Bust A Limiting Belief

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Here’s the link to my program to bust a limiting belief that 90% of people have.  When you break through this inner barrier you’ll find yourself more able to achieve things you’ve been unable to achieve for years.

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After you get rid of your belief, let me know what you think below.

Morty Lefkoe

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  1. Thank you late morty lefkoe and your team. After a lot and lot of struggle i understand that meaning is not inherent in events. Thank you so much for jesus to give this website.

  2. sara fard says:

    hi and thank you for sharing your method for free.

    I went through the ‘i am not good enough’ negative belief elimination but was confused about the last bit (Who Am I really?)

    Here is why.

    I thought of a present desire or dream. Considered myself the creator. Then felt the block to manifesting that desire. I named it. Realized it’s a physical or external block that is now a consequence of deeper negative beliefs.

    Desire: To go away to Latin America for a few months on a lone journey to learn natural building design and permaculture and to create a new, independent life

    Block: There is not enough money to achieve this. There literally and realistically is not enough funds.

    Limiting belief: I have never had enough money or consistent savings to create my TRUE desires. I am just not good with money.

    And so that keeps me believing that I cannot create this reality.

    Does this make sense? I just could not understand or relate that last part of the program to THIS desire.

    Thank you again and many blessings 🙂

  3. Christine says:

    I feel and think I Will never get out of this house to a better location neighbours and house needed…. I’m desperate

  4. The link is broken. Just looks round and round.
    PLEASE send me another link as I am very keen to try.
    Thank you.

  5. I tried to eliminate a belief “I’m not good enough”. I felt no shift and then I left confused. Is that it?
    So I tried again on “I’m not important”. I still feel I’m not important.
    And he said it’s either black or white. That means there’s no half of “I’m not important”.
    Either you have it or you don’t.
    I don’t know what I did wrong, I tried to say the meaning he suggested to do in my mind so several times already into some vague early life events.

  6. Will eliminating the belief of I’m not good enough make you enough but less productive? Just a thought. I hope I can get some opinions on this esp Morty. Thanks!

  7. Wow! This is really amazing. I don’t know what to say. Thank you very much

    1. I AM SHOOK! This is great content. Keep doing what your doing.

  8. Thank you! Pretty awesome process. So far, belief is gone.

  9. I dont deserve to be happy. I dont deserve happiness. What does this come under?

  10. The Lefkoe Method is friggin’ wild! Morty if I ever meet you in the afterlife, I will be sure to say THANK YOU!!!! I can’t believe something that I had believed since childhood could be removed in 20 minutes!! That’s INCREDIBLE! I completely understand it too, it’s just a process of poking holes, making you see there are other conclusions that could also be true…then making you see that events only having the meaning you give it…therefore, YOU create that meaning! I’m completely blown away! If this is the confidence I feel after a 20 minute free session, well…I’m BUYING the program to say the least.

    For example, for a long time, I’ve believed “I have poor social skills.” But do I really? Why did I form that belief in the first place? Based on events that had no meaning themselves, just the meaning I gave it! I’m the one who DECIDED to believe “I have poor social skills.” I CREATED those beliefs! I’m the one who looked at “bad/awkward social interactions” and decided that was who I am. But why did I choose to look at those events? Couldn’t I easily look at other social interactions I’ve had that were positive and drawn the conclusion “I have good social skills”? Couldn’t I have looked at those negative social events and decided “THEY have poor social skills”? If I had already believed that I had good social skills, I might have decided that when I had an awkward encounter, it was because of the other person’s low social skills. There are many different possible outcomes that I could just as easily have chosen from. So I have no reason to continue to believe “I have poor social skills” That was one of many possibilities.

    All this time, I’ve been trying to work on myself by observing my behavior. Okay, what makes me sad, what makes me happy, why do I feel this way? Why do I behave this way? As if I wasn’t in control. I’ve often felt “out of control”. I’ve always feared that maybe it was an unsolvable puzzle or at least a puzzle that would take me a lifetime to decipher. Now I realize I’m the one who CREATED the puzzle! I’m the one who DECIDED it was puzzling in the first place! I’m the one who MADE it so hard to solve!!! I’m the one who decided “I’m out of control”.

    Now I know better.

    THANKS MORTY!!!!!!

  11. I am not important, i feel terrible and un bariable feeling of pressure in me.

  12. Question, then if we’re to focus on our strengths for the most effective business progress, which by definition limits me (i’m an accountant who is good at books not people) why focus on our weaknesses?

