What do you think about offering my program one belief at a time?

I’ve decided to try as an experiment allowing each of you a chance to access the beliefs in the ReCreate Your Life program one-at-a-time instead of buying them all at once.

Each individual belief will cost $14.95 during this experiment.

I’d like to know what you think about my doing this by leaving a comment below.

56 thoughts on “What do you think about offering my program one belief at a time?

  1. sarah patrick says:

    What a stroke of genius, I now realise that sexual abuse is an event, we attach as positive meaning to, because we already have the I’m not good enough etc beliefs within us, then when we grow up we are appauled by the judgement we have made, this undermines any entreprenerial spirit we have in us because we constantly question our judgement, if we got it so wrong last time, what is to stop us getting it so wrong again. Many thanks for creating such a beautiful simple program. Sarah

  2. Hi Morty,

    is this available now? would want to try the conditionings asap.


  3. I’d love to do this. When will it be available?

  4. I agree with several of the other comments. While I like the idea of addressing the issues individually, I, too, would want to have them spaced out over a longer period of time. And, I have a lot of questions : Would I be required to buy all of the “beliefs”? Is that the best price break you can offer? Would there be some other format available?

    I like the idea suggested earlier to have a price break based on the number of “beliefs” one bought, with a huge break if one were to buy them all! Since there are millions of beliefs, I can see where this could become an endless commitment.

    I’m doing a lot of other “inner” work, so time alloted to another modality is a big concern.

    Thanks for the opportunity to try your technique, Morty. Thanks, Katy

  5. I think it would be a good thing to offer this way. I would be interested in, perhaps trying up to 6 myself.

  6. Really great idea, I would love for you to offer that for us.

  7. Phil Lewis says:

    That would be great! Every belief busted added an amazing difference to my life & it will for others.

  8. Morty,

    Great offer – we are the prime beneficiary in all that we give and do for others.

    Now, do you have a “money belief buster” in this offer??
    Where can I go to access your offer?
    MSeanMooney@gmail.com – 210 838-2446

  9. Hello Morty,

    I think this is a terrific idea. I have had tremendous benefit from the free ones that you gave to us. I would really like to do the money beliefs, and see what other choices there would be for us. I am thoroughly enjoying your book. My life has changed in many wonderful ways. Many, many thanks.


  10. Great idea but bit expensive. You can make an offer like more we buy lesser the cost. Hope you consider. Thank you.!

  11. Great idea!
    Might think about the more you buy, the less expensive.
    something like:
    up to 5: $14.95 each
    up to 10: $12.95
    up to 15: $10.95
    19 beliefs & 4 conditionings: $200

  12. This is a good idea but each should be cheaper. th whole program costs about 200 dollars

    and there are 23 beleifs and conditionings for 15 dollars

    15×23= $345 if you want the exact number that would be 345-1.15 = $343.85 so its a rip off.

    the closest whole dollar cost would be 9 dollars because 9×23 = 207.If you wanted to get it exact each would have to be 8 dollars and some change. its a great idea but they are too expensive.

    better and better :),

  13. Yes I totally agree with Jacki. I would like to have this on CD as well .
    Thanks for your attention to this I hope to hear about this idea.
    Waiting Tess :o)

  14. Morty,
    This is a fantastic, more viable idea! Your book is one of the most profound books I’ve read in my life, and I’m grateful to have found your work! If you do institute a one-belief at a time program, I’d love it.

  15. I like #6:what Mary P wrote, I second her Emotion.
    ps: think about z power of ‘7’.
    Spin Z Wheel of Fortune for $7.77 or $8.88:+mail:)
    ps: All good ideas have value and worth. Your mind thoughts should earn u z ability to generate more.
    I congtratulate u Mort for being bold and pro-active to share inhanced develomental ideas. I would like to do like wise, nearly 40 years of inter-acting with patients and families have unique value & insight.

    SINCERELY, Michael

  16. That’s a great idea. Will “Bust Your Money Beliefs” be included in this offering?

  17. I like that idea! Where can I get a list so I can decide which ones I want to eliminate?

  18. Excellent idea morty!
    Go for it!

  19. Yes, it’s a good deal. I’d like to choose the beliefs.

  20. Separately – yes that I like. Because I don’t have all of the issues that your seminar discusses. And what I do know is that as I use it to work on issues that I DO have, I’ll learn the technique. Then be able to apply it to issues that you don’t address.


  21. The US$14.95 offer is a good idea. I do like your work and things are very tough for so many people at the moment. I found your site through the Passion Test and it does help. I was thrilled when you offered your work for free.

    When I received the email re the series of busting beliefs and the cost I thought “here we go again, yet another American cashing in on the fears that are so prevalent now.” What does disappoint me is the fact that so many people have such wonderful healing modalities to offer – at a price.

