I Need Your Help

Last week I read an email from Seth Godin that inspired
me to ask a new question.

A powerful question that could change how we talk about
the work we do.

And it’s a question I need your help to answer.

What is the question?

“How have we helped you in a way that no one else has?”

Or to put it another way:

“What have we done for you that others may have

To answer leave a comment on this page of my blog.

I’ll read every comment as usual and respond to your
answers in a future blog post.

58 thoughts on “I Need Your Help

  1. Some questions that I have after doing a couple belief videos:
    But why do we attribute meaning to events? Like why do i look at the world and give the event meaning, when that’s not true? All the meaning lies inside me. I gave a meaningless event meaning….that’s the truth
    If i am making the meaning outside me, i believe i am meaningless. If everything outside me has the meaning, then i am meaningless and empty. That’s why i try to blame the outside and not see that it’s all me. Or i try to get something outside me because the feeling and meaning are inside me.
    But if i am making the meaning in my head, why am i giving the meaning to everything outside me in the first place? Why am i making meaning to what i see and hear in the first place?

    1. Took a couple days, but I am onto it now!
      Ok. Thought: If someone I know walks into a room and doesn’t say hi to me, I may interpret that to mean “that they didn’t see me”. Ok, that’s the meaning I gave to the event of that person walking in the room. But why? Why did I give it that meaning in the first place? Like, when I couldn’t possibly know what’s going on with the person, why would I give it a meaning in the first place?

      It’s like, I have to apply meaning to what I saw so that I can feel comfortable about myself. It’s like, the moment I give something a meaning, I can relax. The moment I give it a reason, I can relax.

      It’s like, if I don’t know where I stand in relationship to someone or something else…that’s when I feel uncomfortable.

      But why am I making up a reason or meaning to give an event, when the event is meaningless? If I were to not describe it, I wouldn’t know who I was, and I feel a lot of anxiety and panic. If I don’t’ have a reason for what just happened, I feel like I am about to freak out and panic. It’s anxiety for sure. I’m very uncomfortable not making a reason for something that is happening outside me.

      I don’t know anything for sure about anyone etc, so, why would I make up a reason unless it bothered me for some reason.

      And I’m meaningless? Am I trying to find my own meaning outside me?
      It’s like, If i can’t get anything outside me, If I can’t get the meaning and feelings outside me, then life is meaningless. What does that mean about me? That I don’t matter. That I am pointless. I don’t mean anything.

      Well, if I keep making up a reason for the things outside me, the meaningless events……….why do they matter so much to me if they are so meaningless? Why? They matter to so much to me because I don’t matter at all. I make other things matter because I already believe that I don’t matter. BOOM!

      1. This program is working so well for me! I now realize, I can look at anything I want, imagine it or whatever, then simply allow the images and what I hear to come up, see what that means about me or what I believe about the situation, use the Lefkoe Method to release those beliefs and then I know I am on my way to what I want! This is so fantastic! Just what I needed!
        I actually found this site quite a while back, but I didn’t understand it nor use it back then. Now, i’m back, bought he natural confidence program, and moving through things like I never knew I could. I feel so much more stable, more amazing, and more confident in just going for what I want. My desires and what I am reaching for is rising and amazingness is happening! WOoohoo! Thank you so much!

        1. I didn’t completely stay in order of the beliefs, just because other ones came up then the one I was on and so I just went with what I needed to work on next. It’s going well. Now, it’s to the point where I am just reading and saying the belief out loud and can easily see that I made that interpretation, and release that belief without having to watch the video at all.
          I do have emotional things come up, like self-blame for even making these perceptions, but then it turns into a beautiful healing process where I get an expanded view….then the belief release becomes even easier, such as I mentioned above. I didn’t expect all this to happen and though not always pretty, it’s amazing.

          1. Oh man. I just did one of the de-conditioning videos. I didn’t realize what that would bring up for me. It brought trauma up and I was crying for a while. I didn’t realize, that the fear of dying was so relevant to how I interpreted other people’s reactions and emotions. Holy smokes, this is epic! Pretty big things came up for me. I may have to go through these videos a couple times to really “see” the meaning I made to these things, but it’s working for sure. Awesome!

  2. Shelly, thank you for appearing on the Broken Brain podcast with Dhru. That and this website have changed my life! Beliefs — what a simple concept, but so powerful. I have used tapping to clear a lot of beliefs, but I didn’t think of them as beliefs. I even tapped through parts of Morty’s video here, which reinforced everything. Now my path ahead is so much clearer. Thank you!

    1. Shelly Lefkoe says:

      thank you Becky. I’m so happy it helped.
      Love, Shelly

  3. Mind is like a stage of puppet theater for a child. You turned the stage lights from puppets to the puppeteers and all those strings. Thanks a million Morty.

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