Bust A Limiting Belief

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Here’s the link to my program to bust a limiting belief that 90% of people have.  When you break through this inner barrier you’ll find yourself more able to achieve things you’ve been unable to achieve for years.

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After you get rid of your belief, let me know what you think below.

Morty Lefkoe

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  1. Morty,

    I’m desperate. I’m hanging, just above the bottom of a black hole, again. I’ve lived most of my life fully believing I don’t deserve to “belong,” to “participate,” to live a life like others do. Rationally, I know I’m intelligent, educated and experienced in many aspects of life, living and working. But, every time something “good” happens in my life, it’s immediately followed by something “bad.” In my childhood I was imprinted with the belief that all the problems in the family were my fault. I was also imprinted with highly negative beliefs about myself, and my place in this world. Now, at the age of 51, I have been trying to convince myself that I don’t want, need or deserve happiness, companionship, love or respect. All so I can quell the conflict within that “hears” your voice, and Joe’s voice telling me otherwise. When I “try” (we all know what “try” really means) to overcome the negatives, there is no real belief or passion in my attempts. What if it really is true, that I am fated/destined to remain a powerless, faceless nobody for this session on Earth? How can I find that out, so the depression and conflict will fade?

    For me, the categories provided in this email are ALL appropriate, but none really describe the total emptiness and lack of self-belief that I have. Any thoughts?

  2. Rob Tanner says:

    I am 71 years old and have done everything I can. What would eliminating my beliefs now do anything for me?
    My pension has been cut and I’m wanting to eliminate my beliefs about money. Go back to work? Do internet work?
    Not likely. So what’s next? Or, what’s left for me to do? I want to publish my book but I’m unknown not a Jack Canfield. I published a poetry book and it’s not going anywhere.
    I just don’t know what to do with the rest of my life.

  3. Hi Linda,

    Glad to hear you are doing so well with our program.

    It doesn’t matter how many beliefs you eliminate at one sitting, as long as it doesn’t become rote. Make sure you really answer the question instead of answering what you know you should answer.

    Most of the time the belief should go away the first time if you are really focused on the questions and answering out loud.

    Regards, Morty

  4. Hi again!

    Morty, I really think this is a first-rate product. I’m still not sure which programs are best for me, but I do very much enjoy working with the one I have, the money-belief buster, as well as the freebie ones I did before!

    It is interesting to me that some beliefs do dissolve right away! “I’m not good enough” was especially like an on/off switch! Before I started, it was on. When I finished, it was off–in fact, I had to laugh out loud that I would even consider holding that belief!

    Strangly enough, I’m going to have to do “I’m not deserving” over again. That surprises me, because it seems so similar to “I’m not good enough.” Strange again, but I’m almost reassured that every belief isn’t busted immediatly. Maybe one of my self-limiting beliefs is that “if it’s easy, it isn’t effective!”

    I’ve started taking a minute before I begin the course, to set an intention that I will dissolve this belief, easily and gladly. And that I will replace it with a postive belief that serves me well.

    I see some posts of folks that have trouble with the process. I’ve been doing self-work for a looonnnnggggg time in my life, off & on. This is the most direct and effective self-work for beliefs that I’ve encountered. It’s great because it keeps me focused on MYSELF, and doesn’t call for confronting, or re-hashing, or trying to change relationships with my family. It doesn’t blame or dwell on interactions. It looks at the facts and keeps moving!

    I know that the beliefs I don’t bust right away will get busted soon. I might just have to process some of the thoughts and memories in my other-than-conscious mind for a little while. There might be some personal memories or “garbage” that needs a little sorting out first. I’ll do the process again in a few days for those.

    One question: is it best to do several beliefs in one session, while your mind is focused? Or should they be spaced out, so the mind can clear up and start fresh with the next one?

    This is great work you are doing for humanity. Thank you so much.
    Warm wishes to all, Linda

  5. Hi Morty–

    I’m confused by your offerings. I just purchased the “Busting limiting money beliefs” special for $67.50, then when it started playing it told me that I should have done Natural Confidence first.

    I wish I had known that before I purchased this one. I feel un-served about this.