  13. Hi! It turned out that all of the videos are actually audio files. I am one of the people who is hard of hearing, and read lips. Another option is to have power points, so one can read. This will probably help a lot of people who are like me. Thank you.

    1. Same thing happened to me!

  14. neglect and isolation was my youth. Narcissistic abuse. The program didn’t help

    1. D Darling says:

      If you suffered Narcissistic abuse you will have learned from an early age that other people are more important than you. You will probably have learned to negate yourself and dissociate yourself (look this up, this means even when you’re on your own you leave yourself and immerse yourself, thoughts and feelings obsessively with the other person who is occupying your thoughts the most at that time). Some negative beliefs or sub-vocal self talk could well be, when thinking about other people: ‘your feelings are more important than mine’ or ‘until you are happy I cannot be happy’ ‘I am responsible for your feelings’ ‘If you are angry/unhappy then because I’m responsible for your feelings, it is all my fault, and I must work out how to fix you before I can be happy’ – because your only function would have been to be the Narc’s mirror. To the Narc the only thing that exists is themselves and the only reason they’re addicted to your attention and validation is to prove they exist and are therefore important, is the fear that they don’t exist when someone isn’t acknowledging them that drives their immature behaviour. They’re stuck as 9yrs old. Not a derogatory comment, it’s just the truth. That’s why they gasligt, most 9yr olds think that bare faced lying is ok, so don’t get offended by it, learn more and then see your own Co-Depended side of the story, the only side that is really 100% your responsibility. Do inner child work and an excellent book Taming your Outer Child. Because you’re not used to tuning into yourself you’re not yet able to see your limiting beliefs because it doesn’t feel safe for you to pay attention to yourself. Inner child work will help you do this, Outer child work will see how your immature behaviour can be understood and how you as an Adult can heal yourself. Stick at it, you’ll thank yourself if you do the work. Youtube ‘Echoism’ – which is the Yin to the Narcissists Yang. May you be well

  15. I am so grateful because this actually helped! I had lived with the belief “I’m not important” whole my life, trying to understand why i’m constantly disappointed in people. A few years ago I realised I thought I’m not good enough, and tackled it, but something in me wasn’t entirely at peace. Today I found Lefkoe’s video about getting rid of different false beliefs. After watching his video about self-importance, I started laughing. Looking back, it’s even silly to think how could I ever thought it was about me, when it never was! Thank you Morty, God bless!

  16. You made me see beliefs in a new light. We often take our beliefs for granted, especially those old ones we created when we were little or very young. We don’t question them enough and too easily find ‘proofs’ for them. However, we do not need to do that and even if an old belief appears again when we experience something unpleasant or hard – we can decide to take another approach and view on the events, without automatically deciding that ‘we are not good enough’ or something similar. I think that this is the true value of these videos – breaking the habit of destructive thinking. But it has to be done constantly in order to create a new habit of thinking. Very good and useful videos. Thank you for sharing.

  17. Louise Love says:

    I think this is a great program which could help anyone. However, the experience examples are somewhat benign compared to what some people have gone through. I think there needs to be a warning for people who may have experienced physical, sexual or emotional abuse in their childhood. These people will probably need one on one help to implement the program. They will need more support as the process could bring up past trauma.

    1. Louise Love says:

      In fact, doing this program alone, could really anger an abuse survivor.

      I experienced a small amount of physical, and a fair amount of emotional abuse in my childhood. Luckily I have already done work on this, so I am okay to use this program alone. But I am worried about other abuse survivors going straight into this without a warning (or more support) of some kind.

  18. I’ve tried “I’m not important” but it didn’t do me any good. It’s not a feeling, it’s understanding. Forget about parents, I can see how people treat me right now. And, unlike rain, people do mean it. Like Mr. Lefkoe mentioned, his explanation is just one of the possibilities and it did nothing to persuade me that it is truer than “I’m not important”.

  19. robrawlings says:

    I believe if you know what your limiting belief is you need an outside nudge to shift it and thats exactly what happencto me today when i eliminated the childlike believe of “I’m not good enough” thank you so much

  20. preston piper says:

    i tryed it and i dont feel any differnt

  21. Shirmoné says:

    Today I tried your “I am not important” belief elimination. I don’t think I have ever broken my heart so badly by saying those words aloud, and yet this is exactly how I’ve been living my life. I’m not entirely rid of the belief but I don’t think I will ever see my life in the same way again. I can’t thank you enough! I will definitely continue with this program.
    Thank so so much!

