Bust A Limiting Belief

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Here’s the link to my program to bust a limiting belief that 90% of people have.  When you break through this inner barrier you’ll find yourself more able to achieve things you’ve been unable to achieve for years.

Click here to get rid of a limiting belief for good

After you get rid of your belief, let me know what you think below.

Morty Lefkoe

1,598 thoughts on “Bust A Limiting Belief

  1. Hi Morty,
    I just finished your natural confidence course. It was utterly eye-opening at times!
    I traced that as a child and because my mom was an anxious controlling person, I handed over my life choices to her at some stage, and then later over to others close to me. This is why my relationships haven’t worked, because I hand them control, they take it, take control and I resent it and it all falls apart, how weird huh. How screwed up we can get and finally I understand my rocky love-life .
    My life has otherwise been successful but I also realised why I’m struggling to branch out and that’s because I have felt inadequate and incapable. I’ve had huge breakthroughs on this course and feel very different as a result and I can’t wait to see the difference as I go through my life.
    Sometimes when I thought I didn’t have the belief, I persevered and had some fabulous and not so great realisations that have completely changed my outlook for the better. I’ve done loads of great courses that have done me good but none has felt like it’s getting right to the absolute root of my issues like this one. It was a Godsend (Not just a saying, I think my prayers were answered).
    I’m currently in IT at the moment but have thought of changing my career to personal training or therapy of some sort, If that’s the way I go, you’ll be hearing from me again. I don’t think there’s a human being on this earth that wouldn’t benefit from this.
    Thanks very much

    1. Wow Jane I have been coming to very similar conclusions over a few weeks of work, therapy and reading. Though my mom never said that actual words, the result was self doubt and indecisive and authority issues bc I felt my mom didn’t think I could make decisions for myself bc she is always telling no “you should do this” or “why are you doing that” I understand it’s my interpretation – I am the creator and interpreter.

  2. Basically the I’m not good enough process taught me that everything around us has no inherent meaning, which is not a good feeling to have, and any belief I create is basically a falsehood, that would include any good ones.

    1. Rodney, Director of Training, Lefkoe Institute says:


      What you said about the processing teaching you that “everything around us has no inherent meaning” is correct. But you added “any belief I create is basically a falsehood…” which is a bit different.

      So events have no inherent meaning, but we will still give meaning to events. In fact, you’ve given meaning to the idea that events have no meaning. You’ve given it the meaning that your beliefs are false.

      We don’t hold it that way.

      TO us this means we have the power to determine the meanings we will create. And we can keep any beliefs that are useful to us and discard the beliefs that don’t help us.

      When held this way, it’s a very empowering and motivating idea. If held that all is meaningless, then it would be very depressing.

  3. This free program helped me gain perspective on where my belief came from, eliminating it in the process. I definitely will purchase this program!

  4. Hi, I ordered this program about 3 years ago. I did all the belief modules and conditionings. At the time, I did notice they were gone. It did take while to go through all of them one by one, but I did do them. I was feeling great and empowered and fee for a bit. HOWEVER, THEY CAME BACK. Some quickly. Some after a few weeks. But they all came back. And I know Morty had written a post about some people who are kinesthetic may have to do it more times. And, so I did. About 3 times. But, after some initial success at not having the limiting beliefs and associate feelings, I got them back AGAIN. So, I gave up on trying it again. It’s been some time. I really want to believe that this process will work for me in a permanent way. But, it hasn’t. I even focused on eliminating the belief that Change is hard. And I used a version that Change is hard and doesn’t last. I elliminated it. But, still nothing has lasted long term. I have not asked for money back. It’s a few years later, but I’m going to give it one more attempt now, to do the work to complete the whole course again. It’s gonna be another big investment of time, hopefully it lasts. Otherwise, it’s for nothing. If the beliefs still come back after a couple of weeks, as they have in the past, can I still get a refund, as I’ve seen Morty write that it is a lifetime guarantee? Please let me know.

