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Here’s the link to my program to bust a limiting belief that 90% of people have.  When you break through this inner barrier you’ll find yourself more able to achieve things you’ve been unable to achieve for years.

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After you get rid of your belief, let me know what you think below.

Morty Lefkoe

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  1. mohammed khuffash says:

    ok , i’ve seen the lecture or the course about changing the belief of mistakes and failure are bad , the truth is i can see them what happened to me ! l lost my own business my family trust , i even put them in a really bad situation and credits i left to let them pay my mistake 700000 dollars , so how can i change this belief ?
    and by the way i left the country with my wife and son temporarily to try having new life .. so how can this thing works !!! i still see and feel that it’s bad

    1. Hi Mohammed,

      The belief, Mistakes and failure are bad, means that all mistakes and failure, made by anyone, under any conditions, are bad. That is not true.

      That is not to say that anyone can’t do something that has devastating consequences. But the devastating consequences of one mistake does not mean that ALL mistakes are ALWAYS bad.

      So the belief is not “the truth” can be eliminating using the Lefkoe Belief Process.

      Love, Morty

  2. Hi Morty,
    becoming aware that we give meaning to events which inherently have no meaning is in many cases certainly extremly usefull and can indeed make a huge difference in peoples lifes and change their beliefs forever.
    What about a situation where I give meaning to an event in my past, which comes with a strong negative emotion, and even though I know the event itself is meaningless I cannot let go of the meaning I attribute to it? I feel it has in many ways ruined my life and was my own responsibility. How do I let go of the negative impact it still has on my life and change these emotions? Just trying to get rid of this way of thinking and telling myself that I don’t know if it really messed up my life as I don’t know how it would have been otherwise makes sense on a logical level but does not make me feel any better. Uli

  3. Hi, I just tried your program to eliminate a belief. I don’t beleive it worked for me. My belief of not being good enough comes from not being included or being embarrassed that makes me feel I’m not good enough. I find this comes from comments from my siblings and people in general. If you had a way to eliminate those things this program may help me to eliminate that I’m not good enough. Also I followed the video for the fist 20 min. then I had a difficult time as I became confused as to some of the things that were being said. I found myself getting anxious trying to follow the whole program. If the program addressed eliminating being embarressed or what people think would I be able to eliminate those beliefs?

    1. Hi Cindy,

      We have learned in 28 years of working with tens of thousands of people that the source of our self-esteem type beliefs is interactions with our parents during the first 6 years of life. If you don’t use the correct source of a belief, it won’t be eliminated.

      You should be able to eliminate one of the three beliefs regardless of what other beliefs you have. Try it again, take it slowly, stop if you get confused and need a few minutes to think abut something, and I’ll bet the belief is eliminated.

      Love, Morty

  4. Long-time anxiety sufferer here. I’ve been trying the process in your video like crazy but it’s just not working. It doesn’t help that I’ve already spent 10+ years and many thousands of dollars only to have nothing work. I already have a belief that I’m not good enough to change my beliefs, that it’s too hard to change my beliefs, that it takes too much effort. I’ve spent YEARS doing exercises like these, writing out my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and trying to change them, both as self-help and with coaches, and NOTHING WORKS. In fact, this video only seems to have solidified the belief that NOTHING works to get rid of my negative feelings.

    So now I’m trying to get rid of the belief that “nothing works” or that “it’s just too hard to change my beliefs” but I’m hopelessly stuck. I also feel like a jerk for complaining about this. But you asked us to leave a comment. Thanks for the free information, but my mind is too messed up to be able to get anything out of it, so it’s back to square one for me.

    1. Hi Scott,

      You say: ” I’ve spent YEARS doing exercises like these.” I doubt that they have been like the Lefkoe Belief Process (LBP). Literally thousands of people have said they had tried many different processes before and nothing worked until they used the LBP.

