Which Limiting Belief Would You Like to Eliminate?

I’m going to help you eliminate another belief at no cost to you.

All I need to know is “Which belief do you want to eliminate most?”

Which 5 limiting money beliefs would you like to eliminate most?

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48 thoughts on “Which Limiting Belief Would You Like to Eliminate?

  1. bluecat32 says:

    While i believe that (self employed) that i have enough money & money comes easily to me, i do wonder about ‘programing’ i inherited eg. Money and trees, working hard, and as a christian i am challenged to think money is Spiritural.

  2. Teresa Kaczmarczyk says:

    I do not deserve

  3. “I’m no better than my parents, so I shouldn’t make more then they did” is unfortunately, after being a subconscious belief, still active even though I am more conscious of it!

  4. If it hadn’t been for the effectiveness of other “gremlin busters” I would not have believed that “You have to work hard to make money ” was a limiting belief. But I am certainly begining to understand how these things work. Many Thanks

  5. You have to work hard to make money

  6. I deserve to be well paid for what I do. I would like to attract people into my life that are happy to pay me well for the things I do.

  7. I feel generally pretty good about myself, but I do get really down on myself when I do something and get feedback and it often feels like “nothing I do is good enough”. I would love to ditch that limiting belief about what I do.

  8. Even though I know I AM, “I’m not capable” rears it’s ugly head every now and then. It would be wonderful to say goodbye to that goblin. Thank you, Morty

  9. Would like to eliminate “Nothing I do is good enough”

  10. I haven’t seen any chages at all.
    I even took notes and tried to understand all that you said, nothing new to me. Just seems like the same old same old rehashed info from all the self help I’ve ever read.
    Now I am curios just what is/and how is it that you may be able to help me over come my negitive attitude??
    I may be beyond help.

  11. I’m just a failure and I’m not deserving are two blocks that are hard to get past.

  12. I am somehow on the MONEY beliefs page, but just went through the, “I am not good enough” page, so I will leave my comment here. It was interesting. I answered in the affirmative for most of the questions, but simply could not bring myself to say out loud, “I am not good enough.” Did anyone else feel like that? Liz

  13. The money belief I would need to get rid of that I never have enough money. I can see in my life that even when I do have plenty of money I create situations where I don’t have enough cash to pay bills or for some reason I don’t have enough for what I need at the time. The thought of not having enough money creates great fear and panic in me.

  14. Dear Mort, thank you very much for this opportunity.
    I can’t fimd the way to focus my thoughts in what I desire for my life. I belief that consciously I belief it’s true that I can achieve what I need and desire from the Universe, but unconsciously maybe I don’t belief it. How can I change my subconscious mind to achieve my goals?
    I hope this program could help me.
    thanks in advance,


  15. I completely understood the process in eliminating the beliefs of all of the ones you shared. Thank you! It has made quite an impact on my perspectives of everthing!
    There is one fear I am trying to address and accept and eliminate..Death…
    I have always had the fear of it. I find it debilitating in the sense of being able to reach a goal ( its hard to have one when you live day to day) and terrifiying when I am doing something as simple as driving sometimes. I am a very upbeat person and can do anything I put my mind to. I have wealth in all aspects of my life but lack acceptance of death and that I will die some day. Is it fear of being lonely maybe? Please let me know any ideas on how to eliminate it!

  16. That having too much wealth whilst many other people are poor and starving is not right. Don’t know what too much is.

  17. Like Indira (2) I too have not received the program.

  18. The only limiting belief that I want to remove is:
    the belief that I have any limiting beliefs.

  19. Good Day
    I have not received the program yet.
    Kindly guide me to aquire the same.
    thanking you

  20. My biggest problem concerning money is that I see It as something that is out of my reach in large quantities…I feel that I do not have the capabilities to attain a large yearly income, though I do focus on the idea being possible I know I do not believe in this idea enough to make it possible and then my reality thank-you yours sincerely susannah

  21. mike wilson says:

    Hi, Morty
    I was facinated at the way you showed me that basically all my fears and drawbacks are probably there because I created them on mis information that I assigned to the events of my past. my question is how do you you even search for these beliefs to know to get rid of them.I work hard and have taken some chances by starting my own buisness and now work for somone else again. I feel I gave it my heart but there is still something I dont get. my monney evaporates and I’m always thinking it’s just around the corner.things just keep happening. I have two new ideas for other buisesses but now am afraid to step out. my finances wont let me either.please help!!!

  22. I find that when I have money it goes very quickly on unexspected expences so I continually repeat the same experiance.I was allways told when I was growing up Iwould never have anything & I would never amount to anything & it seems like I can never get away from this programing regardless of what I do.I would really like to eliminate this ASAP.

  23. Ann-kathrine says:

    Thank you Dear Morty!

    My only thought I truly have about money is;-) That I have what I need,
    and I feel a deep gratefulness in my heart.

