Bust A Limiting Belief

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Here’s the link to my program to bust a limiting belief that 90% of people have.  When you break through this inner barrier you’ll find yourself more able to achieve things you’ve been unable to achieve for years.

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After you get rid of your belief, let me know what you think below.

Morty Lefkoe

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  1. Justyn Vallori says:

    I sent for the first free limiting belief info and never received it.
    The issue was “I’m not good enough”. I’d like to have that.

  2. Hi Morty ~

    Just wanted to say Thank You for this information. For it has been very rewarding, I went through the material whether it was yours or the groups combination, but I feel wonderful. I could literally feel the blockages being removed from my body. This is soooo amazing, I have taken workshops and coures covering these subjects however this must be MY Time for healing cause I could and can literally feel them being ripped from within and I am ecstactic. Thank you once again.


  3. Sister Song says:

    Hi there. Please may I have a transcript of your videos. I’m having a problem with the sound on my PC. Thanks so much, Sister Song.

  4. Hi there!
    I remember Joe from the secret that lead me to “ask and it is given”/Abraham/esther hicks. This is where I got excited. That excitement has lead me to ask for the universe to deliver to me the help I need in clearing in beliefs that limit me in any way. When I find a job, this is something I will re-visit. It sounds interesting. Sometimes….it is the beliefs you hold, that hold you.
    Louise H. Nashville, Tn.

  5. We are on the same page. I have been practicing and teaching a similar principle for YEARS called NO OUT THERE! I’d LOVE It if you’d be my guest on an upcoming segment of the No Out There Talkshow on BlogTalk Radio. The show is LIVE Wednesdays at 9pm CST. I look forward to receiving your reply via e-mail. YEAH!

  6. Hey Morty,

    So far I have seen certian changes is my life that I never though that would happen! I thank you for creating this method, I just reffered your program to some family and friends of mine.



  7. I was surprised that my feelings did change after a short video. Very interesting and convincing!

  8. YUKI MORITA says:

    Hi!My name is Yuki Morita.
    Could I buy your product such as DVD even thogh I live in Japan?
    Please send email back.
    If I can,I am going to get that as soon as possible.

  9. Morty,

    I was thinking I would really love to be trained to do this with others. This is great stuff you are doing. I feel like a major shift has happened since doing ” I am not good enough.”

    I do wish you would add a program for ” I am not wanted” and/or ” I am not loved/loveable”. I could use it and I am sure many others could also.

    Thanks for your work.

  10. @: I agree — it’s been buffering for maybe 5-6 minutes for me, and now I’m set in “mistakes and failure are bad.” Not what I needed today!

  11. Morty,

    Can you tell me exactly how you figured out what the limiting beliefs were? And even more importantly, do they really exist in a verbal form? Although I may sometimes feel “I’m not important,” etc., those are just words that represent feelings but are different than feelings themselves. How can these beliefs be solved totally verbally? I know psychologists think that talking about problems brings them out of the unconscious but I don’t think there’s any evidence of that and I haven’t been helped by therapy other than just being glad someone is there to talk to–but never felt a psychic shift and it is operating somewhat on the same assumptions about beliefs existing verbally. I think shifting a negative belief is different than shifting a sentence with “not” into one without “not.” Can you talk about this a little? Thanks.

  12. Hello,

    The video has been buffering for ten minutes. I am giving up!

  13. Hello,
    I am a licensed mental health therapist. I am interested in receiving training to utilize this method in practice. Please forward me information. I also attempted to share three e-mail addresses of friends who may find this interesting. However, a script kept stating that the entered e-mails were invalid. I checked them and tried re-entering them. I was not able to input them.
    Thank You,

  14. It’s realy great how it worked even english is not my mother laguage.

    Is theír any translation into german? I have same friends, they don’t understand enough english.


  15. Hi Mona,

    I can’t stop crying after reading your post. Thank you for allowing us to make such a profound contribution to you. Thanks for being so open to it. Thanks for making your life work. Thanks for being who you are.