      There is a crucial difference between eliminating one belief and eliminating all the beliefs that cause a specific problem, like anxiety. You probably did eliminate the belief you worked on if you did every step of the process, but then you didn’t notice any change in your life and assumed you hadn’t eliminated any beliefs.

      The question to ask yourself is not do I feel better overall but is the specific belief I worked on still feel true. Not do I feel good about myself overall, but it is really the truth that I’m not good enough (if that’s the belief you worked on).

      Love, MOrty

      1. Hi Morty, thanks for the reply. You said, “The question to ask yourself is not do I feel better overall but is the specific belief I worked on still feel true.” That is a helpful distinction. Thank you. I decided to test that soon after I read your reply, and yes, the belief (“I’m not good enough”) still FELT true on an emotional level. So I went through the free video again and also hit the repeat button toward the end. It brought up a lot of intense emotions for me and certainly made a lot of sense. After doing the entire thing again, as well as using the repeat button again too, the belief is still there. Not rationally of course. Emotionally, it still “stings” when I say it. It just FEELS true. And I do mean the specific belief, not the overall problem.

        I will probably go through this again later this week when I have time (I probably missed something despite the repetition), but if you have any other suggestions in the meantime, I’m all ears. I’d hate to wind up as a ten percenter who doesn’t “get it.” Either way, thank you.

        1. Hi Scott,

          It doesn’t work for everyone, but almost everyone. Make sure the source is some series of interactions between you and your parents before six. It’s not a single event but how they treated you overall.

          The important step is first thinking you “saw” the belief as inherent in the behavior of your parents and then realizing you can’t “see” the belief in the world. It is only in your mind. ANd that the events have no inherent meaning

          ANd make sure you are only checking the belief, I’m not good enough. You still may have the belief, There’s something wrong with me, or I’m inadequate, or any other negative belief. You’ve only eliminated one belief: I’m not good enough. Do those words feel true?

          Love, Morty

          1. The words definitely still feel true. I will continue to look at this, your responses are helpful. Can’t remember much before 6 but am trying to get the overall “sense” of it as you said. Thanks.

          2. Hey Morty, i’m also tried many different methods ( e.g. eft, pstec) the theory in every method is the same, limiting beliefs are generating in the childhood. This makes Completely sense. But the methods does not dissolve what i feel. After exeperimenting with the methods couple of months i gave up. The feelings come up in my body, but did not get dissolved, i felt not good afterwards, only bad. It’s the same after the Free video of the lefkoe method. I’m also extremely jealous of other people, which have extreme results with any of the method, change their lives and are happy.
            It seems that some people like me and scott have a negative believe which blocks the change ?!?

  5. A warm”THANK YOU”, Morty from Germany.
    Not that Ididn´t know about Beliefs but Life still was very hard.
    The last day´s I was sitting and trying to figure out how to keep my
    living with two kids
    Iknew how but I didn´t dare to do so.
    Most of all I believe in God and the strengh´s of prayers.
    So that´s what I did before I got to my Laptop and start my work.
    How did I find your Blog?
    No Idea but it was just the right thing at the right time.
    I thank you so much for your vidoe´s and I´ll be back

  6. Regarding the “I’m not Good Enough” exercise, yes the feeling did not have the same intensity after the exercise, in the moment, but, Even after repeating the exercise, intellectually I realize that the childhood interpetion was incorrect, however, emotionally, the feeling was not eliminated. There are many things one will know logically/intellectually, but, this does not address the deeper emotional core belief/feeling. In psychology circles, it is well established that an emotional trigger will over ride a logical/intellectual concept. Logically, I already knew that this feeling had no basis in reality, so I was hopeful that this exercise would eliminate the emotional trigger. This was therefore, unhelpful. Please tell me, is there something that I am missing?

  7. I am so glad I found this !
    This made me feel free and ready to start my life all over again.
    Being really young (18 years old) I now believe that I’m the CREATOR not the creation, this will open a lot of doors for me or better yet I will open them myself :).
    Thank you and I thought it would be great if the information on the videos were in spanish (I want to show them to my mom) . I could help with the translation .
    Again thanks a lot .

