15 thoughts on “How Has The Money Program Changed Your Life?

  1. I really benefitted from this program. 1st I have been working on all areas of my life like self-esteem and made some big strides. 2nd I have been working on not only my beliefs around money but eternally how I handle money. I’m budgeting, spending within my means, have a debt snowball. So I have been setting goals and visualizing my financial success and taking concrete steps to change things. The Busting Money Beliefs really changed some lingering beliefs on a deep level. After the program, I just felt more relaxed and confident that I could bring money into my life and be of service. So all my visualizations become more spontaneous and natural instead of pained and forced and desperate. It doesn’t surprise me that I switched jobs a couple of months later and am making an extra 40k a year. Am I rich? No. Do I feel good about my ability to generate money for my dreams? YES. Thank you Morty for helping with a big piece of the how to believe I can make money and enjoy the process puzzle!

  2. Dear morty.
    I quote you:
    “they want to see results, the Money program has disappointed a number of people.

    For that I am truly sorry.”

    I haven’t saw your program since I haven’t got credit card, however as I can see from those people’s responds that they are glad of getting rid of the bad feeling of money and I think they also lose the good feelings since they not longer need their money as a way to buy food.
    I think that you should not give up!
    You are very intelligence and capable of making a better video about money, one that make people also live in their dream and in their jobs – while waiting for an opportunity to come into their life without force them to quit their good believes about money that make them fight for their food.

    I also want to point into the rest of your letter
    “Moreover, if you still focus on what you don’t have in your life, if you don’t take any action, if you try to sell something for which there is no market just because you like it, etc., you won’t necessarily make money regardless of your beliefs.”
    I think that the new edited video will have improve with this inside even thou you might not be an expert in it, I am sure that if you do a bit of research and share it , people will research the rest themselves for their own land and people and make it possible for them.

    I wish you happiness of all sort.

  3. Judith Tuckwell says:

    Thank you Morty for the email and access to this list of comments. I’ve “been too busy” to come back and go through the program again (and am still intending to do so) but meanwhile have observed an inner ease in relation to money matters; I noticed these after I’d posted my comment. Now, because of Morty’s email to us, I realize that yeah, I am easier in myself about money. I still need to take lots of actions around the money stuff – but hey, it’s my life and I’m responsible for my outcomes! I downloaded Robert Allen’s Money Tracker and have started using it.
    I won’t be asking for my money back, but will go through the program again and observe how I behave differently in the money arena. I do think it’s working, subtly.
    And thank you Morty for getting back to us. I appreciate you giving us this opportunity to give our feedbak.

  4. Well I’ve read the book and spent 7 days eliminating beliefs. Done the dvd about presenting in public and now this. I recently quit my job and set sail in a new direction. Financial I am probably worse off at the moment however I am convinced that I have done the right thing and am very positive. One maybe (side) effect is that where I previously spent a lot of effort being good at something that made my career… I have realised that I was doing it for the wrong reasons, eating up my energy and basically not making me happy. So I have put a stop to that, reeled myself back, taken stock and am enjoying a new outlook. Scary for some people, I know, however we only live once and believe that we should make the most of what we have got.

    Did the program work? Well its certainly had an effect on me. I think the title is a little misleading.

    Morty if your reading this… please stop abusing Twitter to send out adverts 😐 Some days it feels like I’m being spammed by you. I’m all up for receiving information about your new endeavours via Twitter….

  5. Gwen Mitchell says:

    Although my money problems have not disappeared (nor was I expecting them to), my attitude towards money has changed drastically. I feel more empowered and find that I have more energy and clarity in addressing issues. Also, my fear of money is gone. I am more optimistic and I know that this program has laid the ground work for future prosperity

    1. Pedro J Sanchez says:

      Hello Gwen,

      Could you give us an update on your money situation? was the program of lasting effect?

  6. I’m sorry that there appears to be some confusion about the Bust Your Money Beliefs program. When someone wants to change their behavior (such as procrastination) or their feelings (such as anxiety), getting rid of all the beliefs (and conditionings) that cause the behavior and feelings will totally eliminate the problem. And we guarantee that result.

    But when you want to change something in reality, such as having more money, you first should eliminate any beliefs that might be in the way, but then there are many other factors that will determine whether or not you will earn more money.

    Merely eliminating the negative money beliefs will not change your reality (especially if you have a lot of negative self-esteem beliefs and only eliminate your negative money beliefs).

    Moreover, if you still focus on what you don’t have in your life, if you don’t take any action, if you try to sell something for which there is no market just because you like it, etc., you won’t necessarily make money regardless of your beliefs.

    So we created this Money program for people who were aware they had certain negative money beliefs and wanted to get rid of them. I am convinced that people who go through the program will eliminate the five beliefs. We tried to make it clear that completing this program wouldn’t necessarily result in more money in your bank account. But because people don’t really care about eliminating beliefs, they want to see results, the Money program has disappointed a number of people.

    For that I am truly sorry.

    To recreating your life and living as the unlimited possibility that you are,

    1. Pedro J Sanchez says:

      Hello Morty,

      Do you have a program to eliminate negative self-esteem beliefs ?

  7. Martine Burfoot says:

    I think your Money Beliefs programme is amazing, although I haven’t attracted more money into my life yet (it has only been a couple of weeks) I feel that my negative beliefs have gone. I did struggle to remember my childhood but managed to remember my teenage years which I think is when these beliefs started with me. I have been looking for something to eliminate these beliefs for quite some time so thankyou for this opportunity. I also believe that I need to eliminate other beliefs before I can attract more money into my life. I am unemployed at the moment so am keeping my fingers crossed that I find work soon and then I will be buying the rest of your programmes. Once again thank you for sharing this method it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders as I have been looking for the answer as to why I can’t attract good things into my life and now I know!
    With Warmest Regards Martine

  8. Your 1st Belief program was good. I felt that I benefited from it.
    This Money Belief program was a waste of time and Money. I got absolutely nothing out of it.

  9. Rhonda Malomet says:

    I have finished all the money busting beliefs and the natural self confidence program. What I found was that these exercises certainly accessed the stale negative energy behind the beliefs. I do other body healing modalities and what I found was that I had to release a whole lot of toxic emotional energy that was trapped under the beliefs. For those that didn’t get instant results, I think this process takes time. Paradoxically, on the one hand, I feel like I’m going backward at the moment as some of my contracts were cut. On the other hand, I feel less resistant to pursuing new directions. Perhaps all this really does is gets out of our own way, but the rest is up to us.

    I don’t believe that this program offers instant gratification, but perhaps helps one shift us out of the bad conditioning.

  10. My life is still exactly the same. Still no money coming in. Still have the same patterns of lack and feeling jaded and disappointed in all the claims of the busting your negative belief programs

  11. I had some interesting insights, that I think made a difference. However, I haven’t noticed any dramatic changes in income or ways that I relate to money.

  12. Judith Tuckwell says:

    I’m feeling the same about it – tho I haven’t asked for my money back. I was going to go through it again in the hope of getting some value from the program. Really disappointed.

  13. Followed the entire program faithfully with zero results. Quite frankly, I felt it to be a waste of time. I asked for, and received my money back.

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