    My life is about helping people to make the changes you’ve made in your life. To get free. To create new possibilities for their lives. I am so moved by what you’ve achieved.

    Part of the reason for my strong reaction to your post is your age. You got free at an early age. Most people have to wait until a large part of their lives are over. You’re just starting.

    Love, Morty

  16. Mona - The weirdo. says:

    I bought the Natural Confidence program. My main goal was to get rid of procastrination and social fear. I did the whole program during the weekend and then it was Monday and I went to school and I didn’t think more about it. Later I noticed how I coudln’t seem to get hurt by anything that anyone said. I used to have a glass wall in front of me when it came to speaking my mind to others, but now there’s a constant stream of crazy nonsense coming out of me that I didn’t dare to share with others before. Maybe not so fun for everyone else… but definatley fun for me!!! =D

    What I wasn’t able to get completley rid of at first though, was my procastrination. I belived for a whole week that it was gone, because I’ve always belived in that change happens easily (that and the powerless belief were the only beliefs that I didn’t have of the 19 beliefs on the list). Tonight I went back and redid “What makes me good or important is doing things perfectly”. I had a bit of trouble with that one since I couldn’t remember doing thigns perfectly and getting praised for it by my parents, but it helped when I made up those events having happened to me. Redoing that belief seem to have been the final negative bird that left my mind. I could literally feel that belief dissolving. I don’t feel like hiding from my school assignments anymore. I feel like I could do anything. I’m turing 19 soon… maybe I’ll even invite some friends over and show them this. They’ll think I’m a weirdo, but it doesn’t matter because this weirdo has no social fear anymore. 🙂

    Lots of love and lots of thanks

  17. Hi Morty,

    I am interested in trying one of your programs. Specifically either Natural Confidence or End Procrastination. The descriptions of each product lead me to believe that they cover many of the same limiting beliefs.

    So, my big question is, what makes the programs different? How does the focus change if the content is the same, or very similar?

    Thanks for your time,


  18. Christina says:

    Sincere thanks Morty – for making change easy!

    Its a ‘wow’ from me! In such a short space of time – I’ve busted the “mistakes and failure are bad” limiting belief and have been blessed with a new awareness of not passing on the same beliefs to my own children (A-ha moment for me). I have been searching for some kind of breakthrough for me and know in my heart that this is it. A lesson I learned through Bob Proctor’s six minutes program is: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” and so am grateful for Marci’s email that led me here… I am ready to recreate my life….. So exciting!

    God bless!

  19. Hi Morty,

    I have been doing “change and difficult and takes a long time” for more then three times and it is does not work.


  20. Diana Lynn says:

    I just watched the free “I’m not good enough” video. I enjoyed it very much, but there was WAY too much emphasis on parents. I was a straight-A student who did what my parents wanted, and I was their pride and joy. It wasn’t until I married (at 22), in fact not until I was about 27, that I started feeling “not good enough”. The source was my spouse, not my parents. People who knew me through college would never have believed that I could have low self esteem. Once my (now ex) husband cornered me in a room and refused to let me by until I said the words, “You are the better parent.” My older son, who was about 7 at the time, came in afterwards and hugged me and told me he thought I was a good mother. It almost makes me cry to think about it. Now I’m 57 and the truth about who is and is not a good parent is known to all in our family. I AM good enough. But throughout your program, the constant reference to PARENTS and what your PARENTS said and did was jarring. I think you should acknowledge other possible sources of the “I’m not good enough” belief.

  21. Hi Nigel,

    You get a belief without charge. And then that belief is gone. You don’t have to do anything about that specific belief again.

    But any given problem in your life has several beliefs causing it. Like procrastination that has 16 or fear of rejection that has 9. When you eliminate all the beliefs that cause a given problem, the problem disappears.

    For more information, look at http://recreateyourlife.com/store.

    Contact me if you still have any questions.

