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  1. ‘Well I have just did the process to eliminate “mistakes and failures are bad”.I only noticed I got a little lighter.No, lets see how I feel when I make any mistake.Thank you.Elias

  2. OMG! This really works! I have tried many techniques in my life and this one seems to have had the best results, and I am only at the 10th belief on the “confidence” program!…I feel different, I think and react differently and I have been a yoga and meditation practitionner, as well as other modalities for many years…nothing has triggered such a quick inner transformation! Thank you!

  3. How did, “I’m not important look?” Bruises all over my body and swollen face from my parents beatings. Cops telling me,”You need to behave” when they would pick me up on the street from running away. Hearing doctors say that I HAVE psychological problems bc of repeated suicide attempts. Judges telling me,”Don’t you know how much your parents love you?” Teachers saying,”She just won’t behave” bc I refuse to take of my heavy sweater or sit down in my seat bc of the bruises.

  4. So I wasn’t sure whether I had removed a belief or not and then this morning I did a silly thing on the way to work. I followed a car in front of me through road works but it turned out that the car was that of a contractor going into the work area not the general traffic area. The contractor quite aggressively pointed me back to the correct way and whilst a I felt a little sheepish (normally I would have died from embarrassment and told myself off for the rest of the morning for being that dumb) I was able to shrug it off and rationalise that I couldn’t see past the vehicle and it wasn’t obviously a work vehicle so it was a natural error of judgement. Maybe I have stopped believing that mistakes and failures are bad after this programme.

  5. Hi, I just discovered your program and I am truly amazed by the effects it had on me. The information I heard is not new to me, though the way it is presented and structured gave me the clarity I needed to understand the idea of the fact that I create my own reality, I create my beliefs. After the program, I felt relief, joy and free. Thank you! Thank You!

  6. Heya, I just now stopped by this webpage to say these designs are great. Carry on the nice work, I am going to browse around a little more. Thanks!

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