How The Idea of Eliminating Beliefs By Video Was Born

Before clicking on the “I’m not capable” link at the end of this post, check out the short story of why this program was created, because it will help you understand how this program will change your life.

One day I was having lunch with my friend Denis Hann. I told him of my plans to train thousands of people to use my method to help others permanently eliminate beliefs. I said that this was how I hoped to reach millions of people and transform the world.

You’ll never guess what he told me.

He said, “It doesn’t matter how many people you train. You’ll never transform the world that way in a hundred years. It takes you about a year to train a group of 20 people. And maybe one out of 100 will train others. That one person who trains others will get the same results or worse. It’ll take a long time to multiply your efforts that way.”

“But what other alternative do I have?” I said.

He thought for a bit. Then he said, “There’s got to be a way to get people through your process and get rid of beliefs without a live human being guiding them.”

“Maybe… but I have no idea what it is.”

During this conversation Denis suggested that an interactive video program—a program people could respond to and that could respond back—would be able to guide individuals into eliminating beliefs on their own.

So we worked for two years to produce the first interactive video program to help people bust the beliefs that cause the fear of public speaking—which is one of the ways that a lack of self-confidence shows up for many people.

We had spent a lot of money ($347,234) to create a high-quality program—that turned out to have a lot more bells and whistles than we actually needed—and were a little nervous as we allowed 39 fearful public speakers to initially test the interactive video.

We sent the beta testers surveys to see how effective the program was. Did their fear actually go away? We had the results compiled for us into one spreadsheet so we could see at a glance if we’d succeeded or failed.

When the envelope arrived with the results, we waited with baited breath. If the program didn’t work, our investment would be lost… As we scanned the results we were excited to discover that over 86% of the formerly fearful speakers totally got rid of their fear of public speaking with our program.

In fact we were overjoyed. Finally, we knew we could help people get rid of their beliefs quickly and easily with interactive video. Denis was right. This was the way to help millions of people and change the world.

A few years later we created the Natural Confidence program that you can sample now by visiting eliminate “I’m not capable” now.

Below, leave me any comments, questions or suggestions you have.

Morty Lefkoe

Click eliminate “I’m not capable” to eliminate the next belief.

114 thoughts on “How The Idea of Eliminating Beliefs By Video Was Born

  1. Let me first say that your program is extremely effective. I used it to eliminate the belief that I wasn’t good enough and subsequently discovered that over 20 years it had completely devastated my career. It made me feel dishonest about the good work that I was doing in a field that I loved. Deep down I knew that whatever I contributed to a business or client would eventually blow up because I wasn’t good enough. Eventually I began to bail out on projects and clients because the fear and shame were too intense. Now that I am free of this belief I can forgive myself and approach the rest of my life in anticipation of achieving great things and making important contributions to others. I feel 25 years younger and that anything is possible.

    Thank you for the opportunity to also eliminate the blief that I’m not capable. I must say that I interpreted the introduction on this page as a request for me to evaluate the program, and that became a distraction from getting the most out of the process. But knowing how effectively I have eliminated other beliefs and understand myself as the creator of my beliefs I will clear my mind and redo it.

    My enthusiasm for this program grows by the hour as its implications become clear to me from moment to moment. I look forward to the release of your training program with baited and bated breath. We can change the world.

  2. Subject: Editing Morty’s “How The Idea of Eliminating Beliefs By Video Was Born.”

    Executive Summary: Morty stated he waited for the results of his video beta test with “baited breath” (paragraph 11, line 1). He meant to say, “bated breath.” It is a natural error, used by many.

    Complete teasing letter to Morty (send it to him if you can):

    Dear Morty,

    This is a friendly shot. I hope you enjoy this little “aside” from a compulsive editor.

    Of course this misses the whole point of me needing to “smarten up” and simply use your invaluable method to better my life. As one of our Church leaders once said: “Just do it.” I love what you do, Morty!

    In your Dec 5/09 email to me, you were kind enough to share your story on “How The Idea of Eliminating Beliefs By Video Was Born.”

    The compulsive editor in me is bound to report that when you stated you waited with “baited breath” for the results of your beta test (paragraph 11, line 1), you made a “natural” error. You meant to say, “bated breath.”