    Regards, Morty

  22. Something is happening to myself, to my brain, my body and to my mind. My body keep shaking like a little kids everytime I use Morty’s voice as I can not controle it! I am like hynotized. I feel weird as I am crazy, maybe I am but deep inside of me I am know that I am ok ?!

  23. Hi there,
    how does this work… you buy the programme, do it once and clear your limiting beliefs, then thats it… dont need to do it again?

  24. Hi,

    Sorry we had so much traffic that we ran out of bandwidth. We had so many people watching so many videos on all our web sites that we needed to increase the amount of bandwidth we purchased monthly. The program is now working.

    Regards, Morty

  25. I get the same error message too. I hope its fixed soon!

  26. ditto the other comments – all I got was a promotion to spend $$ upgrading to a faster internet speed. Disappointing.

  27. Hi
    I tried to get rid of a limiting belief but the video didn’t play. All I got was a message that says:
    The video hosting bandwidth allowance for this account has been exceeded.
    Please click here to upgrade your account to a plan offering more bandwidth

    Please could you fix this so that I can get rid of a limiting belief.

  28. Hello Marty,
    Your process is very valuable. Unfortunately after I wrote “I’m not good enough” and clicked CONTINUE the next screen was blank and nothing appeared or was heard. I tried the process a second time and experienced the same glitch. Any support available for moving through the screens would be appreciated.
    Thank you

  29. This is mindblowing!
    I´m not sure whether or not it will last, but I could actually feel the belief being “drained dry”.
    It was as if the force it represented just “bled out” from my veins.
    The comfort and joy this provides is almost frighteningly large.
    Thanks for this method, it´s truly powerful an effective.

  30. Morty, I hope you’re reading these
    comments from latest date to earliest
    date. It’ll save you some time with my
    comments. Several quick points. Some
    might interest a few other people.

    1. No need to further answer my
    comments unless you see a reason to.
    I’ve gone ahead and purchased the
    product. I bought Natural Self-Confidence,
    because I understood that eliminating
    all of those related beliefs would
    also eliminate all beliefs that have
    supported my procrastination and
    perfectionism behavior patterns.

    2. I wrote the comments under a pen
    name. My name is Phil, not Jay.

    3. My main reservations about your
    program was what seemed liked boring
    repetition. So far I’ve eliminated the
    first four beliefs and have enjoyed
    the process. The programs are not as
    repetitive as I’d thought they’d be.

    4. I’m now seeing that the repetition
    that does exist in eliminating the
    first four beliefs is important. After
    a few repetitions of some items, the
    “light bulb clicks on.” It’s as if I
    didn’t really understand the first few

    I finally bought the program because
    it seemed like a “no-brainer” to me.
    Even if the program were as boring as
    I thought it would be, I’d gladly go
    through that to eliminate thinking,
    feeling, and behavior patterns that
    have sabotaged my life over much of
    the past 60 years. No question about

    Since the program has a 100%
    money-back guarantee, there was no risk
    to me. And so far, I’m very happy with
    the program and my progress.

    Thanks, Morty.


  31. I was very sceptical at first as I felt saying “I am not good enough” would reinforce the belief and was scared to try the system. I received an email from Marci Shimoff and thought I had to give it a try and I am still quite shocked. I instantly feel happier and empowered to just go out, get what I want and say what I mean. I would like to thank you for allowing me to trial this for FREE. It is an amazing experience and I am very grateful for the opportunity to get rid of this niggling feeling. Thank you and I look forward to receiving your newsletter.

  32. Hi,

    I liked the concept and I’ve been using NLP for a few years and all this makes perfect sense.

    Though I find limitations in the process. Here is an example
    About the belief “Mistakes and failure are bad”

    I think our brain is not that stupid to form false belief randomly. Beliefs serves us.
    Believing that bad driving on the highway could cause your death is useful because it keeps you alive.

    I think the real problem is to accurately assess how useful a certain belief is in a given situation.

