Bust A Limiting Belief

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Here’s the link to my program to bust a limiting belief that 90% of people have.  When you break through this inner barrier you’ll find yourself more able to achieve things you’ve been unable to achieve for years.

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After you get rid of your belief, let me know what you think below.

Morty Lefkoe

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  1. This really works. I eliminated “I’m not important from your Youtube video with Joe Vitale a few weeks ago. I have lived with it my whole life and it was gone from following along with the process on the video. It is still gone! Like it never existed. Thank you for this work. I can’t wait to shed more!

  2. Hi Morty,

    I like your program, it’s helpful and practical, no nonsense and appeals to logic.
    I love it 🙂

    I think it could be very helpful for victims of child abuse, as it is and has been for me. Personally I had to get over the regular family examples though, the remarks about parents actually meaning well irked me and at first made me feel like “This will only work for ‘normal’ people”. Some people are just very broken and therefore too self absorbed or confused to mean well. (I understand now that at a higher level this doesn’t matter because what it comes down to is that nothing that ever happens to you says anything defining about you, but it did give a hurdle at first)

    I was able to bust some profound beliefs stemming from my childhood using the line of reasoning once I stopped using the video’s.
    So I think it would be nice to have video’s for people having to deal with a tougher childhood, so it can be easier for them to relate.

    Thank you 🙂

  3. Christine says:

    I wanted to take my time to thank you, Morty. After so many years of living in my own fears, I was able to find the root causes of my fears, thanks to you. I can move on with my life, (whereas before it felt like I was permanently dwelling on negative situations from my past). I can now understand that I gave these memories a meaning, and that I can also take it away and rewrite new meanings. Thank you so much, for all your help.

  4. Vasil Stoyanov says:

    Hi Morty,
    I’m in the last belief, so I decided to share my experience.
    When I eliminated some belief I felt that something heavy fell off my back. The strangest was when once after eliminated a belief, I had to leave the home. While I was out I felt that I had forgotten something at home.Then I realized that was because I was free from that belief. Yauh 🙂
    I used to write down negative beliefs and eliminate them in your system. Now I feel powerful.
    Thank you, Morty!

  5. Em Strang says:

    This course really is unbelievable. I started off doing the DVD version of Undo Your Fear of Public Speaking but it didn’t really work for me, so I contacted Morty and he gave me the link to the online version (for more kinaesthetic people). For anyone struggling with the more rational, conceptual approach to getting rid of beliefs, I urge you to try the online version. I can’t believe the changes it’s made! I feel like a new woman! I feel as though anything is possible (and I’m only on belief 18)! Today I attended a seminar of a couple of dozen students and I actually offered to read and give comments on the text! This is unheard of for me!!!! Not only that, but I didn’t even have any hesitation or 10 minutes sitting there sweating, wondering whether I should speak or not. I just did it. No big deal.
    Morty, Shelley, THANK YOU SO MUCH. This is really important, liberating work.
    Em x

  6. I loved this video and presentation of eliminating negative beliefs. It is very well done and easy to follow. And it works!
    Please send my love to Shelly! Lots of love, Gramma Shirah

  7. I wanted to share this. I was astonished when I reached number 6 because I was expecting it to be there and yet, it wasn’t. Then it hit me, I had removed the belief that “nothing I do is good enough” a few years ago by watching a YouTube video of Morty’s. I had forgotten about it but remember that it was a breakthrough at the time. Some unexpectedly unfortunate events occurred shortly thereafter and I forgot about the program and how I became interested in it in the first place until now. Amazing, I got to belief 6 and expected the same emotional impulses and answers to the questions as before and yet, nothing was happening, it was as if someone was talking about a piece of furniture I used to have. At the time I eliminated it, it was a very powerful and destructive force in my life. I can now clearly see how it has changed my life for the better and it does so daily and without any effort or even awareness on my part.

  8. Thank you.
    I appreciated the graphics to help with the eliminating beliefs program. Much better than a 50 minute audio.
    I substituted issues with parents for those with older brothers through most of the program and found it quite useful. (Lost mother early but always felt my parents did their best – everyone has / had limitations.)
    Due to a serious workplace injury, finances are extremely limited so I appreciate your free content.

  9. Wow! This was awesome! It took me 7 months to try the first video after hearing about it. Once I did, I went the whole way on the Natural Confidence program even before getting the other free belief elimination videos. That’s how awesome it did the first time round.

    Thanks Morty! You’re on to something huge here.


    It would be awesome if you commissioned the development of an app that had videos/programs and a community aspect. I think doing the program via mobile will make your message easier to access and to share. And I’d love to use it from a completely selfish POV.

    As soon as I started doing NC, I started noticing other beliefs in my life- how I think about work, relationships, my education- that were holding me back in those areas. I am planning to extract the template you used from the NC videos and apply them to eliminating some of these beliefs. I should probably read your book first to get a deeper understanding of the process and how it can be applied to different problems.