  8. Anonymous says:

    The I’m not good enough section was really the truth. For me it wasn’t my parents who created the issues I experienced. It was more of my peers, or my older cousins I grew up around that caused the damage I placed upon myself. I never felt accepted by my peers growing up, which caused me to overcompensate as a result. I always had positive reinforcement from my elders, but this same positive reinforcement created envy from my peers, which caused me to be disliked and mistreated in addition to many other things. I learned that I had issues with being myself because at a young age I was very in tune with who I am. Because I was nothing like my peers, I was insulted and mistreated for being who I am. This caused me to run away from my own self identity. This also caused me to dislike merging diverse circles of friends which represent different aspects of my character because I couldn’t accept certain parts of myself. Nonetheless, this process helped me feel better about who I am and how to shape the meaning of my experiences in a better way.

  9. The ‘who am I’ section really was an eye opener. The clay model analogy was an excellent one. I understand now that I’m the creator. But now I go, what next? I’m still where I’m. How do I get to where I want to be?

  10. Mistakes and failures are bad
    My parents were extremely good, but my mom was a total impatient perfectionist with a blazing temper and a Sharp tongue and was blunt and tactless when I made a mistake, forgot to do something. She still is. We have different ways of reacting, thinking, tastes, etc. My late dad was extremely strict, didn’t show me affection, though I’ve heard he loved me best. He, too, was extremely impatient, as he didn’t really get along with kids, and was raised in an even stricter environment than I was. I was totally unpopular. All this made me complacent, weak and obedient, always feeling afraid of saying things without tact, or of misbehaving, in order to not be punished or critized. They took away from me the desire to rebel against what they did, unless I did it in a very quiet way, saying, yes I’ll do that, and then not doing it or procrastinating. But it is true that when I did something wrong, like I still do when I cook, or don’t have the energy to do housework. My mom is an excellent cook and homemaker. No matter how I’ve tried to do things in the same way, I always do things the wrong way, or not do them. I listen to how she tells me how to cook something, but I don’t retain anything, and since I’m so afraid to make a mistake, I keep on asking her. I’m also slow and methodical. She has always been very fast, yet she’s done most things the right way. I’m absent-minded and undisciplined (perhaps that was some sort of rebellion). And now, I’m 50 years old. But I still have to live with her (she likes having me here, and, in truth we get along well (until we disagree in matters of taste, or I make a mistake), as I’ve been totally unemployed for over 5 years, with 2 humanity masters (not good in these times), when I’ve been working all my life, from age 12 as a baby- sitter, then since age 15 tutoring Spaniards (I’m half Spanish and half American, living in Seville, Spain), and then with my Masters in English linguistics and literature, teaching at language schools, regular private schools, translating and interpreting. I also have a Masters in Human Resources Management, but HR has never been part of my job title, when I have 9 years with experience in this field. So there you have an idea of what life has been like, here and in the States. Oh, and I forgot to say that I’ve always suffered in school from having the maturity, skills of a Mensa member. When I was in my late teens, I took the test (which tells you if your IQ is within that of the 2% of people all over the world with the highest intelligence, and my IQ is quite high. They accepted me, but I had at that moment more pressing matters and did not join. So I still have the belief, even having done the little lesson on Mistakes and failures are bad, since I have seen with my own eyes that I’ve done things wrong (meals that were badly made, not being patient and beginning many relationships rushing into them, only to see that those men were definitely wrong for me, etc.)
    They were like that also, and even more so with my brother, though, since he takes more after my strong and energetic mother, he turned into the same type of person like my mom and dad. He also critizes me for not being strong. And in a healthy way became a very responsible rebel. But I was a total coward, frightened by my parents’ strict and impatient attitude toward me. I’m still like that, having to live with my mother.

