Bust A Limiting Belief

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Here’s the link to my program to bust a limiting belief that 90% of people have.  When you break through this inner barrier you’ll find yourself more able to achieve things you’ve been unable to achieve for years.

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After you get rid of your belief, let me know what you think below.

Morty Lefkoe

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  1. OK, thanks, if you say it has to be done that way, then I believe you. I do like it better than CBT, which seems to tell the patient he or she is wrong.

    One thing I want to mention: You say the negative beliefs are not “THE truth” but “A truth.” A belief such as “I’m not good enough” is not “a truth,” it’s a misinterpretation made by a child. Calling the beliefs “truth” is confusing to the listener, whose goal is to stop believing anything about the belief. The alternative explanations given are each “a truth.” The negative beliefs are lies.

  2. Hi Tori,

    Sorry you found the material boring.

    Although the process is slightly different for “survival strategy” beliefs and there is a totally different process to eliminate conditionings, the process is essentially the same to eliminate most beliefs. The source is different, the alternative interpretations are different, but the steps of the process to get rid of the beliefs is essentially the same.

    But If you have 16 beliefs causing procrastination or 13 beliefs causing you to worry about what people think of you, you will not be able to get rid of the problem until you get rid of each of the beliefs. And knowing that you never “saw” any belief in the world and that none of the events in your childhood really had any meaning won’t make all the other beliefs go away just because you eliminated one or two.

    So, boring or not, to get rid of specific problems or issues in your life you have to eliminate all the beliefs that cause them.

    If you have any more questions, please let us know.

    Regards, Morty

  3. I found the first free video very helpful. The second one was helpful too but I noticed that the words and images were nearly the same as the first. By the third one I was totally bored and my attention wandered. The images of the lemon, the rain, the being pregnant or not.. it’s all repeated. I was thinking of ordering Natural Confidence but I could not sit through 23 versions of the same thing with only the beliefs being changed. Nor would I pay someone to say the script which after a while feels meaningless. I think the law of diminishing returns is at work here–give someone too much chocolate cake and they no longer enjoy or crave it. Anyone could tape one video and look at the list of beliefs on your site and plug them all in, so why buy the programs? Are the modules really all this similar? Is that really the most effective way to do this? Btw I’m listening the third free one now and couldn’t get through it.

  4. Dear Mr. Lesko:

    Brilliant!! I just tried “I’m not good enough.” Loved it, very helpful, but while it did make inroads into the belief – the belief has been in me for so long (I am in my 60’s) and has taken my life in less than desired direction (to this moment), there is now a curiosity about what will happen when I get up from this seat and go on with my day. I am interested to see how this new information impacts this ‘creation’s’ immediate future behavior and output (I am an artist and writer). Will keep you posted if you like. Thank you so much for bringing this new tool to us – and thanks to Steve Pavlina for bringing you to our attention. I am looking forward to what changes may come.


  5. Interesting. I’m guessing that you did not respond when asked to or repeat the sentences when asked to. I suggest to try it again but this time using and focusing on the phrase “”YOU” made me feel worse”. @:

  6. I just did the “eliminate I’m not good enough” – and you made me feel even worse. The belief is reinforced. I did the whole program, looking for something to destroy the belief – and found nothing. ALL YOU DID WAS REINFORCE MY BELIEF.

    Just gobbledygook, semantics, and completely ignoring the point that I had good parents who told me what the world was like – and still is – and that I am not good enough. I bought the reality – still do: the world is not kind or accepting of people who are not ‘standard’. I am not good enough – I fail to meet reasonable expectations in lots of ways.

    I survive IN SPITE of my reasonable belief that I’m not good enough. I don’t like the way things are, but that’s the way they ARE. The world has standards for acceptance – and I don’t meet them. Didn’t as a child, don’t now. I do care – I would rather meet some of those expectations – but I’m not good enough to do so, PhD notwithstanding.

    If I was good enough, I wouldn’t have to keep trotting out all my good points to remind myself I’m okay and surviving even though I’m not good enough.

    Try harder – that didn’t work.

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  8. Great article you got here. It would be great to read a bit more about that topic.

  9. I had a tough time choosing between your three sample believes, so I choose “I’m not important”. While I was answering to the questions, I realised I clearly didn’t have that belief. My limiting belief is: “I know that I’m important, but other people don’t know it, so they treat me as unimportant.”

  10. Anonymous says:


    It worked wonders with the Im not good enough process.