    I also plan on starting a blog on personal transformation later this year directed at Nigerians who are looking to evolve the country. Along with mindfulness and the deliberate cultivation of habits, belief elimination will form a pillar for my message.

    Thanks for your work. Thanks for the your inspiration. Thanks for dedicating your life to transforming ours.


  10. Just a question: if someone has abandonment issues or feels insignificant or unloved, how do the programs address these issues? Thanks

    1. Hi Jim,

      If you were abandoned as a child, that fact is not causing problems today. The meaning you gave it, the beliefs you formed at the time, are causing problems. And one of the possible problems is having you feel insignificant and unloved.

      We help you identify the beliefs causing today’s problems and then eliminate those beliefs. When the beliefs causing a problem are eliminated, the problem is also.

      We’ve helped over 13,000 clients in over 60 countries in phone and Skype sessions totally get rid of problems like this.

      For more information please call us at 415-884-0552.

      Love, Morty

  11. Finished the 19 beliefs and conditioning program. I didn’t get the big results that I wanted at first but I kept at it. Until I came to #13. Then the wall came down with a bang! All the other beliefs had cause small cracks and damaged my beliefs and then it all was gone in a brief moment, epic! It was a very physical experience, since I got physically sick by what I had found out. But that soon developed into a new perspective.

    The rest of the program after that moment was very easy and enjoyable. Every time you said: “And now it’s time to play the possibilities game” and cheered and said in front of my computer “YES! Now it is time for the possibilities game, I love that I am ALL possibilities”.

    To know that you are pure energy coming from consciuosness as an adault and NOT being conditioned by your childhood beliefs is a turning point in my life, Focus on the food, not the bell!

  12. Stephanie says:

    I just finished the five money beliefs in one evening. I’m in tears. I feel awesome. “I’ll never have enough money” was the centerpiece for me. I can see how that formed and how that has been limiting me for many, many years. And now – it’s just GONE. And it’s funny! How about that?? I started my own business two years ago and have been struggling along. Within the next month or two it will either take off or collapse. So I’ve substituted “business” for money and applied the concepts, and I’ve found that is helping too. My mother started a business that has never taken off and I can see where I formed the beliefs that “business is a struggle” “I’ll never have enough clients” etc. If you want to get anywhere, this is the program. This should be taught in high schools and universities!! Thanks Morty and Shelly.

  13. I just completed the NCP and I have to say that I extended finishing it because I really enjoyed listening to Shelly and Morty’s voice.
    Wow, Is more than I can say. I am so different than I was just this December. It’s true, I take in information from books and workshops and have been adding them to my life w/o much thought. So natural. My inside feel like a kid again. LOVE IT!
    OK. I auditioned for Vagina Monologues bc I thought it would be fun. I had always wanted to do theater, but had doubted my voice. Ha! People loved my voice. I’ve gone back into the job hunt, I feel energized and not stressed, overwhelmed or depressed… Like I used to get. I am so looking forward to making money, on my own terms, and taking trips and fun. (I really want to share and learn more about the Lefkoe Method) So many people to help– my family specially, but they speak Spanish.
    Oh. I figured out that my biggest hinder was asking for help, for what I wanted. Alas, I replaced my own wording, like Morty said then I thought about it a lot in reconditioning. Feeling happy and like I can truly conquered the world.
    Lefkoe Method, Forever! No gimmicks or kids playing… This is “al grano.”
    Thanks to Morty, where in my adult years my heart compressed, now it swells.

    1. Hi Wanda,

      Thanks for sharing with me your results from the NC program. Congratulations.

      By the way, we have a certified Lefkoe Method facilitator who speaks Spanish in case you have some Spanish-speaking people who might want phone or Skype sessions.

      Call us at 415-884-0552 for information.

      Love, Morty

  14. This is awesome! Thank YOU! I am amazed at how quickly this is totally effective. I have been “a seeker” for years, traveling across the world seeking to free my mind. I felt I took care of many things and was much happier than before, but there were still ways in which I felt stuck in limitations. I was just at the point of “I guess this is just the remaining stuff I’ll have to live with for life” when I found your confidence program through Steve Pavlina’s website. It is great how CLEAR and SCIENTIFIC your program is, and it works so EASILY. Wow. I may comment again when I’m finished with all beliefs and conditionings (only on number 10 now) but I was too excited not to share my enthusiasm. Wonderful what you have created here. I hope to learn even more about it so I can be like “Uncle Morty” to the children I work with. 🙂

  15. Hi Morty,

    I am almost done with the 19 beliefs. but I still sometimes struggle with the notion that events have no inherent meaning. by this, do you mean that events have no inherent meaning in describing a person?
    using your example: someone i know walks into a conference room and doesn’t say hello to me. i give it the meaning that he is mad at me. but the event can have many other explanations. such as he is having a bad day or he didnt see me or that in fact he is mad at me. what if, after i ask him why he didn’t say hi to me he says that he was mad at me. isn’t that then the meaning of this event? or are you saying that even then there is no meaning in his being mad at me in relation to who i am / nothing that would say anything about me as a person. so just because he is mad at me, doesn’t mean anything about me still.

    i would appreciate some clarification. i’ve had a lot of success so far with the program. i don’t pay much attention anymore to what others think. it feels very liberating. however, i still procrastinate quite a bit. i’m on belief # 17. is it normal that i still procrastinate though i’m almost done with the program?

    thanks much for everything!


