister we both left the call feeling frustrated but Ialso felt terrorised almost hysterical and tried the occuring technique which I have not quite perfected,it helped but I still felt very emotional and guilty.

    I opened my emails and tried this new add on and did 2 of the combinations and yippee I feel much better,YOU ROCK

  21. Dearest Morty,
    I have just finished doing the LSP for the first time and I am amazed at what I’ve just realized. (Or if you have another take on it, please feel free to give me your feedback; I would immensely appreciate it)
    I have dealt with the feeling of anxiety towards being successful my entire life, (I’m 48 years old, and I think now I know why) due to an episode that happened when I was a little girl; When I was about 12 years old, I came home very proud and happy to tell my mother I had won the school’s singing contest (which was very hard for me to prepare for), and since she was taking a shower and was not expecting me that early, my excitement scared her, and she (like always) just yelled at me in such a harsh way, following by a period of emotional abandonment and silence, completely ignoring the way I was feeling. I was numb and devastated, and to this day, I can’t recall if she ever congratulated me for my accomplishment.
    Now I’m clear that in my mind, I interpreted the whole thing, as no matter how important a project or a goal could be, is not worth trying or putting an effort for, and probably that’s one of the reasons why success, in what refers to my career path, has always been so difficult and completely out of reach.
    I thank you Morty for all the AHA! moments you have given me the chance to experience, and for the hope and the opportunity of having a more successful life.
    Blessings, love, and light,

  22. Hi Morty,
    I have finished working up to belief 16 and alrady feel some positive changes in the way I conduct myself. I have listened to “who I really am” each second belief. Each time that I listen to it and I hear your question of “what do I find possible for me now” the answer that comes to me feels rather intelectual. Somehow it is hard for me to believe that anything is possible for me depending on my believes. I get that I can do whatever, it makes sense and when I think about it, it really is logic, and I feel it more and more. But my mind does not allow me to believe it. Is this feeling, thought normal at the stage that I am at on the program? How do I get rid of that the imposibility of believing that I really can, that change is happening?

    Thank you for any advice and for the whole excellent progamme!

    1. Hi Paola,

      As the creation, everything isn’t possible. When you experience yourself as the creator of your life, as consciousness, it FEELS like anything is possible.

      You can’t convince yourself of that, it is the natural experience when you are in the altered state of consciousness that the WAIR? Process puts you in.

      Love, Morty

      1. Thank you Morty! First for your incredibly prompt response and second for your explanation.

        I have listened once more to the “WAIR” and finished the beliefs left ( I decided to work with this the whole day!). Everything became clearer now. Yes, I am experiencing this as a process, a quick one. Actually, each time I got rid of one belief it seemed easier to get rid of the next one. The “WAIR” message is profound. I experienced it today the second time that I went through it. I feel stronger and lighter. I have no words to describe how liberated I am now. Thank you for your program and commitment.

        Blessings, Paola

  23. I just went through “not doing what I should be doing”. It was amazing, Morty! I’ve traced the occurrings I’ve had with writing and realize now that what attracted me to writing: creating something new and having fun doing it. Am going to explore other conditionings. Thank you so much for these “un-conditioning” tools.
    Love and Light,

  24. Hi Morty,

    I don’t know if you have many subscribers in the UK, (you do now!) I stumbled upon your method while reading about techniques to overcome fears of public speaking.

    Firstly let me say that I have tried various techniques, from NLP, to hypnosis and Time Line Therapy, whilst some of these methods helped to varying degrees, I never felt they truly got to the root cause of my problems.

    I have just completed your entire online course and I have found it quite inspirational. I was actually quite sad when I reached the end of the program.

    The changes in my life have been subtle, but clearly noticeable and are increasing with each passing day. I don’t experience the same day to day anxiety when interacting with people as I did only a short time ago. I also find I like myself more, and am more comfortable expressing myself, and my opinions to others.

    This program has helped my self esteem greatly. A lot of what you talk about and describe resonated with my deeply.

    I do however, still suffer from some strong and intense reactions and fears at the prospect of public speaking, which is one of the reasons I began the process. The fear is a very over riding and comes out of the blue, and can be quite debilitating.