  11. Hmmm…I just watched the I’m not good enough video. In general its pretty good, although I dont think I would recommend it to any of my friends who have trauma/chronic PTSD due to major physical/sexual/emotional abuse particularly at the hands of their parents. I’m afraid it might bring up anger, anxiety/panic, pain which wouldn’t be a helpful if its all via the internet and not in a therapy session.

    As for me, my main concern is that my parents really aren’t the cause. They were basically fine (at least as far as the not being good enough stuff goes-there were other problems for sure but not anything that was directed at me; they were definitely not at all like the examples in the video). In fact, they had very low standards. Being raised by someone who grew up in an orphanage meant that the only important issues were whether or not there was food on the table and a roof over our heads — as long has we had the bare minimum to survive, then things were fine — definitely not actually true but that was how they functioned… So it really wasn’t hard for me to reach their expectations and I was never “not good enough” to them.

    I was recently (in my mid-30s) FINALLY diagnosed with ADHD and the only strong image I could bring up were those that involved peer rejection and emotional abuse (I was generally quite happy when I was younger, before my ADHD symptoms really came out around puberty), and some rejection from teachers (I’m female so I wasn’t bouncing off the walls and rushed off for evaluation). My inattention most got me called stupid, an idiot by people at school and my anxiety riddled undiagnosed ADHD mother couldn’t handle my childhood depression from all of this so it just continued for years on end during the day while I was at school. I tried to substitute some memories from school, and that did help me to consider alternative explanations and remind myself that just because I am not quite like everyone else, it doesn’t really mean that I’m not ( or was not) good enough at all.

    Despite the not quite perfect fit, I can see how in some cases for some people this could be helpful. In fact, I was antsy and anxious all day and it did help me focus and relax a bit so that is greatly appreciated especially since I couldn’t really get into my mindfulness meditation practice today (although my inattention did require that I rewind the video several times 🙂

    There is still a small part of me that holds the belief, mainly because I have had several issues come up over the past year mostly as a result of an 18 month treatment refractory depressive episode. It is difficult to let go completely especially when things have happened VERY recently that reinforce the belief, but that makes challenging these beliefs extremely important for my ability to stay healthy and be able to contribute to the world. My sense of not being good enough is much diminished and I can more easily think of reasonable alternatives, but this is difficult when I have many people in positions of power and authority over me in my life who have quite literally tell me that I am not competent. I’m a medical student and am worried about my career so being told this really is anxiety provoking about what this might mean for my future, even though no one seems to take seriously that the events that have happened over the past year are in fact related to my inadequately treated depressive episode. Instead they repeatedly try to tell me that I have serious character flaws (not that I am struggling to recover from a treatment refractory medical condition), and that I am incompetent – I have learned quite thoroughly that many doctors show even less compassion to others in their field than they do to their patients (and they often seriously struggle even to do that).

    Despite all of that, the concept of being “The creator of my beliefs and my life” is a great idea that I don’t make enough of a consistent effort (lol there is the ADHD) to remember on a daily basis. No matter what has happened in my past, I am not my past, and my present and future do not have to be my past either. The key is to remain conscious and mindful of that truth so that I can consciously create my present and future, instead of remaining trapped in a perpetual cycle of previous unconscious poisonous beliefs and reflexive reactions.

    Anyway, sorry for the novel but thanks so much for this video.

  12. It kept going on and on that the belief came from parents. In my case it was my sister. It was hard to detract from this incessant pounding of the parents.

    1. I noticed something like this too. A few things were from my parents, but I had a other very specific teacher situations in school and a lot of ‘self talk’ in my early teen years that reinforced my limiting beliefs. Great program though! I even have knocked out two additional beliefs that I have which were not one of the 19. I have the mechanism to do that now whenever I observe limiting beliefs, so I’m really happy with my investment in this program.