  16. Stephanie says:

    Geeeeeeez. I’ve been through so many self-help stuff in the past five years it’s not even funny. The last one I tried focused on past lives and it was just a little too out there (kept being told everything I’m experiencing now was because of a past life), and that’s when I realised I’d become a junkie, become too much of a patsy and had to stop. However, I found this a few days ago and am I ever glad I decided to the chance on it. This is quick easy and 100% effective in my case. I feel like I’ve lost, oh, 500 lbs!! 🙂 The first one free really gave me the evidence that it works for me to be willing to give it a whirl. This could change the world overnight if more people did this! Excited to get to the money beliefs once I’m done with the basic beliefs and see how I rocket forward. Thanks so much Morty and Shelly.

  17. Good Morning! What a beautiful day. My mind is as clear as sunshine and possibility is bright on my face. — Happy Holidays.

    This is was my first thought on Christmas day. What a gift I have given myself thanks to the Lefkoe Method. I wanted to ask others if they felt the same.

    I have more often than not sabotaged myself. Yet, as an emotionally kinesthetic person, I’ve always known that I could change/end that nagging feeling. What freedom, and how graceful I now feel to know that I was right all along. How often have a argued with my sister? How often did I battle the enemy of my thoughts as I wrote them on my journal to really analyze them…but finding no true resolve.

    Yet, here I am now, just on #4. Eliminating beliefs that started young and re-enforced by my adult brain. I look forward to completing the program. I know Morty and Shelly’s words to be true.

    When as the last time that vision a successful future, only to feel a heaviness in my chest. This morning, this is not so. I pictured me to become a “fulfiller of good intention” AND to fulfill my childhood dream of traveling the world. This thoughts bring me a feeling of calmness and freedom and of my own possibilities to make my dreams come true. Thank you.

  18. Chantelle Lace says:

    Wow, the limiting belief free process was great you really gave me food for thought.

    -Thank you Kevin

  19. Kevin UK December 22, 2012 at 10:03 am

    Well, what can I say? I’ve had hypnotherapy, counselling, and I feel like I’ve read every book on psychology that’s ever been written and still felt that there was something still in my head that I just couldn’t explain. If you can imagine each situation I’ve ever encountered as one of the many thousands of stones in a giant pyramid, and every time I thought I’d solved my problem by taking away a stone, somebody just put it back again after an hour , day or weeks. But when I tried the free belief removal I knew within minutes that something had really changed.

    I’ve started business after business and when they seemed like they were going ok I’d bring them to an end – because I subconciously felt I didn’t deserve success. This led to bankruptcy, losing our home and years of struggling. I’ve also gone through life manipulating events so things go wrong – and then I play the victim card. (The upside of living this way is it builds character and strength so I’m able to survive almost anything.)

    After buying the course, I’m now on belief number 12 and the stones are coming down thick and fast. It’s hard to explain, but the beliefs just aren’t there anymore and I do things now and then think ‘I wouldn’t have done that yesterday’. The system is similar to the psychology books I’ve read over thousands of hours but the Lefkoe Method seems to put everything into place simply but very effectively.

    If I’ve achieved what I did with negative beliefs then the sky’s the limit once I finish the course.

    This is probably the best money I’ve ever spent.

    Kevin (uk)

  20. Hi Morty,
    I have completed your program and I feel great. You have taught me so much about myself that I didn’t understand. I thought my unhappiness was caused by the outside world but now realise it was low self esteem. I moved countless times, even to the other side of the world but still did not find inner peace. For the first time I feel confident and was able to end a 10 year friendship in which I put up with a lot of sub standard behavior and did it in way in which I felt happy with, by expressing my feelings in an articulate way.
    As a psychiatric nurse I think your program should be available in every hospital. Maybe patients would be able to stop burying pain in drugs and alcohol or by shutting down completely.
    Thanks Morty and Shelly. Have a great Christmasx

  21. Do you have a training program on how to determine what the beliefs are for a persons behavior pattern?

  22. At what point is the belief dissolved?

    A. When we make the distinction.
    B. When we imagine the past event and apply the new alternative interpretation.

    1. Hi Ed,

      For most people it appears to be when they get they didn’t see the belief in the world. Getting the event has no meaning solidifies that.