    Thank you,

  5. Just trying belief 3 ‘ change is difficult and takes a long time’… In my history I tried a program called RET- Rational Emotive Therapy, that worked on changing beliefs in a similar way. My experience was that this didn’t hold- even after a lot of effort and investment.
    I am having trouble moving past this… even trying to use ‘Change is difficult and takes a long time and doesn’t last’… and then in the possibilities trying ‘ Because I didn’t use the correct particular beliefs for change, change may seem difficult and etc..

    hmm, I am still trying to tease this out, but feel a little stuck here.
    Confronted by doing belief work before and feeling that this didn’t last

    will keep working on separating the meaning from the events..

  6. Hi.
    I did one of these yesterday- Im not good enough; and I have already noticed HUGE shifts. I relate without blame or hiding, and feel like I can actually connect with people around me. I must have been somehow projecting onto everyone around me without even realising it! So it amazed me how one belief encapsulated how I lived in the world and governed everything so much in ways I hadn’t even been aware of. Crazy! So thankyou thankyou thankyou. Curious to see how this clearer perception kind of settles and grounds into my life over time,… but am already loving feeling like I don’t have to hide myself in my connections.

    very grateful

  7. Great program i wanna follow it but can you put english subtitle on those videos? my english is not really good in listening. i really want to follow this program…..a lot of limiting beliefs in my subconscious make me paralyzed……..help me please help me…

  8. Hello there (from France ! ;))

    Great program there, I choose the “I’m not good enough” limiting belief. I’ve already read some good stuff about that, but practicing the exercises in the video (writing and answering out loud) helped me much better to experience the learning process.

    I think i’m going to see the full program.

    Thanks for all.


  9. Angela Delfini says:

    Hola estimado Sr. Morty, le felicito por sus aportes a la humanidad sobre las técnicas que nos ayudan a mejorar hacia la excelencia de nuestra personalidad, le cuento que durante un tiempo he estado buscando una técnica que me ayude a cancelar mis creencias limitantes, ahora que la he encontrado, resulta que no existe material en español. Sería de gran ayuda que se pudiera brindar a toda la población de habla hispana todo este material en español. Un saludo fraternal

  10. Margaret Robertson says:

    I just got rid of a limiting belief, it’s wonderful. I feel invincible. The video I watch was ‘I’m not good enough’ fantastic thank you so much.

  11. This is so wonderful! And you’ve left me wondering what the ending of the who am I film! It told me about understanding but cut off before it told me about experiencing and distinguishing! Would it be possible for you to let me know the rest of that story? Thank you so much for your generosity!

    1. Esellie, maybe your video cut off or your internet cut off while viewing that video. I can get through it all the way, so maybe refresh it and try again.

  12. Thank you. I did the ‘i’m not good enough’ and ‘mistakes are bad’ programs. Both of them were like talking with an old friend, and then I realize that old friend is myself. Here’s a big hug to the world 🙂

  13. After doing the first belief i am overwhelmed with the realization of all the physical abuse I endured. That’s how my mother handled any ‘mistakes or failures’. I didn’t realize the abuse was that bad until now. Now I feel stuck in the memories of the terrifying fear as she beat me,wondering when she was going to stop. What step should I take now? I don’t feel up to going to #2 until I sort this out. Any suggestions?

    1. Christine says:

      Me too! I am plugging through the beliefs but the positive effect is diminished by my realization as a result of this program of the level of emotional neglect and abuse I suffered throughout my childhood. I have been so damaged by my childhood, a realization that is now the overwhelming one. How do I move beyond this to something more positive?

      Did anyone answer you privately on this? I am surprised your question went unanswered, at least publicly.

    2. Realise you are in the present and the past has no power over you. Where you are now, the past are just memories that cannot touch you as you are not your memories. You are more, you are the creator, not the created. Keep pushing, I know you have it in you and it will be worth it.

  14. Hello!

    Thanks for the video course on eliminating a limiting belief!

    I went through it, but not sure if it really worked.