    Why can’t I look at all your programs in one spot, to compare and choose the one that best fits my needs? It also seems like a lot of them overlap. Is there something being hidden?

    I’m 92% confident that these offerings are sincere, and that lapses and discrepancies are due to the fact that you’re getting this thing up and running.
    But a lot of that confidence comes from Paul Scheele’s testimonial. If I didn’t have that testimonial buoying your products up, I would be very suspicious that I can’t view and compare all your programs. And then being told after I purchase one program, that it won’t work best unless I pay for another program also, would start the red lights and sirens: “scam! bait & switch!”

    I hope this feedback helps you to improve the presntation and saleability of your product. Be transparent. No one –well, most folks–don’t want to buy a pig in a poke. –Warm wishes to all, Linda

  6. Dear Morty,
    I have a question. As I was listening to your video’s on my free belief busting offer, it would only let me get halfway through or not even that far and it would quit playing…any suggestions?

  7. I beleive this will help me a great deal, i need to get rid of negativity, and Im rateful for your help.Thank You Morty.

  8. Shirley Buchanan-Linebaugh says:

    What a great, simple way to teach people all the learning and more that I’ve spent a lifetime (47 years) obtaining. It left me with a wonderful feeling and personal power that I love. It is so great to remember all of this and to see you using it to help people become free, grow and obtain more joy in their lives. Kudos!


  9. Deepgreen says:

    Dear Morty,

    Thank you so much for sharing something so amazing and profound with the rest of us. I feel like I’ve just made a new, fabulous friend by clicking on your videos. I am so glad I watched your videos, wish everybody could hear them.
    Absolutely amazing, I sooo needed to hear this!

    Thank you again and please keep up the great work!:)

  10. Unable to play video – all I got was a black screen. Please advise.

  11. One thing I don’t quite understand: why would I, as a very young child, ingrain “I’m not good enough” based on my parents’ behaviors towards me? In my case my mother was constantly angry with someone – so I could just as well have adopted the alternative ‘oh, she’s just mad again, this has nothing to do with me,’ right? So must there not be some other (deeper?) cause behind deciding to internalize “I’m not good enough?”

  12. debrah sweeting talens says:

    Morty thank you so much for your generosity in sharing this freely with all of us. Just a quick question. Do you think it is more difficult to get rid of the beliefs if you were severely physically or sexually abused by your parents or is it the same process used to get rid of the beliefs ? When I asked my self some of the questions I still had that ‘contracted’ feeling inside my body. Just a penny for your thots…

  13. This was exactly what I had been looking for. After divorcing several years ago, I keep running more and more into the idea that I didn’t matter. It became almost a theme in my life and affected all of my relationships. After watching your “I’m not important” video, something clicked inside of me. I no longer hear the voice in my head that would say, ” See, they don’t care!” It’s like a huge burden has been lifted. Thanks so much!! I look forward to the next program.

  14. I was never able to get the actual video to open and play.

  15. Hi Morty,

    It is interesting to read all of the comments. For me, however, the realization was PROFOUND. It was my missing link so to speak as I have been through many programs. Most were always good and all taught me something. What I needed was something more on a personal level. Something was missing. I think that it was just my ego mind getting in the way of progress. It wouldn’t let me dig deeper. It can be a very powerful block for me. Your program allowed me to understand in a more personal way. Thank you for making this available to the public and for free. You are to be commended.


  16. Your program isn’t good enough 😉 This is probably fine for people who are not survivors of emotional and physical abuse…or are not highly sensitive, and can pick up and absorb others feelings. (And when you can pick up and absorb others feelings, that can make you very, very, very susceptible to abuse.) Because these people are like sponges, others will sense that and release their bad feelings onto them…it leaves the abuser’s psyche and gets soaked up by the person without the intuitive boundaries, if that makes sense. But, even on that level, that does not mean I’m not good enough…I lack the psychic boundaries that others have. Almost like a birth defect! Seriously. Like being born without psychic skin. I wonder where this begins? This birth defect? In the womb? By not enough hugs and attention as a baby, left too much to one’s own devices so that you learn to draw conclusions from anyone and everyone as a survival mechanism?