    When I do programming, I always do mistakes and I learn from it because of the debugger function… I’m not afraid to do mistakes and I think it’s good because it makes me progress.

    But when I apply for a new job in my dream company, I may find myself thinking “If I screw up the interview it’s over, they won’t hire me ever…”

    My point is : Between dying in a car crash because of a mistake or dying in a video game because of a mistake, there is a lot of things happening in the middle and it’s hard for us to evaluate what a mistake could cost us.

    So I think it would be a good thing to have a method to determine what are the best beliefs to have in every given situation of our lives in order to accomplish what we want. But not just about how to get rid of beliefs…

    But I completely agree that controlling our beliefs is the key to success in life and therefore your method can help people who find themselves with limiting, exacerbated or inappropriate beliefs.


  33. After the shaking and baking the talking white screen put me through, i feel gloriously warm and a bit dizzy….ouf. Ok i have not been placed in an oven but just feel as if i had been. Now, somewhat stunned by my reactions i must somehow doubt, Your approach is boggling my mind, wetting my cheeks and pecking at my wallet. Amazing i can’t believe it…omg i can’t believe it!!!!!!!! Is it a capital offence to pun?

    i’m terribly sorry if it seems mean or offensive…its just a reflex that when someone says it is all quite simple and easy well ‘the eyes roll to the ceiling’. Like, reading the time from a watch is easy, but omg do you see what goes on with the gears and springs, or pulsed quartz signals etc.

    Thank you very much for the free belief busting and all that hard work in formulating these sessions.. this is probably a very good system. I think it worked, the sculptor image was pretty and it sure was easier to say at the end. However, the glib must out, is there a package for ‘is this going to rip me off anxiety’? Sure i’d love to know how one makes money, If i had it i’d be merrily blabbering to little white box, since then the pecking wouldn’t be causing any black holes in the wallet-conscience galaxy… oh well maybe i just need ‘a 52 steps to putting thoughts in order package’

    deep thanks

  34. Morty,

    Regarding your note in an email…and maybe on your website…about my having said that (i) it seems that my belief that “mistakes and failure are bad” came from the almost omni-present church experiences and (ii) going through the exercise seemed extremely boring.

    You have experience with thousands of people and your system. My only experience is with myself. Perhaps the belief “mistakes and failure are bad” did come primarily from my parents. It doesn’t resonate, so I’ll do the exercise again and substitute the preachers for my parents. And I’ll report back.

    I’ll use that opportunity to re-evaluate my thoughts about the “boring” nature of the exercises. I used Alfred Ellis’ REBT “disputing” techniques during different periods. Including a few sessions with Al before he died. The main problem I had with sticking with those exercises was that they were so repetitive that I cognitively knew the answer and soon as I thought of the question. So it was very difficult motivating myself to keep practicing the technique…over and over again.

    I notice what seem like two differences between your system and Al’s. First, each of your exercises takes far longer than any of Al’s “disputing” exercises. That struck me as a negative when I went through the second exercise. (Also, I did not experience a change in feeling when I worked with the second exercise, while I did with the first.0

    Second, I understand that I’d only need to go through each of the 16 or 18 or so exercises only once to permanently remove my procrastination behavior pattern. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    So…given the tremendous cost that I have paid in my life because of procrastination…I’d be willing to go through 16 or 18, etc. number of exercises once if that would permanently remove my procrastination behavior pattern.

    Thanks, Morty.


  35. Hi Morty,

    Thanks for your answers to my two questions.

    Your point that I can’t use my daily experiences to tell me whether I’ve gotten rid of one belief makes sense. I understand that I’d need to remove all the supporting beliefs that play into my relevant behaviors.

    I’m sure that you are accurate and I incorrectly remembered the part of the videos that talked about possibilities without limiting beliefs.

    I appreciate the time you took to answer my questions.


  36. Hi Alicia,

    Thanks for taking the time to write.

    I am truly sorry that our belief-elimination process didn’t work for you.