      For emotionally kinesthetic people it appears to be when they get the feeling of the belief is not related to reality in any way; it is the result of the meaning they gave the events.

      Love, Morty

  23. Hi Morty,

    As I got to belief # 14 “I’ll never get what I want”, I realized that this was a big one for me. the first thing I thought about was “I’ll never get the relationship I want” and also “I’ll never get the career that I want”. but I feel that 1. the underlying reasons for these beliefs for me are a bit different from those you state in the video and 2. with respect to the relationship one, that the beliefs may have been formed later in life / not sure how to find a link for it from my childhood. my parents, tho still married for 40 yrs, have had their troubles and disagreements… mom always likens her ‘bad luck’ to mine everytime a relationship doesn’t work out for me. her favorite phrase: ‘we just don’t have luck in this area’. ‘we’ as in the women in our family / me / my sister / her / my grandmother. really not sure how to tackle this one. any help would be appreciated.

    thanks much for all that you have done and for the incredibly powerful Lefkoe program!


  24. Hi folks,

    here I am again. Yesterday I eliminated Belief #15 “I’m powerless”. Strangely I didn’t feel a strong sense of relief, like I had with the other believes, but the belief was definitely gone. Then I got the idea to check whether the positive aspect of the belief was now true. “I am powerful”. No, it was untrue. Oops.

    Rechecking on “I’m powerless”, this is clearly gone. Fine. Now what?

    That’s when David Allen author of “Getting Things Done” walked in front of my inner eyes. So I asked myself “Do I have the belief “I can’t get things done”?” And there it was, I held that belief.

    Next I worked the Lefkoe process freeform on that one and eliminated it too.

    Now this is true: “I can get things done.” and “I am powerful.”

    Now I have that feeling of relief like with the other believes… yeah, and then some.

    So, I highly recommend to not only check if the limiting belief is gone but also if the positive version of the belief is activated or not.

    With each limiting belief killed I feel like the load of invisible stones I carried on my back is getting lighter and lighter. Also my behavior is different and other people notice this too, in a positive sense. And like you said Morty without any effort on my side, this is just the natural me acting and moving unrestricted. Smooth. Effortless. Beautiful. Definitly life changing.

    So, anybody who wants more life – do yourself a favour, before you do anything else, first get rid of your limiting believes and the Lefkoe Belief Process is the way to do that in the fastest and most effective way.

    Off to kill another belief


    PS: Highly recommend the muscle testing for quick and accurate assessment of wheter or not you have a belief.

  25. Christoffer L. says:

    Thank you so much for changing my life! After only one week of dedication to the program, I am now able to communicate on a whole different level. When I first started out I had many beliefs about my self and the world which I thought were true. I had a hard time approaching women (because of negative beliefs) but I’m now able to talk to anyone on a genuine, real and confident way. I am able to hold eye contact without thinking that I am not good enough or that it is dangerous to have people focusing on me. No anxiety, no fear of rejection. There is no voice in my head to critizise my actions.

    I am the creator of my beliefs, and I can change it. I am the creator of my life!

    Again, thank you so much! Much appreciation from Norway!

  26. I just finished the 19 beliefs and 4 conditionings. I’m not sure about some of them but definitely felt a shift with most of the ones I worked through. So while it may not fix my life completely (life is complicated) I think it has taken the edge off my fear of other people. It actually felt at times like taking a scalpel and separating the events from the beliefs and feelings. Thank you.

    I noticed that for a couple of beliefs, I acquired them for the first time in my teens or 20s and had cleared them myself since then, but that I seemed to need to be walked through the ones formed when I was younger. I’m assuming this has to do with cognitive development – it’s easier to see and clear a belief that’s formed when we’re sophisticated enough to see ourselves forming the belief as we make it (formal operations). Or something like that. Younger kids just don’t have the perspective, and then we don’t remember forming the belief in the first place until someone spells it out for us and we go “oh, yeah!”.

    I found the videos hard to follow because of long sentences and many ideas following very quickly one after the other, and had to hit the pause button a lot (and sometimes backtrack, too), to be able to follow the arguments. It took a lot of concentration. I also had a hard time sensing how I felt on such a short notice. I think that having subtitles would have helped me a lot (I do have a hard time following what people say), and of course they’d be essential for people with hearing impairments. Even without subtitles, I’d still recommend this process for other autistic people, but not until I’ve let it sink in a bit and can say more about outcome.

    Belief 17, “People aren’t interested in what I have to say”, made me laugh. Even the textbooks say that about autistic people. But it’s all in the presentation. We all love museums, after all, and what are they but geek-fests?

    1. Hi Anemone,

      I’ve never had someone with autism tell me that they were able to get through the 19 beliefs. I’m happy to hear that it worked for you.