    So, I guess this has nothing to do with me being not good enough. Just a powerful empath. I would love to attract the love and good from people more and more and more as opposed to the sadness and ugliness. As I have aged, this has happened though. Getting less and less and less ugliness hitting me, this I can see. Am in a peaceful little home with my dog and me. Hmmm. Thanks for helping me see this in a totally new way!

  17. Hi There…
    got all the way to 4.39 mins and it stops? tried again and again but it stops in the same place everytime. can you help?

  18. I live in the country, so I don’t have high speed internet access, I have dial-up. So, I was unable to view the presentation. Besides that, I don’t have a sound card in my computer. So, what I got from this was, Nada. Zilch. Nothing.
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to give it a try, though.

  19. Thank you Morty for fixing the problem I alluded to below. I was cut out of the program by a computer glitch and you have fixed it for me. I guess you were “hit” by your own success. I am not sure I would have written the email in quite the way I did if I had not almost completed your course. I have been freed from worrying about what others think, thanks to your course. Thank you again for an excellent course. I am a satisfied customer and my apologies for hitting out so hard.

  20. Hi Collette,

    We don’t have an on-line program for phobias because the source of each is so different, but we can help people get rid of them in our one-on-one phone sessions. It usually takes only one or at most two sessions. Call us at 415-884-0552 for more information.
    Regards, Morty

  21. Thank you “Uncle Morty” for your fast, easy and effective program. I just graduated with a bachelors degree in psychology and felt like I should have been able to do this for myself-but never mind that. Your step-by-step process was structured in such a way that I didn’t have to feel like I was feeding myself a load of malarky. Everything you said made solid and absolute sense, so much so that I felt it to be true on a profound and lasting level. This is one of the best uses of the internet! You don’t offer a program for phobia’s do you? Thank you again, you have my sincere gratitude!

  22. Morty –
    I have just completed belief #8 in which you wife spoke of 20 belief systems and 5 conditioned beliefs. My program only has 19 belief systems and 3 conditioned beliefs. Please advise.

  23. In my childhood I was never told I was pretty, was never kissed or hugged, was sexually molested and the perpetrator was never procecuted and he repeated it. Always dreamed my father will come to rescue me. My grandmother was abusive physically,I was ridiculized by my uncle, so your video did not match my reality.

  24. zack russell-ford says:

    Hey I just recently came across your website and viewed the “Im not good enough” seminar and I really liked it and it has helped me in my general life, but I am having problems with the sports aspect. I’ve been told many times that what Im doing isn’t good enough I am a track and field athlete and my coaches are the national record holders for Canada and they have high expectations for me I have been unable to meet them, there is also a younger athlete coming up who is having much success and I am happy for him but I feel that I have taken the back seat. He is a new coach for me this year. Any advice you would have to help me focus and allow things to get to my head would be very much appriciated. Thanks

  25. Hi, Morty and everyone;

    I’m really happy about the instant results I’ve gotten releasing the three free beliefs.
    It feels SO GOOD, I just feel like giggling several times a day, especially when I recognize something that would have evoked an old belief, and NOTHING HAPPENS. Nothing feels really good!
    Thanks Morty! I’m very grateful to you for your clean, crisp, cut through the baloney method.

  26. Absolutely AWESOME! I did the whole PAID porgram in 2 days. I finished it today a copule of hours before the biggest gig I’ve ever had as a solo musician (it wasn’t that much really 70 or so patrons). I usually would have been terrified before I perform and it takes me quite a while to warm up. But not this time I got straight into it. I played for 2 1/2 hrs straight and I can’t even remember if the thought of being afraid to make a mistake entered my mind. Wow! I can’t begin to tell you what this is going to do for my music career and life in general. I just feel so much more powerful now that I’m not concerned about what others think of me and my music. THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH

    peace and blessings to us all


  27. Hi Erika,

    The feeling you are talking about comes from the WAIR? Process at the end the belief-elimination process. Sometimes people don’t get it the first time, but usually do after doing the process a couple more times. Try some more beliefs. Also, on the paid programs you get the Who am I Really? Program as a separate program so you can do it without having to go through the entire belief-elimination process.

