What do you think about offering my program one belief at a time?

I’ve decided to try as an experiment allowing each of you a chance to access the beliefs in the ReCreate Your Life program one-at-a-time instead of buying them all at once.

Each individual belief will cost $14.95 during this experiment.

I’d like to know what you think about my doing this by leaving a comment below.

56 thoughts on “What do you think about offering my program one belief at a time?

  1. Hi i think its a great idea. The “im not good enough” belief eliminated worked like magic with me already.

    I may have a proposal for you and Im working on the details. It will definitely help introduce the program to this side of the globe. I am just wondering where I should send the proposal when its done. I hope you could send me a message using an email i coud reply to.


  2. I get the idea that the conclusion I reached (presumably as a child) was only one of several possible reasonable ones, and that it turns out not to be the most effective belief to hold, and even that it is just a hypothesis, and not “the truth, and the only truth”, but I still blame myself and others (automatically) when we fall short in anything that matters to me. What harms me is that I then feel tension, worry, anger, and despair about the inability to get to the “better” state that a different past set of actions would presumably have brought. It is really the upset of the painful emotions that causes the physical harm to my own body. An urge to talk about it, if it is blame of someone else, causes harm to interrelationships, too. It would be better to accept that people (I and others) are by nature imperfect, and to accept that with a grin rather than a wail and really believe that, of course, one simply goes on, possibly a little wiser. It would be good to go on with good cheer and to skip the self-inflicted misery (which is totally gratuitous) added to the harm of the less-than-perfect decision or action that I note from the (unchangeable by the laws of time) past. So the question is how to not mind when less-than-ideal things are done. I do know they are inevitable. What I have control over is how I greet them. I know that serenity and acceptance and an appreciation of the good things is the best way to approach what is real. Do what is useful and feel what is useful (which is calm and loving). If my beliefs cause the feeling, then what belief will lead to the beneficial feelings I would like to have? I think your system says that truly realizing (in my gut) that I created my beliefs will allow me to create beneficial ones. I guess I also need to know that I can change the beliefs and how to do that. Think of alternative beliefs that are just as believable and that lead to feeling calm and accepting and happy.

  3. Great idea. That will allow me to afford the program. I can work on individual beliefs. Also it would be great if one could also suggest a belief that want there but would be rather useful

  4. Great idea! I cannot afford all of them at once at this time, so this would enable me to pick most important ones, one at a time!

  5. Hello Morty,

    I have been thinking about your question and for me it is about creativity…releasing blockages holding my creativity in limbo…peeling away self doubts that cast shadows on the truth…that they are just that – illusions (blockages & doubts)!!
    Creativity is the one root conncting all life. it is a theme that exists everywhere; in everything.
    I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and how it has helped me personally. The simplicity found in your knowledge is exquisite…you have profoundly touched & changed my life.

  6. great idea…. make it $9.99 and I’ll take procrastination to start!

    Peace Oh Wise Man

  7. Jeff in CA says:

    Mr. Morty,

    Your process is amazing, things / beliefs I have been struggling to get to the core of my whole life, with therapists and with friends who are licensed psychologist not knowing even where or when I formed these funky beliefs, with no progress but a half hour with a recording not even a live person and wallah. it’s a miracle, If you know the code to change our inner computers it changes instantaneously. Thank You, I am now leaning how to change myself in an instant. It really is a miracle. Changing one Belief at a time is a Great service to your fellow man and the planet as a whole.

    Sincerely A blessed Man.


  8. Wanda Riehl says:

    Morty I believe offering smaller packages of 5 or more beliefs would benefit a few people who are struggling financially but overall the best value is to purchase the entire package. As you go through the program you will find your life changes dramatically and what used to be a struggle, such as not enough money just seems to vanish

    The fact that I had all 19 beliefs and 4 Conditionings along with the “Who Am I Really” was conforting because I knew I could proceed at my own speed which is usually pretty fast and not have to wait to order more. The fact that you offered a payment plan was really nice and allowed me to spread the payments out over three months and no one else I have introduced to the program has a problem with the price and would in fact have paid much more for the program just so they could heal their limiting beliefs. Your program works for everyone and is priceless!

    Thank you Morty for all you do to help people like me who have suffered for an eternity and who are now free to be who God created us to be.

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