  13. I have used all of the free belief busting videos and they are like a gateway drug…I find I need MORE! I have purchased the Natural Confidence program because I now know that I am important and I want more of that feeling I get when I realize a limiting belief I have had forever is nothing more than a “meaning” that I assigned to it myself. At first I thought the program was a little more than I could afford but I am worth it. I will come back after I have had time to work with the program. I am feeling very good about delving in and coming out the other side.

    1. Hi Dory,

      Thanks for sharing how using our programs have been for you.


    2. hi. how are you doing now? kindly give a complete review of the program. i am thinking of buying the program. is it worth it?

  14. Hi Morty,

    I’m just reading your book – which is great by the way – and wanted to purchase a DVD program as well to get additional information.

    However I’m a little unclear as to which of the DVD programs to choose.

    I am interested in the anti Procrastination program, and possibly the “Natural Confidence” one. Looking at your product comparison page, the “Natural Confidence” program looks like it includes everything that the Procrastination one does. Is this the case ? If not what’s the difference in the two programs ?

    1. Hi Bo,

      The NC program contains all the beliefs and conditionings in the program guaranteed to eliminate procrastination … plus several more that increase confidence and stop the concern about others.

      You are better off getting the NC program.

      Love, Morty

  15. Hi Morty
    Sounds good, but none of the choices are my limiting belief. Do you do others?

    1. Hi Louise,

      These are the three most common beliefs; almost everyone we have worked with has at least one of them.

      The issue isn’t do you intellectually agree with the beliefs; do they feel true, even a little bit?

      We work with people on the phone and Skype to help them eliminate whichever beliefs they have that are causing specific problems in their lives. This is just a demo problem to show people how the Lefkoe Belief Process eliminates beliefs.

      Love, Morty

  16. K S RAJENDHARAN says:

    Thank you very much
    for your free beleif elimination process
    still need some more time to fully understand
    the process
    Thank you

  17. Wow, Morty. I mean, just a big fat WOW!! I just cried with relief. I saw something I never saw before. It was exhilerating! After a zillion years of searching for something that would change my life, this one video gave me what I have been looking for. I am awed. Also, I’m a little in love with ya, too, Morty. So, I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

  18. I just watched the” Eliminating Beliefs – I am not important” videos.
    Tell me how to apply this type of rethinking to childhood events, such
    as physical and emotional abuse? One does not just imagine or see something that’s actually not there in that (abusive) life situation. That formed belief is basically driven into the victim’s brain and does become truth.
    The questions you give to reexamine events meanings are simply not relevant.

  19. Hi Morty,

    I have used your program Natural Confidence quite extensively and it has definitely helped me come to terms with some of the beliefs I hold about the world and how they dictate my experience of life.

    The reason I decided to use your program was to address my social anxiety that I developed around the age of 19-20. Im 26 now. My question to you is about identifying sources for our beliefs. I had no problem with anxiety growing up and had a great childhood. Is it possible that the source of my beliefs causing my anxiety occurred around this age? I’m finding it hard pin pointing a source before the age of 5 or 6 when my problems started when I was 19 or 20. If I didnt have a belief in my younger years why would I suddenly develop it alot later?

    Would really appreciate some guidance. Thanks so much for the program.

    1. Hi Marc,

      Based on our experience with literally thousands of clients, the beliefs that cause social anxiety almost always are formed in childhood. Here are links to two blog posts that explain why.


  20. The I’m not good enough issue/belief never came from parents that I can remember. It seems like it’s expected to be the source from most.. it came from other sources .

  21. That is a good tip particularly to those fresh to the blogosphere.

    Short but very precise information… Many thanks for sharing this one.
    A must read post!

  22. Hi Morty,

    I did the “I’m not good enough” program.

    It’s funny how common sense can elude me when I try to take control of my life and to take responsibility for my actions and beliefs. I was always concerned with growing and changing my beliefs for the benefit of others, but not so much in regards to myself. Assigning meanings to the meaningless, the opinions of others, and failures mattered too much. I still felt I was a success but I was scared that I wasn’t good enough for my prospective future. Your program is a wonderful reminder that I create and re-create my beliefs and therefore myself everyday, which means I am a consciousness and creator much more than the sum of my fluid beliefs. I’m polishing out the scars I sculpted even as I speak. (Type. OK, fine, maybe I am still talking out loud.)