    You see, it leaves a certain doubt: if I create beliefs, and if these beliefs are so common, doesn’t it mean that we’re all wired to create these destructive beliefs? I mean it must be in my nature to limit myself in the first place if I created such a belief for myself. Otherwise I’d create some better beliefs, right? So this is one point of doubt.

    The other is when you ask if there’s a sense of power in the end and that there are no limits. This is a definite NO. The limit is my body and time. I cannot do everything, not even everything I want. There are hard limits, and I cannot be unaware of them.

    Sorry for being negative.

    Otherwise, this is a great course and a great gift for which I’m really grateful!

    1. This is Rodney a Certified Lefkoe Method Facilitator and Director of Training at the Lefkoe Institute.

      I’d like to address your comments. First, I’d like to address the following statements:

      if I create beliefs, and if these beliefs are so common, doesn’t it mean that we’re all wired to create these destructive beliefs? I mean it must be in my nature to limit myself in the first place if I created such a belief for myself. Otherwise I’d create some better beliefs, right?

      You’re partially right here. It is in our nature as children to form certain limiting beliefs IF the environment warrants it. So if a parent is critical a child is likely to form “I’m not good enough.” Since a child is 1) unaware he is forming a belief and 2) even if aware would be unlikely to look for alternative meanings and 3) thinks everything is about them, the criticism means “I’m not good enough” instead of something more useful like my behavior might need to change.

      So in that sense it is in our nature to form limiting beliefs given the right circumstances. We also form empowering beliefs given the right circumstances as well.

      And I would say it’s in our nature to be able to continue to learn and to unlearn what we’ve learned in the past. If that were not the case, there would never be innovation, or social change and we both know those things do in fact exist.

      Lastly, you won’t feel empowered at the end of the process if you did not get rid of a belief. That part called “Who Am I Really?” only works when a person is certain their belief is gone. So if you try it again and succeed at unlearning a belief, let me know if “Who Am I Really?” works for you.

      And keep in mind “Who am I really?” produces a set of empowering feelings but those feelings are not facts. Feeling that you have no limitations does not mean there aren’t some real limits in the physical world. When a belief is gone one can look inside and notice that it feels like anything is possible. But of course intellectually we know that although MANY, MANY things are possible, some things may not be. For example, I cannot flap my wings really fast and fly to outer space. But when I’m in the “Who Am I Really?” state, I don’t think of what is or is not possible. I just notice the feeling of limitlessness.

  15. Dear Morty,

    I went through your training related to removing a limiting belief.

    Now, I am un employed, so this is my belief – “I’m un employed”.

    This belief cannot go away, right? Coz I can see it, that I am un employed. I have evidence, proof.

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Ivan,

      I’m Director of Training at the Lefkoe Institute so I can answer your question.

      And yes you are right you can’t get rid the belief “I’m un-employed.” This is because these words describe reality. It’s a fact that you are un-employed, not a belief.

      But what is it that you want to change in your behavior or emotions?

      Are you hoping that if you change your beliefs you’ll take more action to get a job? If so, trying to believe you have a job when you don’t would probably make you less motivated since your mind would already be convinced you have a job. If you have it, then why look for it.



  16. Hi,

    Could you possibly add optional captions to the videos for the hearing impaired people.


  17. You have a method that works to stop smoking after 55 years addiction? I can’t figure out what my beliefs are about this. ok to email me.

    All 3 of your methods worked for me.

    Thank you

  18. Ed Soriano says:

    I clicked on all 3 different beliefs, and the alternative belief button. The window said “Error configuration…” I was not able to do any of the belief-removal techniques you mentioned.