    I know that it is a part of the American Psyche that in order to be a success one has to make money and preferably be a millionaire. However, what has happened to freely giving our fellows a hand up and trusting that we will be taken care of? I do wonder if the financial crisis in the world today is merely the result of people believing that their worth as individuals is related to how much money they make and the material possessions they have accumulated. We would not be in so much turmoil if we had a fulfilling life and that requires service of some sort.

    Your work has much to offer and has real value in helping people grow. I wonder if you trusted in the divine and let go of your need to make money from the process what would happen?

    Kindest Regards


  22. Chris Goss says:

    It sounds good to me and if I had though anyone would buy it I would have done this a long time ago, but then you stop a step short if ya ask me.

  23. You sent me an e-mail to try the belief conditioning at 14.95$, i’d love to sign in where do i go
    for this offer!

  24. Your free clearing exercises really helped me. Because The money is so tight these days, I think it is a great idea. You will be able to reach more people with your incredible work. A win win for all!

  25. I like the idea of being able to buy each individually.How many different areas are there?

  26. I do like the opportunity to select a specific belief-buster. Thank you for thinking of offering this.

  27. Onkabetse Silas Raditholo says:

    Individual offers will be affordable and most people will be able to purchase, thus, increasing the total revenue. You may as well promote sales by introducing affiliate facility so that more prospects can be reached. This will have a multiplier effect.

    Thank you for the offer.

  28. Hi Morty,

    How many beliefs and conditionings are there?Are there more beliefs then conditionings, if so, how does the purchase work then? will i get a new belief but matched with a previous bought conditioning?

    Nonetheless a great idea. love your work.

  29. Hi Morty,

    This is a great idea, but how many conditions and beliefs are there? If there are more beliefs then conditioning, how does it work? does that mean I will get a diff belief but paired with the same conditioning?

    Nonetheless, a great idea.


  30. Hi Morty, thank you so much for all your service! Yes, I think individually would be a great idea.

  31. Hi Morty,
    Thank you so much for the chance to try your method out for free.I have noticed a difference in my attitude and how I feel about myself.I seriously considered bying your program because of how much it has helped me but held back for financial reasons,I think offering them on a individual basis is a great idea because it now means I can
    benefit from your method by choosing what best suits me at this time at an affordable price.
    Many thanks

  32. Hi Morty,
    This offer is much more “doable”. I am interested. The only way I could do it though, is
    if I could back out and not purchase every single one, if I didn’t feel like I was getting
    enough from it. I can’t make that much of a financial committment right now. Also, I could not buy one every single month; like I need a 2 or 3 month lag time. That would give me time to re-listen to the first principles. thanks for asking.

  33. Hi Morty. I would like to know how many Beliefs are there totally, and how many Conditioning’s.
    The program I purchased had 19 beliefs & 4 conditioning’s. + Who am I really?
    Shelley said in belief 7 that the program had 20 beliefs & 5 conditioning’s.
    Also I like the idea of keeping programs I have purchased on my hard drive.
    Not on a web site that may disappear.
    I like your program very much. I have now eliminated some of those pesky little background voices.
    Thank you

  34. I like the idea a lot–keep up the good work!

  35. Euchariste pierre says:

    My big problem that i am a speaking-french person and i have a problem with the listening. I am doing the best to defreeze my ears, but now i can only be able to read and write very well. But your idea is a good one.
    I am a High School counselor and i know that the beliefs can cause a lot for we all us.

    Thanks and keep on track.


  36. I think that’s an outstanding idea. Much more affordable. You will reach more people with that plan.

  37. Too late; I already purchased the program and went through it. I’m still having weight issues, but I know they will go away. I feel more confident and secure than I have in my entire life. It’s nice you are offering these on an individual basis, but everyone should do them all.

  38. I like that better. Thanks

  39. Hi.
    I prefer the cost you say in the email: “Each individual belief and conditioning will cost $14.95
    during this experiment.” Not “Each individual belief will cost $19.95 during this experiment.”


  40. Dear Morty,

    This is an excellent idea – please pursue this and keep this as an option.
    I’m sure you will actually pique more interest and participants in this manner.

    All the best,


  41. i like the one belief at a time gives me a chance digested

  42. One belief at a time might be very good for people who are cash strapped and want to work on something like – “money is a struggle for me”.

    I would love to buy the program now but there’s too much on my plate right now.

    I dunno if that’s a belief it looks like a fact!

    All The Best


  43. Hey Morty
    I ment dvd not cd.

  44. Hi Morty

    Your program is great, but I was wondering if you were going to put it on cd. I have dail up so it takes a long time to down load these videos. So buying anything other than cds is not of much value to me.

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