    We make it available because literally tens of thousands of people have told us it does work for them, and every once in a while someone is disappointed. I’m sorry you are one of those people. I’m not sure why it doesn’t seem to work for some people. Hopefully we’ll figure it out some day and make the process even more effective.

    Regards, Morty

  37. Hi Jay,

    Thanks for your interest in our work and for taking the time to write.

    Here is my response to your two questions:

    Just like you can know that you have a belief when you say the words at the beginning of the process, without having to “live your life,” so you can know that the belief is gone as soon as the process is over. The words will sound meaningless, with no energy or negative feelings — almost the opposite of how they felt at the start of the program. One additional way to know that a lot of beliefs are gone is when the problem that they cause is gone. But getting rid of one belief will not necessarily produce an specific change in behavior or feelings. SO you can’t look to your daily experience to confirm that a belief really is gone. See my blog post last week (102009) (http://mortylefkoe.com) for more details on this subject.

    Asking you what’s possible is not a logical or illogical jump. I’m not telling you anything. I’m only asking and telling you what people answer after they’ve shifted their identity form the creation to the creator the creation. In that state, people report that it feels as if anything is possible. I’m not saying it is or isn’t.

    Regards, Morty

  38. Morty, I think your program is great. However, I tried to use your “support” section of your web page and couldn’t get it to work. It wouldn’t let me put anything in the “dept” section and nothing after that would work. Also, I would like to be an AFFILIATE with you. Thanks, Bill

  39. Hi Tori,

    Thanks for your interest in our work and for taking the time to write.

    You can call the alternative meanings “lies” if you want to, but that is saying that you were “wrong” when you were a child. If virtually all children reach the same conclusion with similar circumstances as a child, then their belief is one possible interpretation. And there are many others that we don’t think of as children.

    Why would the one we come up with as a child be “a lie” and all the other ones “a truth”? There are all interpretations that could explain all the events.

    Regards, Morty

  40. I find this amazing and simple. Wow! I’m analitical so I am tempted to go into how this actually works and will try not to and allow it to just happen. Amazing because other similar thoughts have popped into my mind a day later and have been eliminated and there is a sense of Peace. I have researched many systems and the Key is finding something that is quick and immediate. So how is this different from EFT, EMDR, Silva, The American Monk,Sedona, The Work, Reikie, Ho’opono Hawaiian, Regular Therapy, Hypnosis, Acupuncture, Retreat Therapy, Survivor Therapy, 12 step support group, Sunday Church, etc??? I thought I was done working on childhood issues trying to focus on the present and here I am again doing some healing work again on similar issues and beliefs which I can apply to current situations. I’m guessing that this is where I need to be at the moment and the timing seems right.

    I am writing a book specifically on the “concept” of Christ healing and why Jesus was able to heal people instantly. As a healer myself…. there is a great fear and temptation but I wont get into that.

    I wish to submit to “the Universe” and ask if someone would be so kind to purchase this program for me as a Gift. Currently I cannot afford to purchase these programs and would love to have the complete set. I am asking with humility and kindness.

    Thank you in advance.


  41. @: Pilar,

    I wanted to congratulate you on your post Pilar! I am an ESL teacher and this is a HUGE problem for my students and many people learning new languages. They fear making mistakes. They have learned that making mistakes is wrong and should be avoided at all costs. This is very limiting for learning a language because you need to use the language in order to improve. This will lead to mistakes, but who cares!! -Actually many people care-

    Your post really hit home and I want to recommend this program to all my students. Morty’s programs are amazing. I just did the “Mistakes and failure are bad” and I experienced everything that everyone else mentioned.

    As a birthday present to myself I am going to get the stress reduction course. It is very large with over 23 sections but I think that I am worth it. What better way to celebrate my birthday than with a way to reduce stress and enjoy life more.

    Thank you so much Morty.

    I’d love to promote your courses on my site and possibly do an email interview with you. How can I contact you? I’ve included my email with this post so maybe you could contact me via email.

    Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful resource to so many people.