    I wondered what advise you can offer on eliminating this problem specifically.

    And thanks again for the program, I have really enjoyed it and found it to be immensely beneficial in my life.

    Best Wishes


  25. 2. When did you first experience fear whenever I think of the unknown or the future? Specifically, what was happening early in your life when you first experienced fear whenever I think of the unknown or the future? Write down the events that involved your parents when you were a young child.

    The problem I encountered was this step. I can’t remember an instance of feeling fear in childhood when thinking about the future or unknown. I think that it is too simplistic to say that every type of fear originates in dealings with parents when young.

    1. Hi Steve,

      Not every fear is the result of an interaction involving one’s parents, but parents are almost always involved if the fear is due to conditioning.

      Love, Morty

  26. Morty,

    Suppose the following is true for the person:
    “You feel apprehension/fear whenever I try something new ”

    What if the person is unable to perform step 2 (recall first experiences when he felt apprehension/fear when trying something new) ?

    1. Hi Luis,

      You need to have a sense of when the conditioning took place in order to be able to de-condition the stimulus.

      Love, Morty

  27. Morty,
    I worked on my three biggest fears at this time. I felt a little numb at first. Then, as the day moved forward I felt much more free and optimistic. Really joyful. Wow, I’m tearing up.

    I feel much appreciation for you Morty. Thank you

  28. This is great! It works so quickly. It is very very helpful. Thanks so much.

  29. Hi Morty,
    I just used the LSP to relieve my ” apprehensions when faced with challanges”, and I can only say its like a small even physical sensation of dissolvement . There truly is a conscious space and feeling of peace that
    actually feels pretty good, just like the WAIR process. Thanks Morty, I look forward to eliminating many more of my fears.

  30. Alexandra says:

    Wow, these are great. I got them in my inbox the day before a job interview. I removed the fear about job interviews first. I had to eliminate a lot of the conditionings (thank you for listing 41) but now I feel great. I find out next week if I get the job, but I feel very calm, and I feel great either way–whether or not I get the job, I’ve won becasue these allowed me to make changes from within to have more confidence and calmness during the whole interviewing process and in life. I think these and the Natural Confidence program are amazing and the results are so fast. Thank you so much!

  31. Hi Morty!

    Thank you so much for this quick and easy method for working with the Lefkoe Stimulus Process. It leads you through the process with ease. I like being able to work on as many triggers for anxiety as possible.

    I have a couple of situations that I didn’t see on the list: I feel anxious or fearful whenever I forget something, and whenever I lose something. It hits me like this: “Oh no!!” Is that a different situation from failing or making a mistake? They are similar, but seem different enough to me that I would need to use those specific words – forget and lose – to feel better. Maybe you could include a “fill in the blank” option for people who have a situation besides the 41 listed.

    Best regards,

  32. I first really got the ‘clunk click’ that I was anxious. I cover it well. I even had myself believing I was the only cool head in a large number of anxious people around me. When my sons both started to point out all possible dangers in every move, I got that I must have a part to play in this. They both had more chutzpah than most. My anathema to blame and criticism is well known anyway so mostly I avoid it.

    When I did the LSP programme I had the context to revisit the reasons why I had this anxiety. I was chatting away to the programme at the end answering aloud as I do with the confidence course.. I feel better right away. Thanks

  33. Thank you so much for this, it’s incredible and really useful.

  34. Hi Morty, thank you for sharing this technique with us. I have done it with three different issues and each time, at the end, I feel a small door opening inside to a place that is calm and has no fear or anxiety. This is a big step for me and I am truly grateful.
    Thank you

  35. The you and I in same sentence is confusing. Like ‘you experience apprehension whenever I think about the future’. It’s hard to ‘see’ when reading sentences. The video belief system worked great because you had to answer and because of the pictures. My fear feels more real now. I feel more aware of it. This feels as a good thing, because being more aware of it, I can do something about it. But ‘seeing’ that it is the meaning I gave an event, when it feels like the absolute truth, is very difficult for me. I am sure it is true what you are saying/writing, but I have difficulties ‘seeing’ that it is so.

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