    So, your poetic mnemonic for memorizing this is:
    (like stated, not waited: ” . . . and the first shall be last . . . ” :o)

    Please forgive me for bringing this seemingly trivial item to your attention. However, such “trivial matters” help to form the image in a reader’s mind of who you are. Unless, of course, they are not aware of the error either, which research shows is generally the case. :o)

    So my editing is not useful for the majority of your readers. :o)

    The research also shows that the erroneous “baited breath” will probably become the accepted form. As my friend George used to say, “Sooner or later, ignorance will prevail.” :o)

    Nevertheless, for the sake of punctiliousness, herewith is one explanation of why this “natural” error occurs:

    Love and Light forever. :o)

    Doc Meek
    Salt Lake City, Utah

    1. Hi Doc,

      Thanks for taking the time to tell me about the spelling error. We’ll fix it.
      Regards, Morty

  3. Wow, is this for real. This does not seem like a product that took 15 years to develop. The intro is pure filler, not really a lot of substance. Is there more to it?

  4. Morty,
    This is my 2nd belief-busted. I’m not kidding- I want to learn how to do this with others. This is so important.

    Meanwhile, I will share your site with folks.

    This is a real blessing you are offering to people, esp right now.

  5. Hi Morty…

    I’m so grateful I found your program! “I’m not good enough” hounded me the last fifty years, coloring nearly every decision I made. After spending less than an hour with your program, not only was I liberated from this nagging, lifelong belief, but I awakened at 3 AM the next morning with a burning desire to address a couple other beliefs I realized I clung to. By 5AM I had wept through some long held beliefs about my relationship with my father. I feel like a new man…renewed, energized, full of hope, thanks to you. Please know I will always be grateful…you’ve changed my life!


  6. I have been an NLP and hypnosis practitioner for years so I appreciate the unbiquitous impact that beliefs have on our lives. I did the “I’m not good enough” process and realised that the belief had decided to leave just before the proces had finished.

    My hat is off to you sir for developing and sharing such a powerful and meaningful tool! Bravo,

  7. @: Dear Morty,
    What you said about one being scared to change into a “competent” person from after having a lifestyle that focuses in believing that one is “incompetant” (subcosciously or not) – and thereby attracting the negative people and situations that have been “the story of my life” – hit the nail right on the head! I have since began to tell myself whenever I say deal with a grouchy customer very well,( inspite of the snarky remarks from my psycotic co-workers), that I handed that situation professionaly. I even had a compliment from a younger employee the other day saying that I was always very polite and nice to people, even when she would rather punch them in the mouth. Hmmm! That’s refreshing. And yes, morty, I do meditate, in fact I was using Holosync for awhile and some Paraliminals. I’ll still plan on review those programs I watched, anyway, but now with a new mode of thinking.

  8. Hi,Mortey
    I do received your e-mail. It is about six,but i didn’t respond my comment on your blog. Now i want to say a few thi
    ngs about myself. I am a 37 years old person lives in Addis Ethiopia what i feel is not actually my belief i am a victim of my past ,my childhood i.e what i thaught.To face life boldly,bravely i think i do have crippled thinking about myself. I feel am incompetent and capable and really don’t understand the “who am i” question” which really know myself badly. Please,give some advise.

    Thank you.

  9. Hi Morty, UR all the prog. works well if it is taken in right way & a right context.I have used all the progs. all R very very effective. Many needs personal touch/connection for their belief to get rid of it. Just a thought What A World Would Be If They Apply These Theory. If U can get a training programme so that we can in the world to help other soul those who are facing these kind of problem. Thanks Morty

  10. @: @:

    I tried “I’m Not Good Enough” and “I’m not Capable”. I guess I have to repeat them to drill it into my head that these are untruths, but I feel the contents do not wash with me. When i was a kid I heard all the negative stuff and when I grew up I decided that what my parents told me about myself was all crap (I sought out Cognative Therapy, which this program also seems to emmulate.) However, when I got into the workforce my bosses were calling me to the office and calling me “incompetant” “an oddball” “useless”, etc. My co-workers and spouse also screamed and yelled at me calling me these things as well. I now live alone, and have a series of different jobs, but I can’t get away from the nasty behaviors of others. Every job I’ve had has a co-worker or boss who screams at me! Does it really matter what I feel about myself if all these other a**holes around me beat me down anyway?
    DebbieComment by Debbie — October 24, 2009 @ 6:13 pm

    Dear Debbie,
    As long as you have the belief in you about being “incompetent”, you will continue attracting situations and people into your life that will constantly bring this word up. Living alone is not the solution because where ever you go, you take yourself with you; and YOU are the one who is closest to you, saying this to yourself. The events in your past only set this up so that you can work on it. You might think that logically you know that you are not “incompetent”; however beliefs and thoughts are not something that you can sense with 5 senses. Talking logic only apply to situations where 5 senses are involved. Beliefs live in your subconscious and can only be addressed energetically.