      I’d love to ask you a few questions. If you are willing to give me a few minutes, please call me at 415-884-0552.

      Love, Morty

      1. I don’t use a phone. I find it too hard to figure out what people are saying. But you’re welcome to email me. I assume you have my email.

  27. Thank you, this was powerful and deep. I am amazed by the immediate effect it had on me and am very much looking forward to starting a new step in life where I’m the creator!

  28. Hi folks,

    this process works, it kills limiting believes in 40 minutes or less.

    Here are a few tweaks I figured out:

    1. I use muscle testing to check if I have a belief at the beginning and then at the end find out whether it’s gone. This is way more direct and measurable for me than the somewhat vague feelings of thruth or untruth, though they work too.

    2. I found out that I formed some believes several times in my life. So as I work on the childhood events as it its done in the programm I get only a part of the belief killed, sometimes it gets stronger or it comes to the surface. Then I have to find a more recent event or similar events (something from my adult life) where I meant to see the belief in the event and then work the “unseeing” with these. Then the belief disappears. So I formed the belief in early childhood and then again as an adult. “I’m not competent” was such a case.

    Hope this helps


    1. Hi Heike,

      Thanks for sharing how you use the Lefkoe Belief Process.

      Most people are able to eliminate a belief permanently by using just the childhood source. If you require two sources, that’s fine.

      Love, Morty

  29. Morty, You are a star! Thank you so much. Your free programme is such a blessing to the world and I would love to work on each of the beliefs that could be blocking my pathway to confidence, health and success. I will certainly be spreading the word and singing your praises. x

    1. Hi Susan,

      Thanks for letting me know how useful our free belief-elimination program has been. Let me know how you feel after you eliminate the 19 beliefs in the Natural Confidence program.

      Love, Morty

  30. Vasil Stoyanov says:

    Hi Morty,
    I have no words to say how grateful I am! Until a few hours ago I thought it was impossible to buy your program but now it is before me. I know it works because I used the free section. I think this is the best program I’ve seen.
    Thank you with all my heart!

    Vasil Stoyanov

    1. Hi Vasil,

      I’m glad you were able to get the NC program.

      Let me know how your life changes after you complete the program.

      Love, Morty

    1. Jimmychooshoes says:

      Sorry about that. Clicked enter before I was done.

      My question is this. When I eliminated the belief “im not important” I definitely felt a huge impact on the way I behaved. It just seemed like I carried so much for weight in my step and my voice was even bold and commanding. But also, the way I thought was different. It was like I gave myself permission to not care what others thought (even though I have many more negative beliefs). And Instantly after I eliminated it it felt like my mind worked differently, like I was able to think more clear, I seemed to have more discernment and my true personality came out. Why do you think I had the change in how my mind worked?

      1. Hi Jimmychooshoes,

        You felt that dramatic change because you eliminated a belief. Eliminating a belief about the world changes your perception of the world.

        Love, Morty

  31. Hi, how does this work for socially imposed limiting beliefs? I’m African and West Indian living in the United States and have been the target of racism. How do you eliminate the belief: I’m black and will never be allowed to get ahead?

    1. Hi June,

      You get rid of all beliefs the same way. The Lefkoe Belief Process will help you eliminate any belief, no matter what its source.

      You can learn how to use the LBP in an online course we teach (http://lefkoeuniversity.com) or you can have a session with one of our certified facilitators (call 415-884-0552 for more information).

      Love, Morty

  32. Dear Morty,

    I love your work! It’s so remarkable. And your book too. After I eliminated your beliefs and saw the profound change in my life, I repeat profound. Seriously. I dont think anything is too far out of reach. To read the words ” feel like anything is possible ” on your website is one thing, but to feel that. Incredible.

    And to anyone who doubts that this works. I’ve been there, as someone who knows how to spot the fakes and crap that doesn’t work because I have been trying to get rid of certain things in my life for years. I tell you, this works. You may find remembering your childhood memory difficult or some small aspect of it. But if you get this right and eliminate a belief I personally promise that this will change you. Thank you Morty for this AMAZING work.

    God Bless,

  33. I’ve just listened to the process to eliminate the belief “i’m not good enough”, And i’ve got stuck, i don’t understand, as the creator of my own life , why i chose the negative belief !!!???? Did my mind had different options to choose from???

    1. Hi Annie,

      The belief wasn’t formed by an adult, but by a 2-6 year old child. Parents are adults, they must know what they are doing. So if they are dissatisfied with us, it must be our fault. You didn’t have much choice about the meaning you gave your parents’ behavior as a child.


  34. Just listened to Who Am I Really? What an eye opener and also a way for the soul to truly come out and be who we came here to be. I can’t wait to be that person instead of what I have believed life has made me.
    Thank you for this program.