    So simple, it blows my mind.

    Can’t wait to get to the real world tomorrow morning without that feeling!

    Thank you for your work.

  11. I watched “Mistakes and failures are bad”. Didn’t feel much of a difference but later today when I went outside, I made a new friend! =D It was as if it had opened up some new channel within me. Thank you.

  12. Hi NJ,

    Sorry you had a problem with the Who Am I Really? Process.

    If you purchase any of our packages, you get that process both in a video and audio format that you can download and use whenever you’d like.

    Glad you found the rest of the material useful.

    Regards, Morty

  13. What an engaging and thoughtful person-centered program! So much personal development material is conceptual, and although intelligent with the potential to change lives, it fails to actively engage the person reading the book or watching the video. I sincerely appreciated the interaction required – the having to answer out loud.

    I really did get rid of the limiting belief. It is surprising how quickly and easily such a humongous personal block can be eliminated. This definitely makes me question another belief – that change is really hard and takes time.

    One note, though, is that the very end of the program, the section on creator and interpretor was quite fast. It requires more digestion to understand what exactly you mean, and more having to answer out loud to feel engaged in this discovery. I found myself becoming frustrated and discouraged when the assumption that i had understood came on. Perhaps other beliefs are holding me back, and perhaps a little tweaking would make a big difference.

    Thanks! And WOW!

  14. This is probably good for most people, but I just found myself getting pissed off. I tried the free “I’m not good enough” video and was really annoyed by your Freudian “the parents did it!” overtone.
    My belief comes from a lack of personally achieved results, not what someone else said about it. I really couldn’t care less what others think about how I did. I am annoyed with myself. When this is the root cause, suggesting that the event is meaningless only creates the annoyance I feel.
    Do you have any products designed to counter such issues?

  15. Hello,

    Your products seems great, but I live in France and don’t understand why you propose the videos in DVD format and do not just let us download them.

    Why would I want a piece of plastic to be shipped halfway around the world and back again (DVD-plant -> Morty Lefkoe, USA -> France) when you could offer it as a download instead? I still need to use it in my computer so the DVD doesn’t add any value for anyone (more costly for all parts). That is a lot of harm to the environment transport something that was digital from the beginning.

    Do you plan to propose your product in entirely numerical format ?

  16. Hi, I just did the “failure and mistakes are bad” one.
    that’s very interesting, thanks for putting it out there for free.
    Do you have an affiliate program for this website? I saw that the questions was asked in one of the first coments but I didn’t see an answer

    Thanks in advance


  17. Hi, so far I have used the I’m not good enough, I’m not important, and I’m not capable scripts. I have to say that I noticed the change in a very profound way last night when a conversation with my grown daughter did not effect me with the usual anxiety and emotional upset that usually happens with our conversations. I was able to remain calm despite what normally would have me feeling so inadequate and guilty that I would want to jump out of my skin. I was amazed that I was processing the fact that I’m not good enough was just simply not a true statement. The “feelings” tried to creep in. I could feel it in the pit of my stomach but my mind and the logic of the truth took over and I did not allow the emotion to effect me. I was able to let my daughter talk out her feelings and talk about my own stuff without there being any blame, accusation, or anger between us. It was so wonderful to be in that zone again!! Thank you very much for developing this program. I intend to buy the Confidence Program as soon as I can afford it. Please develop something for eliminating the beleif that I don’t deserve to be prosperous. That is really holding me back right now…….Thanks!!

  18. @: Sometimes feelings will come up (feeling more sad) because you didn’t complete the process, you can get stuck in intense emotions and not follow the videos to the end and really pause long enought to let yourself recognize that you never saw the beleif in the world, it was a meaning you gave to what your parents said or did. I think you are saying -your parents said you were not important because you were a kid- your blog wasn’t clear. @:

    I tried the “I’m not important” and sadly it has only had a negative effect so far. One thing you’re not touching on at all is if, as a child, I were told that I were and kid and therefore not important. Seeing your videos only made me more and more upset. I have worked a lot on my self esteem and confidence the last year, but I fear that all the changes I have made is on a superficial level. If you can think of anything that can help, then please tell me!AnttiComment by Antti — October 13, 2009 @ 12:12 pm