  22. tinaartishere says:

    Amazing!!! It really simply works 🙂 is like an awakening thing. My challenge is now to make 5,800 euros per month with my arts, so that I can buy the whole book! Thank you for this wow adventure!

  23. I did the “i’m not good enough” exercise but i think what’s more pressing are specific events that have happened within my adult life/10 years that make me still carry this belief. I can’t say it was all my parents or when I was a kid.. i can point to specific instances as of recent that made me (and still make me feel and hear that small voice saying) that i’m not good enough. What to do?

  24. I wonder if I have already done this work in another form? I think that I am good enough. “I’m not good enough” only kicks in when I have had a big failure, or when am about to try something different from what I have done before in a challenging way. Then, there are things that I am actually not good at. These are typically things that do not interest me very much. I could practice and improve, but I prefer to spend my time on things that interest me…things I am good at, or want to become good at, which I enjoy. Should I pat myself on the back and go home?

  25. Jesse Bostick says:

    Every belief I eliminate my life rapidly becomes lighter, clearer, and I feel a lot more confident. Never thought getting rid of anxiety and old feelings I’ve had towards certain subjects could be this easy and effective. Life just keeps getting better and better! Thanks!

  26. Margaret Baker says:

    I loved the course. I finished it in two days. I was really getting the hang of seeing new interpretations although the event really had no meaning. 😉 I wish you had a video where we can fill in the beliefs and interpretations ourselves so I could rid myself of other beliefs not in the program.
    I’m excited to see the effects this will bring into my life long term. Right now I just feel really good.
    Thank you for this amazing program. I recognized some of the stuff from A Course in Miracles. This was a structured application of ‘forgiveness’

  27. Petrina Heward says:

    I have just completed the banishment of the belief “I am not good enough” and By God something that has been part of my personality for more years than I care to remember has Gone, Disappeared never ever to rear its unwanted head again. Quite amazing. Thank you very much.

  28. I’m 99% through the confidence program and I can honestly say it was the best money I ever spent. I tried and read lots of books on self improvement but nothing made the changes that this material did. I did some eft in the past, which helped but I felt the results were temporary, but after this course I can honestly put my hand up and say I’m not the person I was before it. Thank.

    1. shellylefkoe says:

      Thanks Barry,
      That’s why we’re in business so I thrilled that this had such an impact in your life.

      We’d love a video testimonial with some specifics if you would be willing. Thanks for taking the time to write.

      Warmly, Shelly

  29. I swear I’ve done all three of these before. I must have done it somewhat rote, or simply intellectually agreed without getting the feeling. I don’t know. Anyhow, the difference is subtle but real. “I’m not good enough” is just a thing, not a problem. Like the difference between a barb wire fence and a slap in the face.

    I think my problem is too much toughening? If I detox, emotionally, I can spend hours thinking about a problem and feeling fine. Eventually, my emotions will build up to it. It makes it hard to answer the questions without confabulation. Confabulation – in this case, where the intellect guesses what the emotions have to say – is going to completely derail this process. It would be like marital counseling where the husband makes up all the answers. Even if he’s right, unless she hears the session, it won’t have any direct effect on her.

  30. In all of my sessions I have done I don’t see the belief I feel it. But when I say it out load both times there is a sense of a change but my mind questions when you say if you feel it even alittle bit then you still have the belief. However, I am noticing a change in my confidence so it must be working???

    1. Same for me. I don’t think my parents caused ‘mistakes and failures are bad’. I think repeatedly being embarrassed for not saying the right answer in school and watching the reaction of my peers and teachers made me not want to make mistakes. It made me feel ashamed and stupid.

  31. Sarah-Jane says:

    It wasn’t my parents that started the ‘I’m not good enough’ belief as they were very loving and supportive, though obviously not perfect! What started it was being born very sensitive, then being picked on at school from the age of five.

    1. That’s how it was for me. My belief came from the bullying in school, not my parents (My dad w

    2. That’s how it was for me. The belief came from the bullying, not my parents. I also have a big problem with a lack of motivation, does he ever mention anything about that?

  32. Lois Fedorczyk says:

    I busted the 3 free beliefs and was so amazed at the results that I went on to purchase Natural Confidence and Abundance. I have noticed huge differences in myself so far: I no longer have nightmares, I feel more centered, calm, and happy. I’m overjoyed that I am living more as my “authentic self” rather than being a puppet on the strings of my emotional baggage. What a relief!

    As a happy customer, I plan to spread the word about your programs to those close to me. As an affiliate, I will make an effort to let others I don’t know very well become aware of the program too!

