How The Idea of Eliminating Beliefs By Video Was Born

Before clicking on the “I’m not capable” link at the end of this post, check out the short story of why this program was created, because it will help you understand how this program will change your life.

One day I was having lunch with my friend Denis Hann. I told him of my plans to train thousands of people to use my method to help others permanently eliminate beliefs. I said that this was how I hoped to reach millions of people and transform the world.

You’ll never guess what he told me.

He said, “It doesn’t matter how many people you train. You’ll never transform the world that way in a hundred years. It takes you about a year to train a group of 20 people. And maybe one out of 100 will train others. That one person who trains others will get the same results or worse. It’ll take a long time to multiply your efforts that way.”

“But what other alternative do I have?” I said.

He thought for a bit. Then he said, “There’s got to be a way to get people through your process and get rid of beliefs without a live human being guiding them.”

“Maybe… but I have no idea what it is.”

During this conversation Denis suggested that an interactive video program—a program people could respond to and that could respond back—would be able to guide individuals into eliminating beliefs on their own.

So we worked for two years to produce the first interactive video program to help people bust the beliefs that cause the fear of public speaking—which is one of the ways that a lack of self-confidence shows up for many people.

We had spent a lot of money ($347,234) to create a high-quality program—that turned out to have a lot more bells and whistles than we actually needed—and were a little nervous as we allowed 39 fearful public speakers to initially test the interactive video.

We sent the beta testers surveys to see how effective the program was. Did their fear actually go away? We had the results compiled for us into one spreadsheet so we could see at a glance if we’d succeeded or failed.

When the envelope arrived with the results, we waited with baited breath. If the program didn’t work, our investment would be lost… As we scanned the results we were excited to discover that over 86% of the formerly fearful speakers totally got rid of their fear of public speaking with our program.

In fact we were overjoyed. Finally, we knew we could help people get rid of their beliefs quickly and easily with interactive video. Denis was right. This was the way to help millions of people and change the world.

A few years later we created the Natural Confidence program that you can sample now by visiting eliminate “I’m not capable” now.

Below, leave me any comments, questions or suggestions you have.

Morty Lefkoe

Click eliminate “I’m not capable” to eliminate the next belief.

114 thoughts on “How The Idea of Eliminating Beliefs By Video Was Born

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  2. I love your system <3 I did the "I am not good enough" very powerful!

  3. Hey Morty, I wonder if and what would be the belief that has taken Empathy away from my Life? I feel that so much bad has happened in my Life that all I do is focus on healing myself and that has taken any empathy I have for others it is gone! I study books that examine feelings I have in order to see or find the answer, I get Great comfort from the Bible and hearing preachers speak, and I do enjoy your belief eliminating system and feel it has had a great impact on my life, and I will continue to use your method to remove the beliefs that seem to plague me! I have always been a positive force with a huge smile to all I encounter in my Life, however no one ask me why I always smile anymore! Merci Beaucoup Mr. Lefkoe! James Cyphers

    1. Sometimes when we do too much healing it puts us in an emotional coma- like you have nothing for anyone else. This has happened to me before!

  4. hello Morty,
    My belief that I have for all of my life that i wasn’t good enough is gone.
    You helped me so much. Your way of helping people really works.
    I am so thankfull of that.
    Thank you Morty
    you have helped me a lot. I feel free and I love myself now.
    I am really thankfull of who I am.
    Thanks again and succes

