Bust A Limiting Belief

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Here’s the link to my program to bust a limiting belief that 90% of people have.  When you break through this inner barrier you’ll find yourself more able to achieve things you’ve been unable to achieve for years.

Click here to get rid of a limiting belief for good

After you get rid of your belief, let me know what you think below.

Morty Lefkoe

1,583 thoughts on “Bust A Limiting Belief

  1. I an 71 years old. I followed the process completing the 19 Beliefs & 4 Conditionings in 3 days. I began with an assumption that I had all of the beliefs at work in my life because so many negative things have happened to me over my lifetime. I have always been consumed by unrealistic anxiety and fears and felt powerless to move forward effortlessly in all areas of my life. I’ve experienced debilitating anxiety attacks at various times and rage & anger without much cause. For the first time in years, I can now take a deep breath and feel freedom from the persistent anxiety. It’s early days now yet I feel quite accomplished in completing the course. And, I look forward to what life has to offer me in the days to come. Thank you Shelley & Team for offering such a profoundly simple and yet effective process for eliminating beliefs that serve no good/productive purpose in my life today. I call this de-cluttering as they refer to it in a recent Introduction to Feng Shui that I took earlier this year.

  2. I have just completed Beliefs 14 & 15. When I started the process, I literally thought I would throw up. My stomach was in such turmoil. Now I am calm and satisfied. Thank you Shelley and team for such excellent processes for participants to follow through on.

  3. Ms morty lefkoe
    I have listened to almost all audio beliefs to get rid of them, but your method depends on recalling situations but I cannot remember the situations that caused me such believes would you please advise me? You had just guaranteed that these i will get rid of them!!!!

  4. I have changed computers and do not have my login link. Could someone plaese help me out.

  5. A great reframing of meanings of beliefs. Splendid.

  6. Awesome Program on busting limiting beliefs.

    My question is, why did some of us develop these limiting beliefs or rather were inclined to giving negative and unreasonable meanings to events that happened in childhood especially with our parents when our brothers and sisters who grew up in the same homes never formed such beliefs?

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  8. Thank you late morty lefkoe and your team. After a lot and lot of struggle i understand that meaning is not inherent in events. Thank you so much for jesus to give this website.

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