    Since Shelly asked for ideas on how to get this info into the hands of as many people as possible, you might want to consider adding an additional tier or two to the affiliate program… i.e., sub-affiliates. I believe many people would actively make your business their business on a regular basis if this were the case. Just a thought.

    Thanks so much for this program. Happy 2016!

    1. hi. how are you doing now? do you think the program is really effective? no relapse?

  33. I did your first limiting belief, of I’m not good enough, which I felt strongly linked to “fear”. I followed the steps and wasn’t sure I felt anything afterwards. Not sure what I was expecting to feel. I had to make a few calls, which I sometimes get anxiety because I’m currently barking on something new and unsure of myself. Anyhow, I no longer felt the anxiety with making the call, or in the meeting. I felt nothing. I believe this is what I’m suppose to feel is neutral. Just do it!

  34. You don’t know fuck all about sexual abuse survivors your 4 friends thing was a load of bullshit – market your so called services in a different way, because you have done more harm than good!

    Waste of my fucking time!

    1. I am so sorry that you felt this way. The truth is I have been working with survivors of sexual abuse for years and it is actually my favorite population of people to work with because we produce the best results in helping them get free. Maybe a private session is the way to go.
      Whatever you decided I wish you freedom from your suffering.
      Warmly, Shelly

  35. teodoramarie says:

    I watches the videos for “I am not capable”, but I can not say I completely eliminated the belief, though I feel some change happened. The problem is that my father told me repeatedly that I am not capable of doing anything. Any advice on how to overcame the belief in this case?

  36. Ashit Raja says:

    Hi I am really grateful for this wonderful journey. I have been reading about law of attraction, new age thought etc for last five years and trying to improvise my life but today after this program i feel relieved and transformed. its been completely amazing experience and i feel all must do it. i am really impressed with the simple and effective method of dissolving an u. Thank you so much. I dont have enough words to express my gratitude for this.

  37. The third video for eliminating the belief “I am not good enough” shows about 4 friends telling about alternative interpretations of the events related to my parents. I can imagine what would’ve happened in my case. 3 out of 4 of my friends would agree with my parents and tell me flat-faced that “Your parents are right, you really aren’t good enough.” The other guy would say, “Yes, everyone’s parents treat them this way. Why are you upset? You are no different.” The last remark was a bit different, maybe sound a little positive, but it’s not strong enough to make me feel better to disbelieve “I am not good enough.” So how can I make myself feel better enough to eliminate this belief?

    1. Saadman, I think you have to use the idea of having 4 general friends with different interpretations of the situation, not use 4 of your existing and personal friends. I think it means to imagine you had 4 friends, which the video provides for you. It’s about realising that there are different interpretations to the same events, and yours is not the truth, it is just a truth. A better interpretation would be more helpful, and it’s to see that our interpretations, caused the beliefs we held.

  38. I did this years ago and didn’t really believe it. I’ve spent years doing personal development and follow Abraham-Hicks, Eckhart Tolle to name a few. I like the Sedona Method of not resisting, Today I re-did Lefkoe’s limiting belief session. I did the first part twice, the second part…Woow! I’ve never truly experienced that feeling of being the Creator before, I am NOT my beliefs.. Now this is empowering, limitless, I definitely feel changed. I’m going to do Who am i Really every week. I’m blown away…Thank You.

  39. Wow – I have recently completed the programme to eliminate the whole 19 beliefs and I feel like a brand new person. It took about 4 beliefs before I really grasped the concept and then when I realised that I was now understanding the “seeing” rather than the “feeling” I went back and re-did the first few beliefs. I honestly cannot thank you enough. I have been in counselling and have tried “CBT” for my social anxiety but have NEVER had a break through like this where I actually feel totally different from the inside out. I finally understand that all of my negative feelings were coming from these programmed beliefs that I didn’t realise I had. The simplicity makes it almost unbelievable. The world of anxiety that I have lived in for 35 years has just dissolved. There are no words!!!! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

  40. Great exercise, very helpful & rejuvenating. Thank you very much for putting in work & coming up with this technique, definetly helps in understanding more of how mind works!

    1. Rodney, Director of Training, Lefkoe Institute says:


      I noticed you said the video was sort of helpful to you. I’d like to know what benefits you gained.

      Also, you mentioned that you’ve been a poor creator because you’ve formed unhelpful beliefs. I think we may not have made it totally clear in the video that you formed beliefs that anyone would have formed who had the same experiences you had.