    In that case if you go through the program again and when you are investigating alternative interpretations, it is possible one interpretation could be “your parents said you were not important as a kid and they were wrong because all kids are important, OR to your parents you were not important because you were a kid (they never took a parenting class to know better) but that doesn’t mean that they were right about you or all kids in general. Also a critical point is the recognize you never saw the beleif in the world as The TRUTH, if we interviewed 10 other psychotherapists that watched the vidoe of your life and even heard what your parents said to you, would they have alternative interpretations of what they heard and saw, would they say that the only interpretation was that “you are not improtant”, or would one say “wow those parents needed a parenting class, they don’t know that they are wrong and telling their child something that is not true and hurtful”, or would one say ” well, to her parents she is not important but that doesn’t mean that she is not important in general”, etc, there could be many other interpretations so the belief “I’m not improtant” is not the only interpretation it is not and never was The Truth, it was a interpretation you gave to what they said or did, and of course you made that interpretaton most children your age in the same ciecumstances would have done the same. The point is, if it was never The Truth, it was one interpretation, if it was never out in the world that you could see (what color was it, what size, what shape)where was the belief all these years. Yep, it was in your mind, you created it as The Truth and through all your life you thought it was The Truth. The good thing is you created it, you are not your thoughts-you are the creator of your thoughts and now you know it is not The Truth- you are free from that old belief and the meaning you gave to those circumstances. You are in a very powerful important liberated position as the co-creator of your life. Do the program again and pause long enough at each point where you are told to pause and say everything out loud as directed. This stuff works, it is so liberrating. It is also possible that your mind quickly came up with other beleifs that were attached to the one you were working on (I’m not important) and so capture any that come up and do the same process on those. Also just one session with Shelly Lefkoe or anyone trained and proficient with Lefkoe Method could clear out a bunch in one session and help you understand better how this works and you will feel great!

  19. I was very sceptical to try this free program. I have willingly believed in many magic pill solutions before, only to be sorely disappointed. I have this belief that change requires time and effort, so I understand why I felt this way.

    I did both the I´m not good enough and I´m not important programs, and I wanted to do more when I finished. My emotional ressonance seemed to have banished when I completed the programs, but I felt anger rise up when realizing that I sabotaged myself by choosing those belief unconsciously.

    The biggest lesson is in realizing that I am the creator. In a sense, I felt angry because I realized that I had chosen to adopt my limiting beliefs. At the same time, I felt powerful because I can create my experiences by choosing which meaning I want to adhere to events.

    I found myself asking these questions whenever I had a couple of confrontations with my brother. Whatever way he reacted, it had nothing to do with me. There was no meaning to his reactions, other than what they were. Absolutely fascinating.

  20. Ok, I just passed “I`m not good enough” and find it briiliant. I`m russian, can understand but barely speak English. It`s worked, however. Thank you, Morty!!!

  21. Actually, I’m really angry now wow. I know I got some bad memories from my childhood, but never thought they were this bad. I feel like I could have punched my dad’s face in. Hmm, scary. But no worries, I’m a self-disciplined guy 🙂 Just needed to share it with someone.

  22. I tried the “I’m not important” and sadly it has only had a negative effect so far. One thing you’re not touching on at all is if, as a child, I were told that I were and kid and therefore not important. Seeing your videos only made me more and more upset.

    I have worked a lot on my self esteem and confidence the last year, but I fear that all the changes I have made is on a superficial level. If you can think of anything that can help, then please tell me!

  23. Rick Bradford says:

    I found the “I’m Not Good Enough” program very useful and well-structured.

    The question remains: Why did we all as children interpret the disapproval of our parents as the belief “I’m Not Good Enough”?

    Surely the answer is, that at that early age, our parents were like gods to us, so anything which incurred their displeasure must imply something “bad” or ‘wrong” in us, since they were “perfect” in our eyes.

    Is this a relevant point to be made in the program?

  24. I’d like to buy the program – End procrastination. I see that the list of beliefs and conditionings be removed under the Natural Confidence program are the same as that for End Procrastination, plus a few more. Would it make sense to buy Natural Confidence and use it to ‘end procrastination’ and also later on to boost self confidence? I understand that all issues are ultimately linked. Or is the program for End procrastination slightly different from that of Natural Confidence.

    I look forward to your reply. Much Thanks!


  25. I’ve completed the first 11 beliefs, but I noticed that I’m not accessing the program very often … it is true that I’m busy but there is more to it than that. It has taken me many months to get halfway through. I’m wondering why it is hard for me to engage with the process.