    Love, Light & Peace

  24. Monty,

    This is something I’ve been working hard on for sometime. I’ve read many books, done many processes to eliminate my negative beliefs about money, wealth and abundance. Yet, I’m still were I am.

    What if you don’t know what your negative belief is?

    Happy Travels


  25. I am trying to work past the belief that working hard is the only way to make money and that I really can be financially wealthy attracting money easily. I feel like I am missing something. Almost a mental block. If I could just connect a missing link that I would have an epiphony that would propel me forward. I want to stop working hard in my life and work smarter with a passion. Help!

    1. My father was a coal miner and I was brought up in the north of England in the 60's to believe that one has to work very (backbreakingly) hard to get money. However, I graduated from art school and in 1976 sold a drawing that had taken me 20 minutes for several hundred pounds (about the same amount that it took my father about a month to earn) it was a very intense realisation that you don't have to work hard to earn money. But I have not become rich because like Cila I have a block to creating opportunities for success or if an opportunity comes my way then, through outside circumstances it usually doesn't come to fruition. This is my challenge to allow wealth and success to come to me. You say you want to work with passion which seems the right way to do what you are meant to be doing, so follow your joy. Good luck.

  26. Money is a struggle-when you don't have enough you work hard for it and hope for better days, when you get older and save something , you are afraid to loose what you have gained so far, also money is very tricky. it can be taken away from you and is no guarantee against diseases or other disasters but you cannot live without it. also it is arelative thing. for some people a certain sum of money will appear to be huge whereas others will say on the same amount that it is not much. But I agree with the comments of ann and deepgreenmoss that a person has to be able to feel he deserves to get the money which comes his way and not sabotage something in the process. I think that I did not take advantage of the opportunities coming my way because of some "built in defect" or something in the subconscious which hinders me and prevents me from success. I hope that you will deal with that element.

  27. I thought that after i saw "the secret", I have no longer negative beliefs about money, but… i still have a trublles with money.. so I guess it's not over yet. I think i have a belief, that in order to have money a have to give up my free time, and this stops me from going further with my goals! I want to eliminate this one.

  28. Born2Hike says:

    I have money-related beliefs that snag me up, but aren't on your list. How can a person personalize the process to include their specific beliefs? For example: I will always be wanting money and not having it. I don't know how to get enough. If the markets are un-well, there's no way for me to have what I'm wanting or needing. And on it goes ….

    1. Morty Lefkoe says:

      Sorry that the money beliefs we will be offering shortly don't include some that you have. If you have any money beliefs or any other beliefs that aren't on any of our on-line programs, we would be happy to assist you to eliminate them in our normal telephone/Skype sessions. They last one hour and most clients can eliminate 3-4 beliefs during the session. Regards, Morty

  29. Hi Morty, it seems that "Money is dirty" is the least popular answer on your poll for the moment (247 voters), but it's a true beleif for me, so please, can you include this belief in your program? Thanks

  30. Nancy Soke says:

    I agree with you that money is a form of energy. I have noticed that when my cashflow is very low, so is my own energy. Probably this has to do with receiving. This is probably what I have the most trouble with, and I don't know how to improve this, or I'm not spending enough time doing it, I guess.

  31. Last – I'd like to offer another limiting belief – Sales/salesmen/selling people things they don't really need is automatically exploiting the weakness of others, therefore not moral. It less true for commodities and more for those products that the salesman makes you buy and you end up regreting it afterwards.
    on the one hand i want to become very wealthy and on the other hand i feel like sales is not a part of me. I feel like i lie and mislead people when trying to sell them by presenting only the positive info or not presenting all the info. I don't want to do to people what i wouldn't want them to do to me. I dont want to make them buy something they dont want just so i can have the extra few dollars on it.

  32. Deep inside myself i know the internet is a gold mine and is realtivly easy money in comparison to what you can make outside, and i didn't think you have to work hard for the money. All my life wherever i saw that a bit of hard work needs to be done, i gave up ( till ebay).__ __Regards of money is a struggle – most of the population have to struglle for thier income. I'am still a student living on my parents, and my financial goal is to avoid this rat race from the first place. I only now noticed I rated second the very thing i want to avoid, and think i dont have yet.____I acknoledge the importance of 'enjoying the process'. meaning not to forget to have fun see friends hang with the family and such, that make the journey worth while and not just a crazy racr to reach a certain goal. I am afraid though, that although i am aware of it, I'll get dragged into the crazy race "without noticing" and not leave time for the important things. That i will rather the urgent over the important. Because i got in touch with my spiritual side thorugh "the secret", and self helpers like robin sharma i no longer belileve in the lack based belifes

  33. deepgreenmoss says:

    I agree! That's the comment that hit me. And another littel niggler for me is… I've just invested in teh program, and even if Morty came up with this one he's suggesting, part of me would be resentful and skeptical and that I was getting sucked into something, and — would I self sabotage? By not It's surprisign how many times in my life opportunity has come my way and I've done something to sabotage things. I'm taking a wait and see attitude right now.