  35. When my father told me that if God wanted him to kill me that he would do it without hesitation. Also, he enjoyed telling me and my siblings that we were chattel, just the same as the couch or the lamp or livestock or any other inanimate objects. How did I misunderstand these situations? Are these not things that scream that we were not important?

    1. Hi Marguita,

      They scream to me that your father might have thought you weren’t important, that doesn’t mean it is true. It also could mean that he had lousy patenting skills, he might not have even thought it himself. And there are ten other interpretations. His behavior has no inherent meaning.

      Love, Morty

  36. I can see how this process works and how it can be effective. My issues, mostly of not feeling “safe” in the world, stem from early memories. Critical father and moving 11 times in fourteen years.
    However, can this process help with post-traumatic responses? I have had several instense feelings of insecurity, etc. and those feelings I have instilled in myself (auto- suggestion).
    Please let me know if this is a process that could help in this regard.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Susan,

      Yes, our work can help you overcome PTSD.

      Call us at 415-884-0552 for further information.


  37. Pradeep Deshpande says:

    This is simply excellent. I surely would like to recommend this to my all friends. I have also followed earlier “Bramhakumari sister Shivani’s hapiness unlimited” (available on youtube). It explains similar concept… in fact, I was astonished to find the correlation ..

    Going through this session gave me an opportunity to reconfirm those concepts that I had forgotten for some time and to make me reliase who I am..

    This gave me calmness and confidence !!

    Thank you Morty.

  38. I believe Jesus Christ is Lord and my creator not me. it’s going to take me longer to understand what your saying, so I can move past my limiting behaviors!

    1. Hi James,

      I too believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior and that he died for me many years ago. But let me help you understand the difference here. The lefkoe process is in no way saying that you created your own life, or even the physical and spiritual person you and others know to be James. When Morty says you are the creator of your life, he is referring to how you see the world. In his book he really does a good job of explaining this but when you are young, like 2 or 3 and the continuing years after that you are still trying to make sense of the world. You have to give meaning to things to continue learning and understanding what the world is. Thats why a two year old would not know to not cross a busy intersection and an adult would. At some point in that adults life they saw that if you cross the intersection you mite get hit and die. They attributed a meaning to that situation. So lets go back to when your a young child if your parents ignore you when there talking, or dont acknowledge you when you walk in a room or are too busy to play with you. You mite attribute the meaning ‘im not important’ to those situations. But that was YOUR interpretation. Thats the meaning you gave to it. Doesn’t mean its true and if fact most time it is not. Simply put if you change your interpretation of those events and therefore the meaning you gave them. You will change your world. The world is as you see it. It is literally all in your mind.

      I hope that helps.


  39. This was a very quick to the point process that I have been looking for. Thanks and I promise to pay it foward.

  40. This is going to be long, so I apologize in advance. But maybe I can get some insight.

    I understand how the process works. You are essentially just trading out one belief for another, ‘tricking’ your brain to accept another and make it as much of a habitual idea as the ‘bad’ belief was habitual. But I also feel like if you understand how the process works before hand, you are pretty much already beginning to condition yourself to respond to the questions in a positive manner, regardless of if you actually know what he is asking you or not. And if you don’t prepare yourself, you are less inclined to learn or really take away from it.

    I for one, actually felt a bit of uncomfortable pull when those questions were asked. (I did ‘I am not good enough’, because that is my major concern.) I understood the process and what it was he was asking me to do, but the examples and scenarios he was giving really had little impact on me, which doesn’t help me in my case as my brain was logistically stating “My experience was nothing like that.”

    Which, some folks might say ‘Well clearly you don’t need to be here then since you don’t have that problem.’ But I do. Day in and day out as I work on projects and ideas, despite telling myself otherwise, I stop. I’m not good enough. It spawned not out of anger from parents because my parents adopted me and therefore I held them in an iron grip. I was spoiled. My mother was terrified that denying me anything was going to show her as a bad parent in my eyes, despite that I never felt that way. I never felt she was a bad parent in the times she refused to let me do things. It’s when she let me do things, or rather, when I told her I was going to do something. My parents raised me to never lie, to be honest, and to just state the truth. Yet my dad is a corrupted and horrid liar in both his professional and personal life, both towards clients and my mother. And my mother has lied to me, successfully ruining my relationship with the both of them. If it was a matter of ‘meaning’ and ‘my interpretation’ of the events that led up to this, I wouldn’t be so harsh. But it is hard when everyone around you has that same interpretation of that exact event (as these were public-based events).

    When I would do something, or start to do something, my parents laughed at me. Mother especially since Dad worked all the time. I always aimed for the high bar. I still do, despite never feeling though I can reach it. So when I proceeded to state like a crazy inventor “THIS is what I am going to do!” My mother’s response was “No you’re not.” This would be her response if she was not already laughing in my face about it. “You want to mediate other people with problems? You never leave your room.” “You don’t know how to do that, you sit with a computer all day.” So on, and so on. Anything I brought to the table, if it was not to be made for the money, and it was just because I -wanted- to do it, she would cackle and tell me I was never going to do it. “Go ahead and try it, feel free.”