    I think that:
    1) it is hard for me to remember what my parents actually said to me when I was a child. I can remember certain traumatic incidents and some general feelings, but actual words or facial expressions are just not coming up.
    2) also, I think that more than criticisms, my parents were generally just neglectful of me (and my siblings). They were so wrapped up in their own neuroses that they just did not give me a whole of attention, even though I was a good kid and did well in school and never really gave them any trouble. I think that I grew up feeling worthless and unlovable and unimportant simply because I was not on their radar screen. They were too busy fighting, drinking, being depressed, etc. to pay much attention to me. This was far more damaging than anything they said.

    Because the program does not address this (parental neglect) but focuses exclusively on criticisms, anger and judgment, I think it can be hard for me to relate.

  26. Hi Christine,

    Happy to hear the free belief worked so well for you. Wait till you see the impact on you of an entire program!

    And if you are now more aware of how you talk to your daughter, that really makes our work worthwhile. We need to make sure the next generation is more conscious than the current one.

    Regards, Morty

  27. I did the ‘ i am not good enough” belief buster video. I got alot from this. saying out loud, i can see why that is important, it feels like i am interacting. and when i had to write, what my parents would have said to me as a child. I experienced the emotion, i was taken back to being the child. Then i did see how the words parents used,were just that, words and all form their own experience but this was not me and did not mean I was not good enough. It actually meant that they were not good enough ( meaning capable of the type of understanding necessary) to know how to handle the situation correctly so all persons concerned, parent and child can come out of it with smiles of communication and understanding. ALSO, I sure am thinking about how i use my words with my teen daughter. thanks i will explore more videos.

  28. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your interest in our work and I’m thrilled you are getting so much from our programs.

    To answer your question, it is unlikely that there is only one belief. There probably are several. And I don’t have enough information to be able to guess at what they are. You almost certainly have one something like: I can’t survive on my own.

    We do private one-on-one phone sessions with people and if you are interested, we could help you find and then eliminate whatever beliefs are in the way. Please call us for more information at 415-884-0552.

    Regards, Morty

  29. Hi Morty,

    Well, what can I say ? You explained in 30 mins what I couldn’t get in 3 days at Landmark. Awesome stuff. I must say the hardest part seems to be working out what your limiting belief is in the first place. In the past 3 years I have come out of a 10 year marriage, and more recently a 2 year relationship. At the end of both I have had massive anxiety attacks as I am so alone, and on my own. I feel as if my very life is under threat and its completely debilitating. Which belief do you think that is please ?

    Thanks ijn advance


  30. I am *delighted* that you’ve shared this program with us here. I would love to share it with children … The thought of having an uncle like you be there to help with our thoughts and beliefs growing up felt so comforting and encouraging. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have discovered you. Thank you!

  31. Hi Linda,

    We are thrilled that you have gotten so much value from our program. Thanks for letting us know.

    How old is the child? We have had success in private sessions with children as young as 13-14. We do the same process, we just try to use a language that is easier for younger children. If kids are 15 or older, have them try the video program. The worst that can happen is that it won’t work.

    Regards, Morty

  32. Hi Morty, I love this program. Once I had tried a couple of the videos I was hooked and I used every spare minute to finish the rest. I think there were probably only 2 beliefs out of the 19 that I didn’t have. It surprised me a lot because, as you mention on the videos, intellectually I knew these things weren’t true. But I still held the beliefs and they affected the way I behaved towards others. This has changed my marriage, my career, my parenting skills and my ability to make friends. Amazing! Thank you.
    I wish there was something like this for children… you don’t happen to know of anything do you?

  33. I’m amazed. I can’t get enough of this program. Every belief I tackle feels like a huge weight off my shoulders. I’m feeling reborn!

  34. Shreenath says:

    Thank you for a detailed speedy reply. I’m thinking of getting the self confidence package to try it out. Another dilemma I’m facing is this:
    Don’t you think we will create a problem by looking into something we might or might not have? In other words, is it safe or not safe to assume that ALL those 19 beliefs listed(which are a part of two of the available packages)are causing problems? How would I know that one or some of those 19 beliefs may not be an issue at all? @:

    Maybe I take them one by one and read them loud and observe my body feelings? If there’s no internal resistance then maybe that belief is not an issue. Please do comment about this.

    I know that tryiing to find a belief is like trying to catch the dog by trying to get hold of its tail…in otherwords if I closely follow my inner chatter, I could really discover those that are busy in my life. Maybe you can come up with a series of self-questions in your blog for us to ask to discover actual beliefs and their sources.