  5. Nilesh Thali says:

    I really don’t want to burst everyone’s bubble. i think it’s great if this helps you – it hasn’t really helped me, perhaps cause i like to overthink?
    Morty, if i’m not mistaken, your logic goes like this: “there is suffering because we attach meaning to events. if you remove the meaning, you remove suffering.”
    by that token, EVERYTHING, including joy, pleasure, fun is what it is, because you attached meaning to events. Your wife kissing you, your child making a little gift for you, EVERYTHING. if you start dissolving meaning from events that give you grief, you should do that for all events. Then pretty soon, life is just a series of meaningless events. As a Libran whose internal value is balance, i can’t just dissolve meaning from suffering, and leave happy events as meaningful.
    When i watched my first belief elimination video “i’m not good enough”, it had me racking my brain for childhood memories of my parents yelling at me. i had to pretty much make up one. even today, i’m not certain that my parents yelling at me is where my “i’m not good enough” belief came from. i may be wrong, but i have no recollection of having this belief till i was 16 or 17.
    Things like God (or the universe) loving me and supporting me, Eckhart Tolle’s idea of being present etc. feel more sustainable and long-term to me. It may be that you have already internalized all those, which is helping you with Morty’s belief elimination system. perhaps i need to get to a certain level before this helps me.

    1. Andrew Broadhurst says:

      Hi Nilesh,
      The trick is YOU choose what you want to eliminate. No-one else. So why not choose to eliminate those things that are bugging you and nothing else? Easy, isn’t it?

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Morty, thank you. It seems to be helping. Thank you for doing this. It is wonderful that there are people like you who are willing to put in the risk and commitment to help others.

  7. I’m disappointed there wasn’t a transcript or closed captioning for your videos. I’m deaf and can’t follow video and audio content without either a transcript or accurate closed captioning. 🙁

    1. Has any one responded back to you ? Have you pursued any other options?I’m just curious because I feel you!

  8. The program glitched and I didn’t reach the end How do I go backwards and repeat in your programme, there is no nback button on my screen.

  9. wendell toone says:

    I would like to take to take Natural Confidence course. Could I do it at the library on their computer?

    1. Hi Wendell,

      Sure. If you buy the DVD version you can insert it in the library computer. You probably could use the streaming video version also.

      You have to answer questions on the computer but whatever you write will be erased when you shut off the computer and sign off.

      Let me know about your successes after you complete the program.

      Love, Morty

  10. Ok, it all sounds good but makes me wonder in what way I’m failing as a parent to my 5 1/2 and 2 1/2 year old child.
    What advice can you give me to help me instill positive self belief in my children. I’ve already taught my 5 1/2 year old the difference between being told “You’re a naughty boy” vs ” that was a really naughty thing to do” to the extent that he will pull me up with a lot of feeling if I slip and give him feedback at the identity level rather than at a behavioural level.
    However, I do get frustrated when I’ve asked him to do something 5 times or when he does something he’s been told not to do repeatedly ie climb on the furniture.
    How do you instill clear boundries without squashing a childs inherent optimism, enthusiasm and joie de vivre. I think I do a decent job most of the time but worry about helping them develop their self confidence whilst also respecting other people.

    1. Hi Sarah. You are NOT alone. I stuggled with the same question and feeling of hopeless in letting my daughter run wild because I didnt want to kill her self esteem. T

      The deal is that y0u CANT parent without love withdrawl. No matter how much you tell your kids “I am mad at your behavior and not mad at you”, they still FEEL like you are mad at them. They don’t get that separation like adults can.

      So what the heck do you do?

      Give them lots of love and approval TO BALANCE their feelings of disapproval.

      In the end, a child will develop a healthy self-esteem if overall you give them MORE approval than dissapproval.

      Be sure to hug them and tell them good job and things like “mommy loves you just for being you” on a constant basis. Then the occasional times you have to discipline and they feel like you dont love them, it wont affect thier subconscious self-beliefs nearly as much.

      -Dave Erickson

    2. Hi Sarah,

      Take a look at my wife’s material on parenting which is based on The Lefkoe Method, There are a lot of techniques you can use to get a child to cooperate without telling a child what they must or cannot do. That rarely works.

      Love, Morty

    3. I believe kids sense their environment! I don’t know if this helps but my truest most honest comment here is for you to not worry too much. You sound like a well grounded individual! Your child will do what they know And if it is to worry excessively then that will be the result! The best thing we can do as Parents is to watch our children and see in them the strengths they posses, nurture those strengths and you will have a child that will not depart from the way he should go! Love is intended in this message! Good Luck and keep up the good work!

