How Natural Confidence Was Born

Before clicking on the “Nothing I do is good enough” link at the end of this post, check out the short story of why this program was created, because it will help you understand how this program will change your life.

One day I was having lunch with my friend Denis Hann. I told him of my plans to train thousands of people to use my method to help others permanently eliminate beliefs. I said that this was how I hoped to reach millions of people and transform the world.

You’ll never guess what he told me.

He said, “It doesn’t matter how many people you train. You’ll never transform the world that way in a hundred years. It takes you about a year to train a group of 20 people. And maybe one out of 100 will train others. That one person who trains others will get the same results or worse. It’ll take a long time to multiply your efforts that way.”

“But what other alternative do I have?” I said.

He thought for a bit. Then he said, “There’s got to be a way to get people through your process and get rid of beliefs without a live human being guiding them.”

“Maybe… but I have no idea what it is.”

During this conversation Denis suggested that an interactive video program—a program people could respond to and that could respond back—would be able to guide individuals into eliminating beliefs on their own.

So we worked for two years to produce the first interactive video program to help people bust the beliefs that cause the fear of public speaking—which is one of the ways that a lack of self-confidence shows up for many people.

We had spent a lot of money ($347,234) to create a high-quality program—that turned out to have a lot more bells and whistles than we actually needed—and were a little nervous as we allowed 39 fearful public speakers to initially test the interactive video.

We sent the beta testers surveys to see how effective the program was. Did their fear actually go away? We had the results compiled for us into one spreadsheet so we could see at a glance if we’d succeeded or failed.

When the envelope arrived with the results, we waited with baited breath. If the program didn’t work, our investment would be lost… As we scanned the results we were excited to discover that over 86% of the formerly fearful speakers totally got rid of their fear of public speaking with our program.

In fact we were overjoyed. Finally, we knew we could help people get rid of their beliefs quickly and easily with interactive video. Denis was right. This was the way to help millions of people and change the world.

A few years later we created the Natural Confidence program that you can sample now by visiting eliminate “Nothing I do is good enough” now.

Below, leave me any comments, questions or suggestions you have.

Morty Lefkoe

Click eliminate “Nothing I do is good enough” to eliminate the next belief.

15 thoughts on “How Natural Confidence Was Born

  1. Clare Rubel says:

    I wish I could comment, but unfortunayely, after paying, I could not access any “module”.
    I’m sure it is a fine program and that it’ll help me, too, but my 14 days is almost up!

  2. We may have now have the mind of an adult but deep inside I have the mind and emotions of a child. It seems to me if that child was horribly scared,shamed and abused something deeper then the intellectual ideas of an adult must be employed. For minor abuse where your caretakers loved you and did not hate you (as in my story), I believe your program may work well.
    For deeper emotional pain and attending beliefs I believe some or most of that pain needs to be felt. It needs to be extracted in some way. Perhaps by a higher power. Not just (discussed) and (thought) of by the adult you now are.

    Hi Lawrence,

    Thanks for your post to my blog.

    After working with thousands of clients, my experience is that even people who have been sexually abused and beaten severely on a regular basis are able to eliminate the beliefs formed at those time using the very same process you were given.

    That might be hard for you to believe, but it has happened literally hundreds of times.

    Regards, Morty

  3. This was icing on the cake for me. (I’m not good enough)I understood this concept intellectually but your video really hit it home emotionally. I’m sorry I didn’t find this before spending money on other programs. Unfortuately, I’m still paying for some other programs and will have to wait a few months. I was very excited to bust a second belief but the link doesn’t work for some reason.
    Thank you

  4. thank you Morty for this powerful program. I wasn’t aware I had so many limiting beliefs and though it’s sad to see what’s been holding me back in life, it’s wonderful to know I now have the tools to eliminate them for GOOD!

  5. Hi Morty, hi Bob! Your comments, Bob, are very helpful, because there was something disturbing me, but I just could not grab it. And there it is in your
    writing:1) to not “blame” only our parents, but consider and include all the other persons of importance/authority in our life. 2)the fact that we have a
    dissecting brain of an Adult – and not of a child anymore and that feeling is more accurate than seeing the belief. And as you say, there are “things”, you can’t see, but they are there non the less (energy, air, electricity, etc.)
    Thank you for having given me some inputs to clear my feelings about it.

  6. Gisella de Liddo says:

    I have eliminated two of the 19 beliefs of the program and have just done the "Who am I really"part. Wow…I have started doing thing I usually procrastinated and right now I have a burning sensation in my seventh chakra, the one which links us to the Creator, the Universe, the Spirit…well, maybe it is really opening…Thank you a lot Morty, I really feel this is working!! Lots of love Gisella

  7. just listened the first time thru. When tried for a real trial kept jumping over various sections. and finding it impossible to go back and find the missing parts. It would be helpful if the program was divided into numbered parts and set up so a person could get back to a missed section number if they screwed up as I often do on my computer.

  8. ERICA SALAI says:


  9. Continued…

    Question on deconditioning:
    Why 4 deconditioning modules –versus 2 or 20? Meaning does number 4 has any significance?
    Are all 4 modules independent of each other or do they build upon each other? Are they variations of the same central theme or are they different? Can't not comment on deconditioning modules as there is no trial. If there was one then of course I would.

    Anyway, this is my 2 cents worth!

  10. Continued…

    Even though “seeing” is the primary sense when we say “if you did not see it then it does not exist is somewhat wrong/unbelievable”. Because not everything that exists has shape, color, size and all –plus everything exists can not be not seen rather then vice versa! For example, gravity, air etc is not seen but can be felt and so does exist! Remember we are talking to an adult now and not a child! Adult brain is going to dissect everything vehemently what the program says or the adult brain does not agree to/with! Better way to argue/suggest in the program would be to use “feelings” only rather then physical act of “seeing”! Example, “did you see the belief –no, then it does not exist” would be ‘you felt what you felt (your emotions) based only on your version of interpretation of the event but now that you know that the event could have any number of different interpretations and not just your interpretation, and had you known this then then you would not only have felt differently then but you actually do feel differently now, don’t you?”

  11. Program puts lot of emphasis on parents. It would be more helpful if this step was all inclusive –meaning parents, siblings, relatives, teachers, friends, any authoritative/commanding figures, child’s own experiences (because s/he may have formed beliefs from his/her own experiences/actions that had negative consequences –yes even in childhood! (though unknowingly)). On the other hand it would be much better if all these can be replaced with ‘yes things did happen when you were a child… “ because one may not remember specific events (who was/were present, place, other triggers and all) from which these beliefs were formed. Secondly some folks may not like to blame parents even though 100% of fault could be parents simply because now they are old and helpless or child actually largely did have good parenting. But psychologically it may help to blame someone so that the burden is transferred from child’s eye to someone else, so to speak, so may be including this blame game step is helpful. I can’t decide on this step for above given reasons!

  12. Thank you Morty for helping me eliminate a second belief! I'm going to save money to buy your programm

  13. Morty, this is powerful stuff! I wish I could afford to invest in your entire program. However, I have the 'belief' and my wife and various accounts concur, that I simply cannot afford it.

  14. Thank you Morty for helping me eliminate a second belief! I'm going to save money to buy your programm, I think it really works for me! Thanks again!

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