    I saw someone mention that the opinion of others should matter. I agree, to an extent. I don’t think Morty ever said others don’t matter. I think he simply states that we, ourselves, should not assign meaning when there is none, not to assume we know what someone else thinks, and if we DO know what they think about us, they can be wrong about us or have expectations that are not reasonable. I can value a friends opinion, or a family members opinion, but they too have these same issues, and they too can be wrong about people and assign meaning when there is none, or assume things that are not true. I can control what I do and think. I cannot control what someone else does or what someone else thinks, so I can only do my best to be forthcoming when I should be. If someone else misunderstands my behavior or words that is their fault, not mine. It can still hurt when that happens, but if I remember that I can change my beliefs, I know that they can too.

    Thanks for the reminder Morty,

  23. I did the “mistakes are bad” process. I’m not quite convinced that I’ve really gotten rid of this belief. How can I be sure? Thanks.

    Also from a buyer standpoint, I’m not necessarily ready to buy the whole kit of 20 plus beliefs to remove. It might be a good idea to offer individual access to one process for a certain price.

    1. Hi Charles,

      We offer you the ability to eliminate three beliefs without charge so you can see that it works. Just come back and sign up for another free belief. If you have difficulty, just use a different email address.

      Love, Morty

  24. I’m 60 years old, I’ve always had a job working for someone else, I’ve been a hard worker all my life and have made my bosses very happy. I have recently been layed off, but I have found a job in sales commission based, so I figured I can really do this since I’m my own boss and a hard worker right! Wrong!!! Why is it that I can work for someone else and make them money but, working for myself is hard to get me going? I’ve been doing this since January of this year.

    1. Hi Michael,

      Without talking to you I can’t know for sure, but you likely have beliefs that have you feel either you can’t do it on your own or don’t deserve to. Eliminate those beliefs and you will be able to do as well on your own as working for others.


  25. Hello,

    I am a christian singer songwriter. I never played an instrument until I was 30 years old. Since I started so late in life and never really took lessons I always felt like I was not good enough. A few months ago I had a panic attack while on stage performing. It was the worst feeling ever. Since then I have had extremem fear about performing and I dodge every opportunity to perform. Can this method help me?

    1. Hi Al,

      We have helped many people with stage fright. For more details please call us at 415-884-0552.


  26. I enjoyed your introductory video very much and definitely sensed some of its potency. I used the “mistakes and failure are bad” track because I have been experiencing stage fright when performing on my violin, even when the pieces are quite easy and well within my expertise. The only difficulty I am having is that there is some sense in which a mistake (at least a big one) in a classical piece is in fact a mistake that is bad for the performance. It is hard to treat them as “learning experiences” because there is little or no trial and error aspect at performance time. Nonetheless, I am clearly bringing negative beliefs to the concert hall that you have helped me see. Suggestions for using some of your other materials to address this?

    1. Hi Frank,

      We have helped many people with stage fright. For more details please call us at 415-884-0552.


    2. Frank,

      I play guitar and I am having the same issues. I am going to give this a real try. Hope things work out for you as well. I know how it feels to go through stage fright. I have been actually turning down opportunities because I am afraid of what will happen when I perform. Again I hope that you overcome your stage fright.

  27. It Was a miraculos experience! Thank You!!!

    1. Hi Oana,

      You’re welcome. Glad to hear it was so useful for you.

      Take a look at our Natural Confidence program that helps you eliminate 19 beliefs and get rid of several different problems, such as procrastination, worrying with others think of us, lack of confidence, etc. http:naturalconfidenceprogram.com.