  11. Question

    Can things like “introversion” (getting drained by social events.. needing (too much) time alone) be also changed by your method, Morty?
    I used to believe I am defected, I am an introvert and I dont fit in into the world. I tried many therapies and they helped a little but progress was EXTREMELY slow, and mostimportantly ; my belief that I’d be better if I was more social etc. was stuck, even worse than before?
    Currently my goal is to be able to enjoy social activities and to participate in social life. So I wonder… is introversion -having “quiet” energy fixed, inborn, or it can also be changed?

  12. I am SOOO enthusiastic about this! This is a pure genius! 🙂

  13. Bob Lorren says:

    This is making a lot of sense to me. I ordered the whole “Natural Confidence” set this AM. Thanks, Bob

    1. Hi Bob,

      Let me know what you think after you complete the program.


  14. I am a practicing buddhist and we believe that ” When a person makes a request to the universe, some one or something comes from the ” environment ” to answer that request. We call it ” Shoten-Zenjin “, you and your wife are clearly ” Shoten-Zenjin “.

    With gratitude & love!

  15. Morty,
    I must say that I thought it was a hoax before I actually followed your direction. Well, after the few minutes it took to listen and apply the lesson I hve to say, It works! I feel Great and I notice that life really looks different to me. Things that normally put me on edge, don’t bother me anymore. I change the way I think and I’ve actually changed how I speak to my 10 and 13 year old sons and there is a noticeable difference in them as well. Thank You, I Really Appreciate You And Your Work. You Have Helped Me Change The Quality Of My Life And My Journey Is Getting Easier.

    1. Morty Lefkoe says:

      Hi John,

      Thanks for letting me know how much value you got from our work. And wait until you eliminate all the beliefs that cause a specific problem and the problem totally disappears.


  16. Hi Morty, I left a comment last week and never heard back. I’m eager to work through your beliefs and purchase the additional ones but I’m having a hard time seeing my parents as the cause of my beliefs. In my early memories, my parents were very supportive of me.

    And I have had some of these beliefs since I was little.

    Now that I’m older I have witnessed my parents disapproval once or twice, but I can’t picture that scenario in my childhood. Please help, I’d like to use your videos but am unsure how to move forward.

      1. Hi Kate & Morty

        I am having the same problem as Kate. I have read your linked post but it still isn’t working for me , I just can’t seem to picture a scenario in my early childhood with my parents that caused me to feel I’m not capable. I know i definitely hold this belief .

        However, what keeps coming up and giving me a lot of negative emotions is some of my interactions with my (so called) friends in early adolescent years and right up until my early 20s when I decided to get rid of these people from my life. I had some toxic friends trying to bring me down any way they could and I didn’t know any better at the time, i just thought that was how life was. When I focus on these interactions and some of the things I was told I get the feeling this is where I picked up a lot of these negative beliefs as I can’t remember having these before this time.

        When I do your program and I focus on these interactions I seem to be getting better results. Is it possible that this is where I picked up these beliefs from? eg. the belief I hold that ‘im not capable of attracting a beautiful partner as i’m not good looking enough’ or whatever as that’s what i was told by all my friends growing up.

        Would be great to hear your insight on this Morty 🙂

        One Love


  17. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! This video arrived – useless to say – in a perfect timing again….
    10 days ago “I asked for help” with a prayer to the Universe as I was about to face the very core of my limitations, and I “stumbled” in your website just before going to collect my parents visiting me….the “I am not good enough” program just released so much ……
    Your program approach is very helpful and I can´t describe with words how thankful I am…
    My best wishes,
    Namasté 🙂

  18. Morty,
    You and Dennis really made a difference. Thanks for all the hard work.
    I really did get rid off my “not good enough feeling” and I did not even know before that it was part of my problem when I was procrastinating a lot.
    Looking forward to this belief buster.