    Emotions and reactions to events in our lives are triggered by the beliefs in our system. If there is a core belief in you which involves the world “incompetent”, no matter what you become in your physical life- even a president of a large company- that belief will always be nagging you. You might also have a psychological reversal about letting go of this belief. You might subconsciously think that if you are “Competent”, you won’t know who you are. When people live in a certain way for some time, they come to believe that it is part of their identity. They build their whole life around this identity. When they face the option of letting this belief go, they get scared because they don’t know how else TO BE. It is an unknown territory, and some people are very afraid of change. You might understand what I am saying, and sometimes this awareness only is sufficient for a transformation to happen. Sometimes, though, you might need to take extra steps, and use techniques to be able to get those beliefs out of your system. The method described on this website is one of those techniques. I use EFT, energy healing, and meditations. Good luck! Figen

  11. Hi Morty,

    I did try your free program by the net to eliminate one of the belief but to be perfectly honest, i am still sceptic about this.

    Let me explain you why :

    For the past 15 years, I have been working and spending all my money that I had on self development. In term of well being, I guess I am feeling ok but what I am missing now is having a income.

    I am now looking to earn a income but my self confidence, my self esteem, what my head is saying is not helping me to materialze in this world and I am desperate and tired at this point. My financial situation is extremely bad not because I don’t have a courage or the determination to make it right but because my subconscious is pulling me backward all the time. Because of this bad belief, I am not been able to work since the past 15 years and earn any income. Instead, I am a dependant person financially and this has been going for too long !

    I am in a catastrophic situation. I need help. I know deep inside that I can get out of this mess but for some reason, I have not fund the right solution. And I am so tired of working on self develepoment without being to materialse. For me this is not life !
    As I have loose everything, a job, the appartment,the car, the unpaid morgage and I am crushed with debt, now, I am about to loose my family.

    So I am asking you for help. If you can transforme me to become a responsable man by getting unblock my old belief so that I can earn a income. I would dig a deeper into my grave to paid your fees.

    Right now, I don’t belief spending a penny anymore unless it is efficient and I can see that it is materialise in a concrete thing. My goal is earning money instead of borrowing! I need proof that this really work and put me back financially.

    I am not a lazzy person, I am not afraid to work hard and far away from being dishonest person.



  12. Morty,
    I tried “I’m Not Good Enough” and “I’m not Capable”. I guess I have to repeat them to drill it into my head that these are untruths, but I feel the contents do not wash with me. When i was a kid I heard all the negative stuff and when I grew up I decided that what my parents told me about myself was all crap (I sought out Cognative Therapy, which this program also seems to emmulate.) However, when I got into the workforce my bosses were calling me to the office and calling me “incompetant” “an oddball” “useless”, etc. My co-workers and spouse also screamed and yelled at me calling me these things as well. I now live alone, and have a series of different jobs, but I can’t get away from the nasty behaviors of others. Every job I’ve had has a co-worker or boss who screams at me! Does it really matter what I feel about myself if all these other a**holes around me beat me down anyway?

  13. Dear Morty.
    I find your program very useful and very necessary in order to achieve goals in my life.
    I feel strongly that this would be the solution I have searched for many years.
    I want to tell a story which will show how powerful that program impact is:

    I am well known in my past for a guy that when get rejected by a woman get into despair.
    I had in the past many times I got to woman, suggested her to be my girl and when she refused – instantly or after few dates, then I was falling hardly into despair. I was in the bed and when friends come I would still cry.

    One day my dad came to me and told me he arranged a date for me date: on 18 oct 2009 he told me that he arranged it and I felt that I need to know better of remove “Im not important” so I can speak up and “I’m not good enough” because I saw that the first one worked and had a great impact. On the next day 19 oct 2009 I came to meet with her, really got crashed on that fine lady, In the end of the date she rejected me.

    you might now be thinking “how long was you in despair?”.
    Actually, I learned from Uncle Morty ( 😀 ) that when one do not want to see what you have to show you will need to see more colors than black / white.