    The only proof that a limiting belief or a set of those, that were eradicated/eliminated from one’s personality is by looking into future results related to my goals……am not sure whether that’s the right way to approach this.

    I intend to make a decision regarding one of the packages or your seminar within the next few days but maybe you can make it easier for me to decide. Is there anyway I can contact you directly(email)and send a short email? With your experience of dealing with more than 37,000 people it might turn out to be a no brainer and you might come back to me and say, ‘just go for this package’ or ‘you might have to seriously consider coming to our seminar’.

    You can contact me at lineupenergy@yahoo.com
    Warm Regards Morty,
    Thank you once again

  35. Hi Shreenath,

    It is difficult to explain in a blog what we spend hours teaching in a workshop. Finding the relevant beliefs for specific problems is one of the most difficult parts of the Lefkoe Belief Process. Other than the tips I provided in my blog post on August 8, 2009, I don’t have much more to say.

    To clarify one of the things you said: There generally is not one or two or three events that led to a belief being formed. It was a pattern of behavior on the part of your parents that was repeated over and over.

    I also sent out a few emails to our entire list explaining how to know that a belief is gone. In case you missed it, here’s what I said.

    Here’s how to know if it worked for you:

    Remember when you said the words of a belief like
    I’m not good enough, I’m not important, or Mistakes
    and failure are bad at the beginning of the program?

    They felt like the truth.

    There was some level of discomfort in saying those
    words. There might have been some resistance in saying

    You felt a connection with the words. Right?

    Say the words of the belief right now.

    Really, take just a couple of seconds and say them out loud.

    I’m not good enough.
    I’m not important.
    Mistakes and failure are bad.

    Do they still feel like the truth? Like that’s just the way
    it is?

    Or is the charge the words used to have gone?

    Is it easier to say the words? Doesn’t it feel as if
    the phrase has no meaning? That the words are empty?

    That’s how you know the belief is gone.

    The only way to get a total change in your behavior or
    emotions though is to eliminate all the beliefs
    that cause a specific problem.

    For example when you get rid of all the beliefs that
    cause you to procrastinate, then your procrastination
    stops. And when you get rid of all the beliefs that
    cause you to criticize yourself, that critical little
    voice in your head disappears.

    When all the beliefs that cause problems like these
    are eliminated, then the problem stops … totally and
    forever. Then you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that
    your beliefs have been eliminated.

    I’ll be writing a blog post in the next couple of weeks devoted to finding the source of a belief.

    My best suggestion for you is to be trained in using The Lefkoe Method. If you are interested, send me your contact information and we will let you know when the next training is. It usually takes three three-day weekends. We are trying to find a way to do it on the Internet so people don;t have to travel to San Francisco.

    Regards, Morty

  36. Shreenath says:

    I went through the belief eliminating process online – I took the I’m not good enough(I picked it to try help me for a specific area in my life since most areas are going well) module. One good thing I noticed is that, three or four incidents that PROBABLY triggered the limiting belief back when I was a kid came to my mind and I used them as a source to go along and complete the program. While I don’t know whether I eliminated the belief completely, I can tell that there’s some relief.
    HOw do I know that the source of a belief that originated years ago is true? Is trying to eliminate it andnot finding that it’s gone the only way to find out that the source of a belief is wrong?
    While I know that some of the results I expect in my life aren’t showing up and that its probably due to some past limiting beliefs, how do I go about finding them? I read an article on your blog regarding discovering my beliefs, it didn’t really make any difference to me.
    To sum up the big problem I have had for years is to discover the source of my belief and actual belief itself. I feel I can eliminate them quickly once I discover them…
    I want to find a way…..


  37. Hi Pamela,

    I’m not sure what the problem is on your computer. You might try turning off your computer and turning it back on again. I do know that other people are using all of our programs successfully.

    Thanks for your interest in our work.

    Regards, Morty

  38. Hi Morty !
    Thank you for your programms ,I just wonder though ? I tried twice to finish to the end ,but after I wrote the sentence went to the second part and stayed there for more then an hour buffering ,I had refreshed the page and nothing different happens ,do you know what could this be ?

    Thank you for your help

  39. Thanks all for posting to my blog. I’ve read every single one of the posts and I’m inspired by many of them. But I haven’t answered all of them. So from now on every Friday I will read all the posts from the prior 7 days and respond to all that have questions.