    All the best,

    Diana Tower

    PS: Here is your post edited Pilar:

    Hi Morty,

    Thank you for your free programs. I have done the(REMOVE) three of them in(ON) three different days. I’m not sure if the belieFS have been eliminated, but I’ll tell you what I have felt. First I did “I’m not good enough”. I was in a bad mood before doing it because I had had an argument with somebody. After the program my mood had(REMOVE) changed completely and during(FOR) the rest of the day and the next day I felt really happy.

    I then did “I’m not important”. I also felt a change on(IN) my mood, although not so dramatic as in(REMOVE) the first time. What I have(REMOVE)liked more(THE MOST ABOUT) of(REMOVE) your programs, and I feel is the key for me, is the moment when you show (US) that what we see HAS NO real meaning and that the meaning we believe things have is the meaning we attribute to them. It seems to me that understanding this is great wisdom. I useD to meditate, observing my thoughts and trying to not follow them, not believe them while I see them. When I realize I am thinking and not being aware of my breathing, I say “thinking”. I have the sense that what you ARE proposING is like OR SIMILAR TO retrospective meditation.

    I have just done the third program. I HAD some difficulty WITH THIS ONE, BECAUSE this belief was very closely associated to another belief that was reinforcing it. I realized that this associated belief was (I want to say was) “Life punishes you when you make a mistakes or a failure”, and that there was fear linked to this belief. I have also tried to give ADDITIONAL interpretationS to the facts that created this belief, while I was following your program.

    As I said I’m not sure if I have eliminated these three believes, but AS you CAN see, I’m writing here in a language that is not my mother TOUNGE, probably MAKING lots of mistakes, and now I don’t have the feeling that ANYTHING serious is going to happen BECAUSE OF that. The fear OF MAKING mistakes IS NOTt preventING me from writing here. If somebody sees a mistake in my writing and wants to correct it, I WOULD be grateful. So thanks for this and very good luck!



    Great work…and congratulations!

  42. Hi Morty,

    Thank you for your free programs. I have done the three of them in three different days. I’am not sure if the believes have been eliminated, but I’ll tell you what I have felt. First I did “I’am not good enough”. I was in a bad mood before doing it because I had had an argument with somebody. After the program my mood had changed completely and during the rest of the day and the next day I felt really happy.

    I did then “I’m not important”. I also felt a change on my mood, although not so dramatic as in the first time. What I have liked more of your programs, and I feel is the key for me, is the moment when you show that what we see have not a real meaning and that the meaning we believe things have is the meaning we attibute to them. It seems to me that understanding this is great wisdom. I use to meditate, observing my thoughts and trying to not follow them nor believe them while I see them. When I realize I am thinking and not being aware of my breathing, I say “thinking”. I have the sense that what you propose is like a restrospective meditation.

    I have just done the third program. I have felt some kind of difficulty while I have done it, as if this belief was very closely associated to another belief that was reinforcing it. I had realized that this associated belief was (I want to say was) “Life punishes you when you make a mistakes or a failure”, and that there was fear linked to this belief. I have tried also to give another interpretation to the facts that created this belief, while I was following your program.

    As I said I’m not sure if I have eliminated these three believes, but you see, I’m writing here in a language that is not my mother lenguage, probably doing lots of mistakes, and now I don’t have the feeling that nothing serious is going to happen for that. And the fear to make mistakes have not prevented me from writing here. If somebody sees a mistake in my writing and wants to correct it, I will be grateful. So thanks for this and very good luck!