    So I asked her why and she responded “I have no time right now I got into a new job this week and in the near past I quit from relationship with my former friend”.

    Since that I knew that she had a reason that does not include that I am not important or not good enough I asked her to walk with me outside, we shook hands, and the next day she got her phone to be closed as soon as I call her.

    How long was I on despair?

    I can’t even tell if I had any.

    Since I saw this effect on my life I tried the “Mistakes and Failures are bad”
    It made me feel more confident about try again and see if I can meet up with girls the day after reject , but I couldn’t do it since I have more believes that are needed to be deleted that made me conclude that I can’t ask girls to date.

    Now that I saw this impact on my life I know that any girl I date with and will reject me will not cause any effect on me, ( my past sadness last few months or years, comparing to 0 seconds after hear that program)

    I am willing to get all of the programs as soon as I can and I would suggest others to try the free examples to see the impact on their life.

    I find this program so empowering , that it might be that in the future the thing that will determine between people that are mentally capable of dealing with any situation and people that aren’t will be weather they watched this program or not.

    Lior age 21 Israel.

  14. Andrew Khitry says:

    (i`m from russia)
    Here I`m and my lousy English 🙂
    “I`m not capable” was difficult one. First, some questions in English require answer “No”, but in Russion it is “Yes” – just grammar difference between languages. Second, when the teacher says something, and in that time pictures quickly changes – difficult to read and listen different thighs in one time.
    Howewer, I wasn`t sure, that I really not capable of something – intellectually, I`m self-confident and sucessful man. But during the process I`ve found many things – and lots of fears. So, I listened almost 3 times whole process.


  16. OK I tried, but nothing happened, and so???

  17. I work with people on their limiting conscious and unconscious beliefs. Your programme ia brilliant!!! I had a real emotional awakening when I uncovered a belief I had about myself, that I didn’t know I had!!! Needless to say, I have been raving about you to clients, colleagues, friends and family! You truly are a gift to the world! It has helped me tremendously working with my clients, as well as helping me!Thank You!

  18. Dear Morty,

    Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to bust another belief. I cried through some of it, remembering how I gave meaning to events in my childhood. Now, I cannot say “I’m not capable” without chuckling; it is not THE truth, and I am grateful to realize the difference between truth and facts.

    Thank you!


  19. Hi Rosie-

    I think maybe, if you go in thinking to exorcise, or banish, or reconcile old memories, you will miss the benefits of this process.
    Try to stick to answering the questions based on how YOU felt and what YOU saw. Not why and what they did, or why and what they didn’t.
    I had a very reserved and remote upbringing. So I have had to recall what reactions I had to that stoicism and lack of response, the expressionless reactions, the silent treatments.
    Maybe let it rest a few days, then try again. My first belief-buster was fairly emotional, but the next two were quicker and really kind of fun! And I am going to do the first one again, now that the emotional load is gone, and I know that I can move forward past my old beliefs, and still be the same person–just a little more of ME there!
    Warmest thoughts,
    Linda C

  20. Great idea, but it is soooo hard to take yourself back to painful memories.My early memories do not seem to involve just my parents but responses from siblings and from other people about my siblings and many of my beliefs are not just a result of what they actually said but what was NOT said. I made assumptions because I often got NO response at all!when I did get reactions often they were swift and non verbal and unexplained, so I find a lot of this doesn’t really help a great deal. maybe I’m missing something? or not exorcising the right memories. No response from people can be as damaging and misleading as over reactions. Where do I go from here?

  21. I’ve done this program twice and find the belief is less each time. thank you so much mary ann

  22. Hello Morty and team, i just saw the latest video.
    and it was exactly what i needed at this time.

    I’ve actually been through a 5+ yr intensive of the Course in Miracles and other studies
    where I was learning how to practice and teach from the Course, but ended up leaving it for a while.
    And this seemed to be lessons from the Course knocking at my door once again.

    you’ve captured the essence and usefulness
    of these type of studies quite well.

    It really is all about a mental paradigm shift and liberation.

    But i actually do have one question for you…

    I haven’t quite yet figured out what to do about
    this almost culture shock like feeling going from the highs
    of realizing our own creativeness,

    to the locked in paradigms most people have, especially when these
    impressions, opinions, judgements, and chit chat of others can affect
    our own state, work, and relationships.

    on the one hand i don’t know if there’s much one can do
    about other peoples opinions and beliefs, and people always say,
    don’t let the opinions of others affect you.

    but on the other hand, because I know it’s just their impressions,
    I feel like I should at least address things and see what I can do
    to change these impressions or at least figure out how to make my best impressions.

    but I would like to hear yours and other peoples
    views and perspectives about all this.