    And I never did. Because of her laughter, my interpretation of the events would be that even if I did try it, she would continue to either laugh. One might suggest doing these things anyway, and see how loud she laughs after the results. My problem was she still laughed when I did accomplish something (The military, no less). And eventually it got to a point that I just stopped doing or telling them anything.

    This program would work well for those with the angry parents, and it would work well with those who only have parents as their ‘enemy’ that spawned the event that lead to the belief. But there are many who go beyond parents. We cannot always assume our friends are right, so who is to say that they are not wrong in their interpretations as well? Every day I deal with folks who tell me it is not just their parents, but it is also their friends, their enemies, even anonymous people on the internet that take the events they contributed to, and tell them “You’re not good enough.” They get this every single day of their entire life, from childhood to adulthood. The interpretation that they have of themselves, is just further justified by everyone else’s responses, right down to complete strangers.

    And that is where they DO see those words in the world. The internet makes it even more viable to give it that shape, that color, that location. The person’s avatar. The color of the website or text. The website they’re on or the page they clicked to. Now we do have a visible piece to those words, just in addition to those words. I know some folks who are so terrified of click on an icon because they know that the page that icon leads to, must have some bad news. It becomes an environmental stimlus.

    So what do I do now? My parents made me angry because they laughed. I was angry because I was that child that said “They are unrealistic in their decisions.” I was angry because I KNEW that they did not know anything about me, but my goals and reasons for wanting to do anything still had to do with stopping them. Stop laughing, stop shaking your head, stop telling me it is not worth it or that I just cannot do it. It persists even today, whether I am choosing to work for an employer or if I just want to make something out of the kindness of my heart to a friend. There is always that underlying “I am not good enough. This isn’t getting on paper as well as it is in my head and I do not know the craft necessary to make it look as good.” Time passes, my head keeps thinking, and my hands keep stalling.

    Which is funny, because I am a very high-spirited person. I am ambitious and while I have little physical evidence to prove this, I somehow still carry the weight as though I have those successes. Despite my inability to seemingly produce anything (something I may or may not believe), everyone says I am the person they want to be. I am the one they come to. I help as best I can, not because I am helping but more because, when they do have problems, they tend to be small ones that I did overcome. And that is my problem. My answers to them are the answers to me. Their problems are a mishmashed version of my problems. “I can’t get myself to do this.” “Sit down and just do. Don’t think on it. Just make it and get past that point and then judge it.”

    But I hear these words so often from me that I cannot myself seem to take from them. Sure, all of this can be deducted as “Well, you just said you cannot. So you believe you cannot.” So what happens when you hold the belief that the very advice you know that works, doesn’t work for you, and therefore does not? I laugh at myself, and I tell myself “It does work.” Because it DOES WORK. Every piece of logic and truth agrees with me. I have seen it work. I have done it to show it works. I know it very well works. I know I am absolutely “fantastic” in what I do. I jokingly tell my friends “my art sucks.” Though I know it doesn’t. I know I am not PERFECT in it, but I know I am better than a good bout of people out there.

    Yet despite having all these positive beliefs, I still wind up day by day, and that belief of ‘I’m not good enough’ raises its ugly head in the middle of the oasis, sucking out the water until there is no reason to stay there anymore.

    So what is my problem? Is it “I’m not good enough?” Is it my environment? Is it, as it always seems to be, just me? I don’t seem to have the thought patterns others do. Despite clearly acknowledging it, I don’t seem to see things as everyone else does and it becomes bothersome when you have 500+ interpretations that are the same—and yours is vastly different. One could say agreeing with the other interpretations is comforming and thus they may not want to do it. But if you feel in your gut that your interpretation is the right one, how do you get rid of something like that?

    This program does do what it needs to do for those folks. I can see that from a mile away, and I do nod with the questions and go through the exercises…but I feel distanced. I don’t believe I should be distanced. I don’t believe I am distanced. But I FEEL that way. I can’t seem to answer the questions right because my answers don’t seem to answer that question. They are more statements. “Write down these events that may have caused you to feel this way.” I’ve never felt that way. I had a completely different event. There are no events that made me feel that way, so the closest I can offer is this, which is not the same…so nothing clicks.

    I still feel lost.

    1. Hi Rodney,

      There is too much to answer in a written response, so please call me at 4215-884-0552 and let me explain how the belief-elimination process works and how you can get value from it.


    2. Hi Rodney,

      I just noticed that I gave you an incorrect phone number. Here is the correct number. Please call so we can help.