  19. Hi Morty,
    I want to thank you so much for sharing this awesome information. I have been working for the past 3 years presenting seminars and doing counselling for Depression, Anxiety and Stress using beliefs system therapy and getting similar results to you, though not 100%. I am so excited to be able to utilise what you have shared to help as many people I can change their beliefs and hopefully change the world. If I can help you in anyway please let me know.

  20. Dear Morty

    Thanks for exceptional work. I have personally spend hundreds of dollars buying programs on the net to overcome my fear of public speaking. I have had the privilege of going through the free lessons you offer.

    I just seen my confidence resurfacing again. I always felt i am not good enough. And also feared or cared so much about what people think about me. This contributed immensely to my fear of speaking in public.

    I really need to have the courage to stand up and air my views. Thanks a million Morty!!!

  21. tahir shaikh says:

    really good job

  22. Re:
    “we waited with baited breath.”

    You mean “bated breath” — unless you’d both eaten cheese and were breathing down a mousehole.

    1. Hi Kate,

      Thousands of people have read that without catching our mistake. Thanks for finding it and letting us know. We will fix it.

      Have a great day.

      Love, Morty

      1. Morty:

        With all due respect, you have no idea how many people caught your mistake. You only know how many people reported it to you. You are living in your own story. Where else in your life is this happening? Perhaps you need to review the Forum again.

        Keep up the good work,


  23. I have recently discovered your site and I subscribed. I have some beliefs that I need to get rid off. I will see how things work out for me. I am open to everything. Thank you

    1. Hi Dana,

      Have you had a chance to eliminate more beliefs yet?

      You can eliminate three without any charge to make sure our system works for you. And when you see that it does, you can get packages of beliefs that are guaranteed to eliminate specific problems. Check it out:

      Let me know what you think.

      Love, Morty

  24. Hi David,

    Have you had a chance to eliminate any more beliefs since you wrote?

    Let me know.

    Love, Morty

  25. Rachel Sandon says:

    To Morty and Shelley

    Thanks for all this help


  26. Rachel Sandon says:

    Hi Debbie

    That really rings a bell for me. Those so and so’s have a lot of issues. Workplaces have been the downfall for me as well. I have left jobs etc and basically I know I am a lot poorer financially because of those people making it so difficult. I do think there are certain jobs like being a secretary/admin assistant where you will always get treated badly unless you are really lucky and get a great boss. And then it can be a great job.

    How about thinking of another career or getting out and doing something you really enjoy just to get away from it all. Do some training – it will make you feel better. You can just get focussed on the current situation. I would definitely keep working on issues and of course you need to stand up for yourself, although I know this can also be a problem in these very hierarchical workplaces.

    You are not alone although it might feel like that. Coming to read some of these wonderful personal development sites and get the help (for free often), is just so inspiring, so keep logging on and keep your mind open and get as much support as you can.

    Take care


  27. Hi Morty,

    I’ve struggled for years with belief work and had very little success. I received a link to your program and have done two beliefs in two days, and both seem to be totally gone (I did the “human/ape” test, and the old belief literally made a monkey of me – I made chimp “noises”, scratched under my arms, etc – it was hilarious!). The big thing for me is, I can’t get back to the old beliefs. There are others I’ve identified that I want to work on – things that seem to have been hard-wired for as long as I can remember. Thanks so much for such an awesome tool!


  28. I do like your solid, down to earth approach and your clarity.
    I am familiar with the importance of “belief removal” in the change of one’s thinking to changing one’s life.
    How would your approach be when dealing with a family member who had a psychotic brake at age 15, then diagnosed / labeled with “schizo-affective” illness. The negative belief removal seems extremely important but how to overcome the deep convictions and fierce defenses about the beliefs.
    I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and be directed toward research or material in in this matter.
    With gratitude,

    1. Hi Waltraud,

      We have had very little experience with psychotic breaks so I really have little to say on the issue.

      I always think that it should be possible to reach anyone (who they really are) and help them, but I have no evidence for that. And I would always try to work with anyone who wanted to work with me.

      I also have no knowledge of research on the issue.