  43. Anna Andrews says:

    Hi Morty

    I have tried the ‘I am not good enough’ comment and found that it does work and thank you very much for your free help to those of us who are bound by something that others have forced into our belief system. In my case my parents and teachers just did not ever tell me that I was doing well so I strove to do better and achieve more which I did. I succeeded in always being at the top of the class, to be the best at sports at debating and anything I could achieve, I did achieve. However, I still never received a word of approval from anyone. I then married a man who could not say anything good to me either and now am with a partner who is the same. I now see that my belief system was incorrect in that no one actually needs to tell me that I am good enough, I need to see it myself and that is what I am doing now. Luckily I did my utmost to encourage my children by always telling them that they were clever enough even when teachers told them (or their father) that they were not. The result has been that all five of them have attended university and
    have been highly successful in their after school achievements (they were average in school)and in their chosen careers. I have been moderately successful only in the last four years but felt that I was held back from achieving greatness by ‘something’ and found that with your help, I have overcome this feeling of not being good enough. Thank you again for your input into my life.

  44. Morty,

    I just went through the second belief: “Mistakes and failures are bad.” The result was very different from what I experienced when I worked on this other belief earlier this evening: “I am not good enough.” It’s possible that the limitations of the technology made a difference.

    The video talked about how I saw and listened to what my parents did and then I concluded “Mistakes and failure are bad.” But I don’t think that’s where my belief came from. And at the end of the exercise, saying “Mistakes and failures are bad” felt like it did at the beginning. No change.

    From the time I was two weeks old, I was raised in an environment in which preachers spouted “hellfire and brimstone” sermons almost every night. I heard many thousands of sermons between age two weeks and age 11. Most of them were of this type.

    And the preachers said unless a person is “holy”, God will punish that person forever in hell. I think that’s where I got my belief of “Mistakes and failures are bad.” After all, those were the types of “mistakes and failures” I heard preached almost every night.

    Since the video kept referring to actions of parents, it did not resonate with me in terms of where I got my belief.

    Although I intellectually dropped the belief about hell, etc. when I was a teenager, I’m 60 years old now and am realizing how much I’ve been limited by my belief that “mistakes and failure are bad.”

    I’d be interested in your program, but I have a serious reservation. The two free programs were so similar that I can’t imagine being able to use the same structure to eliminate 12 or 15 (or whatever number) of beliefs. I find the repetitiveness extremely boring and have bad “vibes” about going through that structure over and over with different beliefs.

    I’m not writing for the purpose of criticizing. I’m writing to give you honest feedback. I’d love to eliminate the beliefs that have led to my extreme procrastination and failure to use many talents that I have. It’s hard for me to believe that the answer is here.

    Thank you.

  45. Morty, thanks for sharing your information and expertise. I chose the belief “I’m not good enough.” Two main thoughts, which I hope you’ll take constructively:

    1. I’m not sure that the belief is gone. Because, as I believe you said early in this program, we can’t see our beliefs. Rather, we observe our behaviors and feelings and then infer that one or more certain beliefs exist. (Maybe I didn’t say this exactly right, although I tried.) I haven’t had a chance to observe my actions in situations after doing the exercise, so I don’t know to what extent the belief is gone. Make sense?

    2. The logic of going from “I create my beliefs” to “My possibilities are endless” seems like an illogical jump. One of the problems I’ve had in my business life is that I’ve believed I could do anything…and did not pay nearly enough attention to the skills and types of roles that I am weakest at. Consequently, I’ve failed to use my strengths rather than try to fix my weaknesses. I believe that each of us does have strengths and that knowing these and focusing on using them and getting other people to do the kinds of business/job roles that I’m not strongest at can make me more effective. So I don’t agree that getting rid of negative beliefs makes my possibilities endless. Unless you’re saying there are endless ways to use the strengths I have so long as I eliminate key beliefs that have limited me.

    I’ll appreciate your feedback when you have a chance.

  46. Hi Morty,

    Firstly it is great to see someone really give something away for free on the internet I think it will really boost sales of the programme.

    Secondly The I’m not good enough worked a treat, I spent the rest of the day with a great big smile on my face, cant wait to do the other two.

    Lastly I know probably loads of people have asked you this do you run an affilate programme, I would love to sign up please mail me and let me know, would love to push this in the UK for you.


  47. Ummm… The store is not working.. I was all ready to go buy a belief or two, and now I can’t! 🙁

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