      Love, Morty

    3. Hi Rodney,

      There is no need to feel lost. You sent us a very long note describing your plight and asking for help. We can help if you call us. Please call. 415-884-0552.

      Love, Morty

  41. Hi,

    In in my opinion, you need to to have a good idea of how the “Leftkoe Belief Process” works before you try out the free program so that you know what to expect and how to respond to the questions or exercises given during the process. I think the idea is to enable you can respond to them meaningfully so that your mental response will have an impact on you. So some kind of thinking and preparation may be required before you try the session.

    That’s what I did. I read a few blogs about Morty Leftkoe’s work before I tried the free program and then did the “I’m not good enough” session. Since I had some idea how it works I found myself able to work through the session reasonably well (I guess). I came out of the 30 minutes or so session with some new revelation and perception about myself and the past events that changed my thinking and I am already experiencing that changes now. Not bad for a free program !!!.

    Now I “know” that I am good enough, that there is nothing inherently wrong with me and that all this while, that I’ve just been “hypnotized” by my own interpretation of events that happened a long time ago. I’m now even thinking that, sure, I have my own weakness or shortcoming but that don’t make “not good enough”. I’m still OK. It’s liberating !!!!

    This is NOT an endorsement. I haven’t buy the program yet but since the free program works for me, who knows what Natural Confidence can do? So I’m saving the money for it (the price is a bit stiff for me even for the three-payments plan). Thanks Morty.

    1. Hi Sazali,

      Glad you got value from the free belief. And let me know all the results when you finally get the Natural Confidence program.


    2. Hi Sazali,

      One more thing, you do not need any preparation or advance knowledge for the belief-elimination program to be successful. Most people have no preparation and it works for most people.

      Love, Morty

  42. What if hearing the belief now makes me feel mad and heavy, like I know the belief is wrong?

    1. Hi Cat,

      If saying the words of a belief doesn’t feel good, it probably means you have the belief. Use the process to eliminate it.


  43. Hi Morty,
    I am enjoying learning about your technique and have bought your book.
    My question is:
    How do you know if the troubles you are having is a result of limiting beliefs OR simply a lack of ability or some other factor?
    I admit, I had a horrible child hood (abuse, bullied), but my live is actually pretty great now in terms of my relationship/kids/finances. I’m sure that has effected me in some way, but not sure how exactly..
    My situation is this: I’m having issues with my career. I am a recruiter on 100% commission and started 7 yrs ago after being out of the workforce for 9 yrs (raising kids) and getting a divorce. I was doing okay for the first 5 years although it was a constant struggle, always feeling like an uphill battle. So many things can go wrong that are beyond my control. Although I was making fairly good money (although not great), I quit that agency (toxic work enviornment/revolving door) for another one. I like where I work and the people, but it’s even harder to make any money here. In order have any “success” here (and that’s not guaranteed) you have to make 60-100 cold calls day in day out, make calls at night in order to generate enough job orders and potential candidates. I NEVER had to do that at the last job and did quite well. Over the past 2 years, I became increasingly more frustrated with the amount of energy that is required to make placements and then the agency takes more than 50%. As well, it seems that whenever I get some activity going, it constantly falls apart. Nothing ever seems to go my way. My colleague on the other hand, is doing unbeliveably well which does bug me (I get along great with him) This situation has made me question everything – is this is right job for me? should I do this on my own and take 100% of the fee? should I do something completely different? I’m good at what I do (i.e. relationship building) and can make cold calls, but the sheer quantity is unappealing to me. I find cold calling potential candidates alot easier and enjoyable than cold calling companies for job orders. Unfortunately, without job orders, it’s hard to make enough money (I focus more on filling other recruiters jobs). In order for me to be successful, I am told that I have to increase my client calls significantly. This is the thing I’m resisting.
    I don’t know if I’m really “blocked”, in that I have limiting beliefs, or if this is just a ridiculously impossible job? More than half the people hired don’t cut it.
    Ideally, I would like to stay here and make it work, but if I can’t I need to do something else. Even the thought of switching gears at my age (50) totally overwhelms me.
    Any help you could provide would be helpful.
    Love D.

  44. Thank you so much for this program, it has released me from years of limiting beliefs in connection to my self esteem. I have made great strides and felt more capable than even. Yet I still have the primary belief that I am trying to free myself of and that is about money. I come from a family where they have many limiting beliefs about money and its lack more specifically. I understand the connection between not feeling good enough and it being an intangible meaning that was created in my mind, yet with money not having it and the belief that it is in limited supplyis tangible when I open up my wallet or check my bank account. I would love to explore and learn about this method, since I feel I have had more progress with it than any other, including energy workshops and meditation, the question I have is will the program show steps on how to realease limiting beliefs about money and inspire the necessary action thereafter in order to correct the situation? Thanks again for all the time and effort that has been put in this program and for sharing it.

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