    Look forward to it.

    ~ Peace ~

    – Avatar –


  23. Hello,

    When deciding to come to you to help me bust my beliefs that are holding me back, I was undecided as to which one I should choose, so I went with I am not capable. I can’t remember the others but I felt I was those too. I did not delve into the material because it kind of fit me but I also wish I would have chosen the other one because I think that one would fit too. So I am in quite the quandry as to know if this would work for me. I think it is great that you have come up with something that sounds great and the results are amazing for the amount of investment you put in. I would love to try it (if it doesn’t cost too much) and I would love to implement these into my life. Many people say it works and that makes me feel a little better but as it often goes what works for some doesn’t work for all (I usually fit in the minority). So I will make time to try it out and then give you a full description of my feelings on it.

    Thank you,Trisha

  24. Dear Morty & Shelly

    I tried your next belief elimination exercise of ‘I’m not capable’. I had to go through it a second time but it has helped me to feel a bit more at ease about this particular belief. Thank you.


  25. Morty,
    I love the material you have provided. I had to listen over and over to some of it because I struggled to see that I am indeed the creator, so even if my logical mind agreed with you, it just wasn’t getting in with conviction to fast.
    I would love to get more of your material, and like so many, I too struggle with derserving $$ in my life. Guess as the creator I will have to work on that belief.
    I’ve mentioned you on all my social networks, so thanks again, I hope to join you class soon.
    P.S. If you want to work on another freebie, make it focus on deserving/$$, so more of us can come up with the bucks for your stuff.

  26. While appreciate that you seem to have discovered a powerful means of
    eliminating self defeating beliefs, I am saddened that you seem to have a need, as a self proclaimed millionaire, to continue charging such a large amount of money
    for your process. A process which seems to have provided you with all that you
    desire. It would be nice if you would now take into consideration the needs of those that have not been as fortunate as you, and share your program freely.
    You may just benefit even more, in doing so.

  27. Denise Egner says:

    Thank you so very much Morty for sharing your great creation with all of us, for free!!!! Amazing!!.
    I have been working on my patterns with good effective methods for quite a few years and with time and a lot of work, I eliminated some of them.
    Your method is so powerful that I could eliminate 2 beliefs by just following your videos which took about 1 hour for the 2.
    My next belief will be about money issues. When done I will buy your entire program. At 65 I have no more time to loose.

    Health, Smile and Peace to you Morty, you are Godsent.

    Denise in Canada

  28. Hi Morty,

    Thank you so much for your work! I did the “I’m not good enough” process last week and thought I wanted to do it again, but when I went back to it, I realized I no longer believe it. How fun! My interactions with others are changing (for the better) — even with people I simply pass on the sidewalk or usually see on the bus — strangers are smiling at me and saying “Hello”. I plan to do the “I’m not capable” process in a few minutes.

    Love and peace your way,

  29. David S MD says:

    Thank you Monty for enunciating so clearly the underlying principle in behind these intangible but real inhibitors to human kind the world over.
    A problem that remains for me relates to being abnormally slow to learn both academically and from lifes mistakes.
    I know mistakes and failues have no moral quality of themselves but become reality for me when one is confronted with the visible disastrous results of human stupidity.

    1. David, the stupidiy of “others” cannot affect you, unless you allow it to…your own can and will, if you allow it to!

      With all good wishes for peace, profound,


  30. Anne Freitag says:

    Hi Morty,

    I can’t thank you enough for sharing this with others. I ws feeing, incapable and definately not good enough. The feelings, compounded by my age limiting belief (73) that I was too old to try anythinng new and the way a lot of younger people just dismiss senior citizens as dumbkoffs or disrespect us have completely reversed, thanks to your videos. I have a new zest for living and actually feel happy, most of the time. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Anne

  31. Thank you Morty for your great work-giving us for free
    Wish you health wealth and happyness



  33. I have done two of your series and find them remarkably simple and effective. I have a question. How or where does the long standing belief “You cannot be successful as an artist” fit in? I have struggled with this statement which has been drilled into me from all corners, to the point that I have tried to BE someone or something else to no avail, but I also have no confidence in my ability to sell my art either.