    Regards, Morty

  28. Hello, I tried the free program but at the end I did not feel the complete whole feeling that you said other people usually feel at that time. I just felt like my normal self. Although I did understand the material. Can you explain anything about this?

  29. Hi Morty,

    I am at belief 16. But I have a question. It seems like as kids we were very sophisticated to be able to give meaning to all these events. How is it that a kid could actually think that he is not good enough or smart enough, or that he must do things perfectly to be a worthy human being.If the event is meaningless, then why even bother to assign it a name or belief. Could help me with this?

  30. Thanks for your quick answer!!! I’ve never seen that way!! I’ll maditate on whay you say. Thanks a lot!!!

    Erik! 🙂

  31. Morty Lefkoe says:

    Hi Erik,

    You heard your mother say it, you didn’t hear that it was true. One meaning of her comment is that what she said was true. Another interpretation is that it is not true. You can’t see that what6 your mother said is true. You can only see that she said it.

    Regards, Morty

  32. Ok, thanks for the free videos.
    But mi question is what about is your parents (mother in my case) said you, literally, “your are not good enough”? And she said a lot of horrible things!

    I didn’t talk anybody this. When I was about 8, my mother come to punish me. I was so afraid that I was thinking in jump from the third floor and commit suicide. The neighbour accidentally felt downt to the third floor a he survived, so I dissmised that idea. Many of my bad belief come from her.
    Sorry my English!

  33. Ok, thanks for the free videos.
    But mi question is what about is your parents (mother in my case) said you, literally, “your are not good enough”? And she said a lot of horrible things!


  34. Hi Morty,
    Thankyou so much for making this programme available.
    Regards and love

  35. Judith Tuckwell says:

    Hi there, I emailed you earlier this week, saying my system had stopped/disconnected during the downloading of a belief (number 11) and subsequently my system stayed stuck at that place. . .talk about beliefs! It was as though the system had decided that was all needed so that’s all I’d get.
    I asked you to clear it for me so I could continue.
    Now, whether or not my system cleared itself, I am writing to thank you if it was you who enabled me to keep on eliminating beliefs. It’s great and I’m delighted to be able to continue.
    I’m now confident I can continue with the remainder of your program.
    Have a great week.
    Yours sincerely,
    Judith Tuckwell, New Zealand

  36. Hi Morty. I have done all 19 beliefs and 4 conditionings. I found most of the beliefs did something for me, a couple did not.
    2 of the conditionings did nothing for me. You could see how they were associated with the beliefs I had no reaction to.
    After concluding the whole program I found many of the (negative)little voices at the back of my mind had been silenced.
    I enjoyed it so much that I’m about to do your 5 money beliefs. I am going to take part in the “ReCreate Your Life Research Study”.
    Keep up the good work, and, thank you. Jim

  37. Hai Morty, I have to admit you truely are amazing at helping people realise that they can achieve anything and their only limitation is in their minds. I feel amazing and I know I’m good enough I can do anything, the events that go on around me and that I think effect me truely don’t because they really have no meaning unless I give them one and allow them to effect me. I am the creator and no longer the creation. Thank you very much and I look forward to recreating my life. Again Thank you very much XD


  38. Jto understandohn says:

    Hi Morty,

    just started the recreateyourlife program. I have completed belief #5. The thing is that I don’t know, or I am not sophisticated enough, to understand the concept. My childhood was mostly memories with my Mom because my Dad spent years in a mental institution, where he eventually died. I have no idea what this did to me.
    My problem with the beliefs is that I don’t whether they are there or whether they have been eliminated. If it were something like havinh a sharp pain in your side and then getting rid of the belief stops the pain. Pretty simple. This mental thing I am having trouble with. Maybe I am expecting too much. Any advice??