    I look forward to hearing about how your life has taken off since eliminating beliefs and conditionings on one of our program and about problems you still have that you would like some help with. For answers to the most common questions please take a look at my personal blog where I post weekly about how beliefs affect our lives: http://mortylefkoe.com.

    To recreating your life and living as the unlimited possibility you are,

  40. Hi,

    I watched the video and came up with a conflict in that in the past I would always question whether I was capable by asking myself `Can I`? While this seems very positive and it was to some extent, yet the `I`m not sure` underlying the `Can I` seems to have stuck with me. I find this unsureness not readily compatible with `I`m not capable`, this is because saying `I`m not capable brings out the opposite , `I am capable` and back comes in this unsureness again. This mindset of mine seems to cause me to be hesitant and timid. It feelslike I am piggy in the middle, hovering between the two opposite poles, a very grey are indeed.

    Best regards, and thank you for the videos.

  41. margohelp says:

    had recently herpes virus found in my blood. what I haveto do??? I’m in panic…

  42. Dear Morty,

    can you please advise on how i can overcome the thoughts, feelings and emotions experienced during a birth trauma (Erbs Palsy). I grew up in a abusive household, born out of wed-lock, and told this is a punishment from god. I have been told for many years how slow i am, and that i have a bad arm (Erbs Palsy-Left arm). I was bullied at home by my older brothers and at school. My teenage and adult life has been one roller coaster ride after another. I feel as though my life has grind to a holt, and i am struggling in my daily life. James aged 40.

    Thank you.

  43. I finished the process today, and I think the most powerful tool in the whole program was the 4 De-Conditioning in the end. I dont know why the belief elimiation process wasn’t so much effective for me as people here describe, but the de-conditioning worked amazingly ^_^

    Thank you very much for the service.

  44. Dear Morty,

    You are an amazing person you have helped me do something that no one program or book has been able to do for me! A couple weeks ago, I had a private session with you regarding my phobia of dogs and you and I went through the Lefkoe Belief Process together and I am happy and relieved to say that my fear of dogs is completely gone. I actually enjoy seeing them out and about in my neighbor and it’s all thanks to you and your process.

    In addition, I purchased your “19 beliefs and 4 conditionings” program and after going through the entire program, my failing business (financial business) has turned around, even though this is a tough time for this industry, and in my spare time, I now have the courage and calm confidence to pursue my other passions in life, music and writing. NONE of this would be possible without you, Morty, and I can’t thank you enough. If anyone has any doubts or questions regarding the Lefkoe Belief Process, please feel free to email me to ask me any other personal questions regarding my experience. Thanks again Morty!!!

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for sharing your amazing results from the lefkoe belief process! In your message you kindly offered people to email you with any questions. I appreciate you probably posted that a long time ago, but I was wondering if it would still be ok to ask you a question as i’m currently struggling with the natural confidence – ’19 beliefs and 4 conditionings’ program.

      I can’t see your email address on the forum here, but hopefully you might get an email notification from my message.

      thank you


  45. Hi Carol,

    Everything you describe is the result of beliefs.

    I lived with deep depression for many years until I got out of it by eliminating enough beliefs.

    None of the packages is designed to deal with depression because that is unique for each person. But you probably have most of the beliefs in the lack of confidence package (http://recreateyourlife.com/store. If you got rid of all of them you would see some improvement. The only way to identify and get rid of all the beliefs causing your unhappy feelings is to have private sessions after you eliminate the core beliefs that you would have to do with a facilitator anyway.

    I’m sorry you are feeling so badly and if you have nay additional questions, please let me know.

    Regards, Morty

  46. Hi Rob,

    I can’t tell you what will change in your life if you eliminate your crippling beliefs. But I will promise that the way to deal with your circumstances will be totally different. And negative limiting beliefs might well be having an impact on what is possible for you. At the very least you’d be happier.

    You don’t have to be Jack Canfield to get a book published. In fact, Jack Canfield was not known when he got the first Chicken Soup book published. And he was turned down by 25 or so publishers. The difference between the two of you when before he got famous is not your circumstances, but your beliefs about yourselves.

    If you feel that life is hopeless, that you are powerless, that things will never turn out for you, that you will never get what you want, etc. — those feelings, which significantly affect what you do and don’t do, are the result of your beliefs.

    When you do the process at the end of the free beliefs and that exists as a stand alone when you buy a package (Who am I really?), you will experience that anything is possible and that you have no limitations. Try it.

    Regards, Morty

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