      Good luck in finding what you need.

      Regards, Morty

  29. I was suprised at how easily this was to do and how genuinely relieved and even excitted I felt after one video. Thank you.

    1. Hi Jules,

      Glad to hear how relieved and excited you were after eliminating one belief. Let me know how you feel after you eliminate a bunch more and make some major changes in your life.

      Regards, Morty

  30. Geri Jones says:

    These programs are really brilliant and I understand completely how they are working. It makes complete sense that this is how we aquired these beliefs.
    However, I find it very difficult to actually remember events as a child. I simply cannot remember my parents yelling at me. I do remember getting annoyed with MYSELF when I couldn’t do things. I was a very determined child, but I know I still hold some limiting beliefs. Not being able to remember actual events makes it harder for me to follow the program and imagine what actually caused my beliefs.
    Do you have any suggestions to help me with this?

  31. I am really appreciative of these lessons of life. As an abuse survivor from childhood, I have needed these things for a very long time. Thank God for your bringing them forward!

    1. Hi Gloria,

      There are a few specific beliefs that abuse survivors have that are not on any of the programs we offer on line.

      They usually can be handled in only one or two private phone sessions.

      If you’d like to know more about them, please call us at 415-884-0552.

      Regards, Morty

  32. @:

    If you try hard to envisage and enact love for your enemies (and I don’t mean being nice like a fearful slave), and imagine that they are also on the path of learning you will also have amazing results.

    Excellent, Roamer! And why is this true? Because each and everyone of them is Source (God) in disguse as you!

    With all good wishes for peace, profound,


  33. John, isn’t that “remote” rather than “direct” viewing?

    With all good wishes for peace, profound,


  34. I know that the wisdom being offered is inherent in all humans already.@:

    This is a shrewed and poignant insight, Roamer! I make this statement with the authority of one, who has known, for many years, this fact to be true of himself! With the correct motivation, it may just as well have been you, or I, developing the “Roamer” or the “Arlo” methods.

    But, from whence comes the “correct motivation?” It seems to me, that it does not “come” on its own…it must be called! And after it has been called, it must be honed, refined, and shaped into a coherent, easy, applicable, program, by the “caller!”

    And the ability to do that is also inherent in everyone; but is the “willingness” to make the effort? I think not, or else we all would be living lives of ease from the income derived, as the results of the ideas we have perfected for the benefit of “others.”

    But, Roamer, neither you, nor I, put in the time, effort, and money, to create what is now, rightfully, “The Lefkoe Method.” Morty did, so he is very much entitled, as you say, to “…sell his program at a (reasonable) profit.

    As I read all of the comments available so far, I realized that Morty has exposed himself to being made aware of miseries he never would have been aware of, had he not put “The Lefkoe Method” on the market. His replies to some of these commenters, show that he is not insensitive to their plights, since he points out some of the ideas he has done, and others he intends to do, in those replies.

    The first two of your suggestions to Morty, are valid ideas, Romaer, that he may very well employ in certain circumstances, as he sees fit. He seems to be the kind of person, that will give you credit and thank you for them, when he does.

    Meanwhile, how is it you can so clearly see the “mote” in Morty’s eye, and cannot see the “beam” in your own? You wrote, “…although I would like more creative freedom…” Who is opposing your having such? Surely, it is not, Morty, me, or any of the billions of “others” now living, is it*?

    From your enlightened perspective, you are aware that you cannot “have” (Source cannot bring into rour reality) anything you do not see fit (deem yourself worthy) to have. Is it worth your effort to find and remove that block from your mind? Only you, Roamer, can make that determination!

    With all good wishes for peace, profound,


  35. Thank you so very much for this belief-busting process! I can’t tell you how different I feel after 20 minutes. This process is simple but powerful and everyone should try it. Thanks!

  36. Rizza Ang says:

    Hi Morty, your articles really are food for the brain…. keep it up!!! Many thanks…………….