    Thank you for everything you are sharing here.
    Reply from Morty

    Hi Nancy,

    The belief you mention and other related beliefs are not on any Internet program we’ve developed, but we have helped a number of clients with similar issues in private phone sessions.

    If you would like more information, please call us at 415-884-0552.

    Regards, Morty

    1. Nancy, the very fact that you are motivated to create “art,” means that a market for it already exists as “someone” (or more than one) is/are desperatly waiting it get their hands on it!

      Can you visualize yourself and them being at a public display of your work and “see” them writing you checks (or handing you cash) as you, in turn, hand them your creations?

      If so, you can go about your daily life, knowing that in truth it has already happened. Do not concern yourself with “how” it will happen, for by doing so, you limit Source’s avenues of fullfillment!

      With all good wishes for peace, profound,


  34. I just tried the “I’m not capable” session. It is so simple, yet so profound.

    I am very impressed at what you have put together. It is far better than many, if not all of the other programs I have tried in the past, along the same line. It is simple, direct and to the point.

    This is helping on one level. I am also exploring direct viewing/influencing. It is helping on an entirely different level. The two are very complementary.

    After years of depression and loss of direction, things are looking up. It just gets better and better. The light at the end of the tunnel actually looks brighter and brighter all the time. I expect to eventually come out into the bright sunshine.

    I wish everyone the best of luck.

    Thanks again: John S.

  35. Hello Morty,

    I did the “not good enough”, and the “not capable”, and then today I did the “mistakes & failures are bad”.
    Since eliminating the first 2 beliefs my sales at work went through the roof & I am happy all the time. People all around me are responding very positively to me, so this is infectious!
    Thank you so much, I can’t wait to see how I do at my job tonight. But I have already decided that I will be amazing!
    Many thanks and I hope to hear about the next steps soon.


  36. Glenford Smith says:

    Wonderful work Mr Lefkoe. Very innovative process. It works. Thank you. Glenford Smith

  37. Hey, amazing. I did the I’m not capable program and found it clear and effective. I would really like to try some of the other beliefs – are there really 20? Children are so sensitive aren’t they. Thanks.
    Reply from Morty

    Hi Leila,

    I’ve gotten rid of over 200 beliefs over the past 24 years. To get rid of any given problem there can be from 10 to 30 beliefs. We do have a program you’ll be hearing about in another day or so that has 19 of the most common and debilitating beliefs.

    Regards, Morty

  38. I didn’t even know I had that belief, but after doing the exercise yesterday, I felt different. I kept saying throughout the whole day “I am capable” and it seemed that I was seeing things in a whole new way, like a child. I was thinking was that the last time I felt like I was capable. Amazing.

  39. It was a great program, simple and easy. It helped, as I had a father that thought telling you what you do wrong instead of right will keep you working hard!
    I interact with my 9 year old daugther differently too – I watch how I say things…. Thanks for the FREE program, it helps during these times.

    Best regards and much thanks,
    Maria W.

  40. HI,

    I got really, really deep with this belief. Now I can see how capable I was with my “not so clear” and depressed mother, who was never satisfied with anything or anybody and who was a real controlfreak (a new nice belief, but nice relief for me. Thank you for this site!

  41. Giuseppe De Carlo says:

    Sorry morty, I am capable and have tought dozens of people public speaking. Giuseppe

  42. thank you for that, i am awaiting other programs ! i know it will make an awesome difference in my life, and my childrens life ! i am changing the way i respond to them….thank you so much !

  43. I must say I’m very grateful to you Morty for the wonderful experience thanks again.


  44. hi morty, I was sent a link to your site and found the I’m not good enough etc. programm and i attempted it twice and was interupted and unable to complete it and now i can not find it. so i will give this i’m not capable a shot and i feel sure i will be giving you some positive feed back. i am in a state of nervious tension and feeling like crap and yet i feel positive that whatever i do is helping me at all levels i lived a life in the past of hiding in someone eles’s shadow and i want to live the rest of my life being confident and capable to help myself and others.

    love light and laughter C.D.

  45. Hi,

    I wanted to click on the “Who am I really”, but there was no where to click it?

    Thank you.
    Reply from Morty

    Hi Amber,

    We’ll be giving information about the Who Am I a Really? program in the next couple of days.

    Regards, Morty

  46. I love your program, It really works! I recommend it to all. Please keep it going!

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