  39. Hello Morty,

    I must say I am amazed by the results I received with the “Making Mistakes is Bad” belief buster video. All I can say is “wow!” Initially, I was a little skeptical but I thought to myself, “what the heck, it can’t hurt, and it’s not like I don’t have the time.” I’ve noticed I’m much more willing to try new things and I also solved a dilemma which had been puzzling me for a while. Today, when trying to solve the problem, I had the novel idea to ask a different question and received the answer I needed to move forward in my life. Thanks for sharing this treasure with all of us.

    be well and be blessed,


  40. I have tried three times now (two different beliefs) but I just can’t SEE my beliefs – at which point the program stops feeling relevant. Am I trying to get rid of beliefs I don’t hold? I’m pretty sure I’m not – it’s about the only thing I AM sure of!
    Response from Morty:

    Hi Meryll,

    Most people are visual, so it appears that they can “see” their belief as a child. Many people, however, are more emotional-kinethestic, so they “feel” the belief instead of see it. That is handled in the very last part of the process. Just ignore the question: Did you see it? and go on to the next part of the process: Can you get that the events have no meaning? and then complete the process. And the belief will then be gone.

    Regards, Morty

  41. Sharie Aumair says:

    I want to sign up for the course but the page will not allow it due to the fact that I live in canada and will not process because I will not choose a state. please help

  42. Nic Eatch says:

    Dear Mortie,

    Just doing who am I really again and the fear has gone. Why has the fear gone, well the fear has gone because I know i can eliminate and eradicate limiting self beliefs and what is left is still me ! It’s still me and one not hold back by limiting self beliefs which I created just as anyone could have created them by putting meaning to a series of events. Not that those events did not matter just that they had no meaning until I attributed meaning to those events. I now do get this on a profound level. Can’t wait to eradicate the rest of the limiting self beliefs and negative conditioning and create the next part of my life what I want to happen, brilliant and thanks, Nic Eatch

  43. Nic Eatch says:

    Dear Mortie,

    I am just about to eliminate belief 11. I paused to write down the old limiting beliefs I have eradicated and came across change is difficult and takes a long time. I know now I don’t hold this belief – my belief is change is easy and can be done in an instant , positive and long lasting – change is a doddle. However I cannot remember how I created this new belief or how I eradicated the old limiting one ? Does this matter? ….if I am left with a really positive new belief does it matter how I formed it? cheers Nic.

  44. Nic Eatch says:

    This is a very thought provoking programme. At sometimes it is hilarious as it makes you realise just how daft some beliefs sound when you challenge them. At other times it is scarey as I am thinking that I generally really like myself so why do I want to eradicate some of the beliefs that I have derived due to the meaning I gave to the sequence of events that I kept seeing (or thought I SAW !!!) in the World. I realise now there was a whole host of other meanings that I could have applied – question I have at this time is where does feeling and intuition come into it. I am only on eliminating limiting belief number 5 – I am sure all will be revealed.

  45. Hello Morty and team, i just saw the latest video.
    and it was exactly what i needed at this time.

    I’ve actually been through a 5+ yr intensive of the Course in Miracles and other studies
    where I was learning how to practice and teach from the Course, but ended up leaving it for a while.
    And this seemed to be lessons from the Course knocking at my door once again.

    you’ve captured the essence and usefulness
    of these type of studies quite well.

    It really is all about a mental paradigm shift and liberation.

    But i actually do have one question for you…

    I haven’t quite yet figured out what to do about
    this almost culture shock like feeling going from the highs
    of realizing our own creativeness,

    to the locked in paradigms most people have, especially when these
    impressions, opinions, judgements, and chit chat of others can affect
    our own state, work, and relationships.

    on the one hand i don’t know if there’s much one can do
    about other peoples opinions and beliefs, and people always say,
    don’t let the opinions of others affect you.

    but on the other hand, because I know it’s just their impressions,
    I feel like I should at least address things and see what I can do
    to change these impressions or at least figure out how to make my best impressions.

    but I would like to hear yours and other peoples
    views and perspectives about all this.

    Look forward to it.

    ~ Peace ~

    – Avatar –


  46. Morty,

    I just eliminated belief #14 (I’ll never get what I want). When the belief first popped up on the screen, I felt an immediate and visceral connection to it. When I eliminated it, I felt a little let down. I felt as if someone took away something that was very important to me. What was that?

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