  37. Nurhayati Sireagr says:

    thanks Morty, your program helps a lot

  38. PS I WILL be recommending this website to others. It has inspired me!

    Another thought which some people might relate to – the meaning we give to events is already inherent in our lives, regardless if our parents spark it off its manifestation (internally or externally) as a catalyst. That point is alluded to in these free exercises (I don’t know what the others have to say). So what is the real origin of the meaning?

    In some cases it is useful to rework our beliefs in relation to child-parent emotional interactions, but in others it may be other event(s) which we have forgotten or are suppressing. It might even be in previous lives. In any case, even if one doesn’t believe in reincarnation it might be possible to appreciate the following point:

    If we can’t be sure about the catalyst event and even if we are, why can’t we accept we have a fundamental tendency in our lives and try to rework our belief system, like the Lefkoe idea according to what we experience now?

    Spiritually speaking, this tendency is a choice we undertook to discover what how separation from love simply means suffering (and thus how to get back to love and eliminate fear: all these obstacles to fulfilling dreams and our potential is based on fear in its different guises). If that is true, then there is a “higher self” which wants us to unify ourselves with it once more and this self embodies truth. So if we surrender ourselves to the higher self, we come back to the truth of love. That means giving up the ego which is very scary because it tries to hold on to what we think through it as being the true identity. Ego is based upon the belief one is separate. That’s why we see so much destruction in the world because people think they can live in a bubble and feel like victims of circumstance.

    If you try hard to envisage and enact love for your enemies (and I don’t mean being nice like a fearful slave), and imagine that they are also on the path of learning you will also have amazing results.

    Phew that was long. I’m done!

  39. Firstly I am very grateful for getting some insights into becoming more empowered from this site. I found the exercises refreshing and although I can’t say I eliminated the belief entirely, it helped to give perspective and new inspiration. I am sure it will be of great value to many.

    Secondly some critique:
    Earning money from such services is totally valid – anyone living in the economic system needs money as a means to survive. At the same time I am somewhat wary of people who claim to have invented a new method for self-empowerment and charge money, when already very wealthy because:

    – I know that the wisdom being offered is inherent in all humans already. I was ready to apply the wisdom at the time of looking at the website but I had heard about the same processes and effectively applied these to various extents under different names – Buddhism, Spirituality, Therapy etc (or even no names – simply good advice from wise people!). I suspect Morty is aware of this (but I may be wrong) but has perhaps gone a little astray from the purpose of love by associating money excesses with true happiness. Morty, after all is simply human. Everyone has to go through material desires before becoming fully enlightened, me included.

    It may be that Morty is investing any income above that for his personal fulfillment needs in helping the human race achieve empowerment. A true philanthropist. Or it may be that he somewhat undoes his good deeds through excessive consumerism, supporting greedy corporate intitiatives that destroy the environment for example. Or something in between. Who am I to know?

    I don’t want to demonise here because Morty and his wife seem like very affable people. I try to ask myself the same question – how much ego is behind my own money-making ventures (as an artist on low but sufficient income for personal happiness although I would like more creative freedom – but I try to live with a small ecological footprint and in harmony with others) and I sometimes forget and ego takes control.

    My suggestions:
    1) Perhaps Morty could do his business on a donation basis. This may not work for all business (for example I wouldn’t do that generally as musician or guitar teacher – experience has shown me people are not normally wise enough to value the work behind good concerts or guitar teaching abilities or suchlike). But with therapy or physical healing where people experience a dramatic personal recovery – they will normally give accordingly, I know good healers who substanitate this.

    2) He could perhaps come clean and state that he is offering a (very beneficial) reminder of inherent wisdom instead of I.M.O. the patented-sounding Lefkoe-Method. This would be scary, I know – but a very exciting experiment in belief system and trust in life / empowerment????

    3) More transparency what hetruthfully feels about need for LOTS of money!

    Both of these ideas might generate more trust in participants / potential buyers

  40. Thank you,for doing such a great job…It helps me feel better with myself…it motivates me and gives me hope that World could be better …Thank you!

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