      You were not aware you were creating limiting beliefs when you were creating them. You are fortunate now to discover that you did create in the past, so you can create what you want in the present.

      I’d like to ask, did your belief go away? If it did not, the part about being the creator of your life might not have been real. I suggest trying to unlearn another belief and seeing if it makes more sense after that.

      1. I can’t (and didn’t) “see” the belief. I feel (and felt) it. Maybe heard it, but didn’t see it.
        I get the idea that there is more than one interpretation of what happened (such as my mother’s choice not to take care of me in various ways), but it still seems as though she really didn’t care deeply about how I was, and thus others also wouldn’t, and thus I really am not safe, supported, cared about, important, etc.

        1. Im the same way I Strongly feel many beliefs sometimes rember hearing them but I dont see mental pictures
          in general Im a kinestetic learner

  41. I found this helpful sort of! thanks, but the end just sent me in circles ….I follow that my beliefs are just interpretations/creations, and that I am the creator of my beliefs (and so the creator of my life). BUT but I dont find that reassuring in any way as so far in life ‘I” have been a very poor creator, managing to conjure up lots of unhelpful beliefs – and “I” dont actually have the skills or confidence to be a ‘creator’. Are you saying that all “I” need to do is just announce out loud to myself that “I” am important, etc and that is it? thank you

    1. Lilly, in your comment you are saying you hAve been a poor creator, and you don’t have skills & confidence, those are limiting beliefs, don’t talk your self into it, you are perfectly capable of being a creator, I had to pause and think thru the things he was saying to get an understanding, he takes you through a thought process, where it’s easy to get rid of your limiting believes, we act according to what we believe is true, it’s basic law of mind, so we gotta stop believing in the limiting beliefs or assigning meanings to meaningless events and interpret things differently than we are used to in a negative way.

  42. Kent Holley says:

    Saying that the child never really saw evidence that “failure and mistakes are bad” just doesn’t make any sense nor does it lead to any instantaneous healing.It was not what you saw so much as what you felt.If your parents or teachers were angry or even violent towards you because you made a mistake or failed at something then you not only felt it but you knew it and fearfully that mistakes and failure were bad,bad in that you knew from experience you’d certainly get attacked and/or abused the next time you failed or made a mistake.After you were grown you knew that failure and mistakes would lose the game,get you fined or get you demoted or fired from a job, so you know that it’s real and not some momentary “misinterpretation” that quickly disappears because you intellectualize it away! This method is of no help whatsoever!

    1. I think it is just saying that making mistakes is not inherently bad. And this is still true for mistakes made as an adult which can get you fired – you get fired because that particular mistake was not accepted in that particular job and company- it doesnt mean it was inherently bad to have made a mistake. I agree though that knowing that fact is not particularly healing on its own, particularly if making mistakes was accompanied by being terrified (as we used to be at school!!).

  43. i was not able to access the video, all i see on the blue screen is a small blank white box that says continue, when i click continue the same box reappears with option to continue or repeat, but there is nothing to be repeated, no link no video, nothing, when i hit repeat i get Get Every Life-Changing Message We Send Out and it asks for my name and email 🙁

    1. In the white box, can you click it and does it play? You may need to allow flash to run it. If still not completely working, try a different browser.

  44. Rodney or Lefkoe Staff,

    What do you do if another limiting belief pops up while clearing one specific belief. For example, I am working on “I am not capable.” However, when I go back to my childhood events and try to look at it from a new truth or different perspective, I then focused on a traumatic memory where I got really emotional. The feelings were related to another belief besides the first one I was working on. This seems to happen to me often. How do you handle these types of situations? And what do you do when you become overwhelmed with emotions?

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    1. Svetla Koleva-Eftimova says:

      Hi, I just removed the believe “I am powerless.”. It was very emotional. I felt the anger as a child not being listen to and shouted at every time I had an opinion on my own. I recreated the same surcumstanses in my life at work. When I removed the beleive I cried.

  45. the limiting belief for i am not important is not opening at the start …what happened there ?only 2nd and 3rd part is opening …

  46. I had this question recently in therapy. Then who am I? I laughed bc it was so cliche. Like who am I with all my “stories”. How do you we go about discovering that?

    1. Rodney, Director of Training, Lefkoe Institute says:


      The way we address the “Who am I?” question is with the last steps of our belief process in which we address that question directly. Try the program for free at http://www.recreateyourlife.com/free and you’ll get your own very personal answer to that question after you unlearn a belief.

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