  19. Hello, regarding the belief “mistakes and failure are bad”: I don’t know if I’ve totally eliminated that belief bc I still see that the CONSEQUENCES of mistakes & failures CAN BE bad. For example: a young boy playing w/ a hacky sack in the living room (despite his mother’s admonitions not to) is advancing his dexterity and learning skills that can be helpful in innumerable ways in his life. Inevitably at some point, he kicks the sack off course and hits an object on a nearby table. The object falls to the floor. If the object is a nerf football, there is no obvious negative consequence. If the object is a priceless Ming vase that broke into pieces and that was to be sold to pay the money owed the bank so the family could keep their home that was about to go into foreclosure, the negative consequences are extreme. Therefore, how can mistakes and failure not SOMETIMES be bad (even though you can’t see them)? It is even possible that the mother may not react to the broken vase but that doesn’t change the potential consequences that result from the mistake (the boy’s misdirected kick that broke the vase). It is possible that the family could win the lottery to pay the mortgage or that money for it could come from yet another source and therefore the broken vase has less consequence however, it’s destruction definitely resulted in a material loss for the family even if other funds were realized to prevent foreclosure on their home. I could just as easily have used the rain example. While rain itself cannot create meaning for us, the consequences of it can….crops are saved, wedding clothes ruined (even if the celebration isn’t). We obviously still have the choice to view these consequences any way we wish, however, I still find it hard to believe that rain can’t SOMETIMES be a bad thing. Please enlighten me! Thank you!

    1. Hi Julianne, after I eliminated that belief, I no longer had a background nagging feeling or voice telling me that mistakes and failures were bad even when I had not performed any mistakes or failures yet. To get rid of that is freedom. Of course in life there are some things that can cause negative consequences but removing this belief prevents you from feeling fear before you do things. It stops those obstacles hokding you back, it does not numb you or take away your conscience, which is what you might be asking. We still feel bad if we made a mistake or failure, but the difference is, we don’t beat ourselves up and affect our self-esteem. It means we are able to separate the consequences from who we are.

  20. Thank you so much for your work! It empowered me almost instantly, and gave me the correct scope to see it was me creating the belief of not being good enough…. that gives me great comfort knowing that I can add meaning to anything I choose, thus creating an empowering life!! I cannot purchase the ‘Natural Confidence’ program now, but it is definitely on my to do list! I highly recommend this to anyone struggling in understanding their beliefs. Thank you again.

  21. I feel so different after doing the Lefkoe Method that was recommend by Steve Pavlina. Thank you so much Morty! It was instantaneous how relieved, peaceful, whole, powerful, and sense of fulfillment I felt and feel right NOW!


    May God bless you in all your endeavors kind sir, you have drastically altered my life for the good. I will look into getting rid of the other 19 beliefs to have UNSHAKABLE confidence and explode my business, relationships, happiness and health to elite levels I always knew were possible but didn’t quite FEEL them to be like I do now! My mind feels great right now seriously. I can’t wait to see how my life is going to be in the next couple hours, days and weeks with this profound epiphany.

    Thank you sir. Thank you!

    If there is anyway I can be of service to you please let me know via email.

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  23. Amazing! Who knew that understanding such a simple concept could change your life? It changed mine! I am so excited to experience my life for the better, in my career and with other relationships! Morty, I can’t thank you enough, and as a parent who didn’t go to “Parents University”, I am super excited to change my children’s life as soon as possible. Who knows what beliefs they may have formed. I am a very loving mother, but realize now that just maybe fussing at my kids at times when they were not listening and the usual expectations we put on our children, might have made them feel the same feelings and put meaning to meaningless events. They might be walking around with the same beliefs about themselves. Those two boys, (ages 12&16) are the first people I wanted to share my amazing experience with after dissolving my first belief. You have changed my life and I have shared my experience with many with-in 24hrs of viewing the video, and cannot wait to change the beliefs of the two most important people in my life. I just can’t thank you enough and I am so excited to purchase your program!
    Laurie Ward

  24. Hi Morty,

    I was doing the “I’m not important” belief busting process, but couldn’t finish it because of being called away to do something. However, I wrote the following passage soon after:

    “People are “important” when they have power – they can influence, convince or coerce/frighten other people into doing and saying the things they want them to.
    Powerful people may be people with money, muscle, or personality. These are forms of power. Though in the end it does seem to come down to personality, because lots of people with money and muscle get cowed down by those with a dominating personality.
    I don’t want to be a dominating personality but I don’t want to be dominated.
    Personalities may dominate through fear, through charm, or seemingly through reason.
    In the end they get their way.
    Something tells me there is something wrong with this thinking – the “dominating personality” bit is probably where it’s at. The fact that a personality is dominating in itself seems to to imply that the will to dominate is native to the personality; that is, it comes from within the person, and is not dependent on external factors.
    I have been frightened into doing the opposite of my will a number of times, and influenced and convinced to do/say the opposite of what I wanted to do/say on other occasions, and so I have come to believe that I am a relatively powerless person, and therefore unimportant.
    This may not be true. If I can stand up to people when my principles are violated, I will begin to consider myself more important than I now do.
    The feeling of not important comes from within me. It is a cycle with events reinforcing what is after all only a belief and not fact.
    The fact is I’m neither important or unimportant. I just am. That is the fact.
    But that is important, by virtue of it being a fact. Facts are important because being true, they can influence things, people, events.”

    What do you think of that? Does it ring true?

    1. People are neither important or unimportant if they have power. That’s the meaning they assigned to it or we assigned to it. Various reasons, some might be from feelings of lack and needing external sources to fulfill feelings of needing strength and validation. If you are assured and of your value, which is after eliminating the feelings of not good enough and not important enough, the real you shines through because you’ve removed the obstacles to you. Then you feel peace and have nothing to prove because there is no nagging background motivation to prove anything, as you are happy amd assured of your value, which always shines through as calmness and presence; a state of just contentment and being with yourself. No need to power over anyone or thing.

  25. Well for me it is working! I love the process. I always become tired when I am working on deep long standing issues within myself. I am tired but also feel lighter and happier when I’ve done the inside work from this program. This has been the most effective program I have found thus far. Thank you!

  26. I really love the process for “I’m not good enough.” I have a question about abandonment. My father never wanted me and still does not (I’m almost 40)…how do I get over that? It’s not the quite the same as the what you laid out in the 3 recordings.


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  28. Regal Holly Feray says:

    I had to use considerable tapping with this video to gain full freedom. This video was a great starting place to find the stuck place I had put my self.

    1. Good idea! Thanks for posting your comment! I am going to try this. 🙂

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  30. Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve bedn to your blog befoe bbut after going through a few
    of the articles I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely
    pleased I found it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back regularly!

  31. You actually make it appear so easy along with your presentation but I to find this matter to be really something which I
    think I might by no means understand. It seems too
    complex and very vast for me. I am taking a look ahead for your next put up, I’ll
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  32. It would be nice to have the actual belief listed by the belief number when searching for a belief that I want to work on. Sometimes the belief will immediately pop up on the screen and I can know if this is the one I want to work on, and sometimes I have to listen for a while until it describes the belief. Having the description available would save the user time in having to click through all 19 beliefs to find the one they wish to work on. Thanks.

  33. Brenda Moore says:

    great work! wow! powerful results for me just with the “I’m not good enough” belief. Thank you for the free audio.

  34. The process is all logical, and helpful.

    I’m wondering what BELIEF I might be needing help with because I am feeling like with every one I’m working through with your program, it FEELS like I’m down on my parents. Where did I miss you talk about or address this?


  35. Ditto to what Elaine said. Exactly the same for me.

  36. All I can say is WOW! This program lead me logically, step by step, to help me realize it was my interpretations, not what my parents actually said, that has colored my whole life! What a weight has been lifted off my mind and heart! Thank you so much!!!

    1. well said Elaine. Amazing to be able to come to this understanding / realisation in less than 30 min. Thanks Morty!

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  38. Lucas Lindblom says:

    Hi Morty,

    My question is about science. In the same way we actually never see the belief “i’m not good enough” in reality, is it true that science never actually see their in models IN reality, but only in their minds? I am a bit confused about this, because they can test their models IN reality and it obviously produces the results they expected. So this sort of confirms that their imagined models in their minds are true.

    If you could answer this question for me, it would mean a lot!