  34. That was quite an interesting process and although they all ring a little true I was most upset by the belief that 'money just comes to some people and I'm not one of them'. I have read much over the years about taking responsibility and the power of intention and I totally believe it so it came as a surprise that I still feel unfairly excluded in some way or that I am not part of the club. Food for thought!

    1. I agree. The belief that "money comes to some people and I'm not one of them" should have been an opotion, however I have one to add. "Money comes to me, but does not stay"

      1. Absolutely, everytime a cheque comes in the post the car breaks down! It's probably all part of the same belief that we don't deserve to be comfortably off so something happens to drain the bank account and put us back into the situation that we are used to or to fit our deeply held beliefs about who we are.

  35. Kent Patel says:

    Money is an energy. And all of us are energy. So money and us are the same. The challenge is that we've been programmed, by various sources, that we are separate from money and we have to work for it; instead of money working for us. I've got my own limiting beliefs, and I'm eager to be completely aware of them and releasing them. Cheers.

  36. Love NLP, Agree- i think we can subconsciously sabbotage ourselves, Great insight re.'even it you have money', I tell everyone that money is just Energy Exchange too.. While i believe that (self employed) that i have enough money & money comes easily to me, i do wonder about 'programing' i inherited eg. Money and trees, working hard, and as a christian i am challenged to think money is Spiritural. As a married woman i understand how money 'comes through' the husband (even if i have been adding to the income).. I can see there are a number of places we/ i need to change my thinking/speech .. Thanks for leaving comments…

  37. We are all where we are in life because of what we have thought and our reactions to those thoughts. At 66 I'm still rying to eliminate the behaviour of my criminal father who told me I'd amount to anything.Now every time I'm set for success my Automatic Sabotage System (ASS) kicks in and I destroy my chances even though I know I'm doing it at the time I feel unable to stop the process it's that powerful Still I persevere one day I'll find a way, I deserve to..

  38. None of the sentences were accurate for me….too many words, absolute in nature= never, I will, etc…Mine was present tense "I don't have enough money". Study NLP and very attentive to words I am using (easy part)…more importantly vs. the thoughts I am thinking which are more predictive of my results. You/I/them may use 'victim" language, however we are 'voluntering' to use them…STOP using them, then do your best to STOP thinking them….It's the only game in town,coupled with your actions.

  39. ofra waldman says:

    i think the money issue is a very important one. i suggest u add " even if u have money ' u have to save it for old age' not to spend it". which is a toxifying believe even if one has enough money/
    thanks for dealing with the money issue- which is very important in my personal and my family life/

  40. I've been a stay at home mom (of 5) for my adult life — they are all grown — and while I have a good education and have worked off and on, money has always come to me through a spouse — so I feel I'm missing a step in my relationship with money. I do know that what I contributed to the household in the way of child rearing, tending to the household resources, etc was valuable, but without anything tangible, the money/value factor is illusive. Not sure where that fits in the above criteria, but I'm aware of some fear around my ability to generate an income through my own efforts and creativity.

  41. I had a lot to share to my comment is spiltted to a few parts.

    First i would like to agree with what John-peter wrote and the second part of what clara wrote.

    Secondly, "You have to work hard to make money " is the one i would like to get rid of the most because i need to REBELIEVE it.
    I am a very optimistic person always looking on what i can get from smoething and not what can go wrong. My family and friends think that it's on the verge of pure naivety. I used to think you don't need to work hard for money, but i now believe it much less. When i tried to go on an Ebay venture or affiliate marketing i discovered how many levels and layers of information i need to research and gather to truly make a profit and that it is not " a matter of a few clicks on the mouse and the money will start coming". In fact what brought to the serious stuff, was the promising but misleading "get rich quick" sites, when i saw they are all frauds.

  42. John-Peter says:

    I have reached a point in my life where I believe money is no more than a form of energy and that it will flow towards me as an exchange for what I put out into the Universe. I give away money freely in any event and have reduced my needs to a bare minimum. My true joy comes from conversations where a deep exchange takes place. However, my ego-mind is inclined to doubt the process and I would like to still that doubt of the ego-mind and truely enter the creative space where the Law of Attraction is as natural as breathing.

  43. I found out that two choices of mine reflected the situation I'm in most of my life : " There is not enough money" and " I'll never have enough money" which probably share the same root.
    Two other choices are thoughts that relate to my parents and friends which mean that I still under the influence of my surrounding, not taking full commitment to my aspiration and the results.

  44. i believe im full of tallents and abelities but something stands in the way between me and matirial wellth. i think my deepest belief is " im not deserving". i will be more than happy to eliminate it

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