    1. Elizabeth says:

      Hi. (sorry if there’s english mistakes, I’m a french speaker). I work as an actor in montreal. I started the natural confidence program a month ago. The first 3 beliefs to eliminate for free had me convinced. I’m now around belief #15. I worked on every belief. It’s easy for me to visualize and get into it. I take my time. I enjoy and do often the Who I am really audio also. I feel changes for real. Very positive ones: I feel stronger, more focused on the present moment, less worries about the future and the past, etc. I feel a sensation in the third eye. On the other hand, I feel like in an emotionnal rollecoaster since I started. I had a period of 4 days of deep depression after the 3 first beliefs (that came after the fact I felt good at first when I eliminated them). Last week was awesome: I even noticed changes in my communication when I spoke to people in life (of course as an actor, I can do my job in that context and be at ease, but in real life it was always something else…) and now, today, at this moment, I feel depressed again and I’m wondering if it’s working for me. Today I think I will never have the career I want even I taught I removed that belief. I just remember the fact that when I start to get gigs, I feel sorry for others who don’t work, and than I loose everything…. I wanna go back home, and for the first time in 9 years, take a full time normal job. hope it will pass. Note that I don’t usually live those depression periods… it’s been quite a long time since I felt so horrible. I don’t know what to think.

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  40. Stacey Barlow says:

    Your name and website was given to me by one of your students; within 20 seconds to a minute I no longer felt that I wasn’t good enough. I look at it now as what my parents were doing was not setting me up to fail but setting me up to succeed. . .thank you for making that clear to me. I really appreciate it.

  41. I think this is among the most vital info for me. And i am glad reading your article.
    But wanna remark on few general things, The site style is perfect, the articles is really great : D.

    Good job, cheers

  42. Dear Morty,
    I’ve reading you blog for some months now and started the Natural Confidence program. It’s very clear to me that we attribute meaning to events and that it’s our interpretations and beliefs which make us feel bad, not the events. But since the beginning I’m having trouble with your statement of “events have no (inherent) meaning”. I think that you cannot compare a person’s behaviour with rain that is falling. For me a person’s behaviour is always an expression of her needs (I’m getting trained in non-violent communication at the moment and I really like this point of view). E.g. your daughter is yelling at you and tells you you’re annoying. There is a reason why she’s acting that way although you or even your daughter don’t know it. “This event has no meaning” “makes me” upset every time I hear it in you Natural Confidence program. When you ask “Can you see now that this event has no meaning” I always want to reply “No! It has a meaning, even if it’s not the meaning I give the event” and it makes me hard to continue with the program because I think that you deny the meaning which at least exists for the acting person. It helped me that you say in the program that “this event has no meaning” can be understood as “this event doesn’t tell anything for sure about yourself or life”, but it still kind of blocks me. If you have an advice how to deal with this I would be very grateful. Thanks for sharing your ideas with so many people.
    Kindest regards, Katja (from Germany)

    1. Katja, thanks for pointing this out! This was an amazing exercise, with great success for me, but I actually had the same reaction when I heard “Can you see this event has no meaning”… “NO…!” Reading your post reminded me of that and also helped when you restated Morty’s words “this event doesn’t tell anything for sure about your life.” Thanks!

    2. Kata, I too have been exposed to NVC, and I believe that all behavior has meaning.

      When I hear Morty saying “this behavior has no meaning”, I think instead ‘not one specific objective meaning’, or ‘I can’t know what meaning the other person has given to the event’.

      I see that I give all behavior meaning based on my beliefs, and the experiences that have lead to those beliefs. I am aware that I can assign different meaning, if I become conscious of the meaning I have given the event, and I can choose a different subjective meaning, just as others would give it different meaning too, as mentioned in Morty’s method.

  43. Great program only half way through.

    Best money I spent on self development!

  44. One of my bigger beliefs is “change is difficult and it takes a long time.” I’ve been hard on myself when I’ve tried to create new habits in my life, only to see myself go back to my old ways. After witnessing myself going back to old ways so many times, I concluded that change is difficult. It seemed to be the logical conclusion! Eliminating this belief is particularly freeing for me. Thank you Morty. I’m looking forward to the rest of the Natural Confidence program.

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