      Love, Morty

    1. Hi Shab,

      You’re welcome. Glad to hear it was so useful for you.

      Take a look at our Natural Confidence program that helps you eliminate 19 beliefs and get rid of several different problems, such as procrastination, worrying with others think of us, lack of confidence, etc. http:naturalconfidenceprogram.com.

      Love, Morty

    1. Hi Janice,

      You’re welcome. Glad to hear it was so useful for you.

      Take a look at our Natural Confidence program that helps you eliminate 19 beliefs and get rid of several different problems, such as procrastination, worrying with others think of us, lack of confidence, etc. http:naturalconfidenceprogram.com.

      Love, Morty

    1. Hi Sabrina,

      You’re welcome. Glad to hear it was so useful for you.

      Take a look at our Natural Confidence program that helps you eliminate 19 beliefs and get rid of several different problems, such as procrastination, worrying with others think of us, lack of confidence, etc. http:naturalconfidenceprogram.com.

      Love, Morty

  28. Deirdre Coval says:

    You link does not work all it does is stop 3 minutes in to it!!

    1. I had the same problem. I originally used Chrome as my browser. Switched to Explorer and it worked fine.

  29. Thank you, Morty! I feel so liberated just from releasing ONE belief! Already, it’s having a snowball effect on related beliefs 🙂

    1. Hi Shelley,

      You’re welcome. Glad to hear it was so useful for you.

      Take a look at our Natural Confidence program that helps you eliminate 19 beliefs and get rid of several different problems, such as procrastination, worrying with others think of us, lack of confidence, etc. http:naturalconfidenceprogram.com.

      Love, Morty
      P.S. My wife’s name is Shelly!

  30. Thank you for sharing a new way to look at the world 🙂

    1. Hi Niki,

      You’re welcome. Glad to hear it was so useful for you.

      Take a look at our Natural Confidence program that helps you eliminate 19 beliefs and get rid of several different problems, such as procrastination, worrying with others think of us, lack of confidence, etc. http:naturalconfidenceprogram.com.

      Love, Morty

  31. I got into the “I’m not capable” program was making some interesting pregress when the program just quit.I tried it several times gut it quit at the same place Do not leave people half-way through a program and then leave them hight and dry. Very unwise if not dangerous! I will avoid your programs in the future. This is very irresponsible of you!

    1. Hi Roger,

      I’m sorry to hear that the program stopped working. When that happens it is almost always the fault of the browser. We have hundreds of others using the program and no one else has complained.

      Please try it again with a different browser.

      Love, Morty

  32. Thank you very much Mr Morty!!
    The shift from being a creation of circumstances to be creators of our lives is amazing, it opened my eyes so much! My belief was ‘I’m not good enough’ and yesterday night, while finishing the video, something beautiful happened to me: suddenly a lot of creative ideas about a project rose from my mind, as if a plug was removed from my thoughts. Now I want to try the same process with others limiting beliefs. What helped me the most was actually imagine what my parents wanted to express through their behavior: what was their state of mind, which were the situations they were facing and so on. I realized that they did not know how to act in some circumstances and that I can learn from my past to build a more fulfilling future.
    Thank you so much,really!
    With love

  33. Thank you. I did the first video and came back and did this one. I had a bit of difficulty in remembering at first but then I was able to type situations that would have led me at the time to think that I am not capable. At this time I must say that I do feel that I am capable and I have found myself countering the negative expressions when they surface. Thanks for the help.

  34. This program does not help me because I was raised in foster homes and I was told to be seen and not heard. When I did something really bad, I was sent away to another foster home. So how can I feel like I was important?
    I have wanted to write self=help books all my life, but I feel no-one wants to hear what I have to say. Can you help?

    1. Hi Nicole,

      If you try the belief-elimination process at http://recreateyourlife.com, you will see that the belief can be eliminated regardless of your childhood experiences.

      I’m not important is the meaning you gave to the events. The events could just as easily mean that you are very important, except to the few people who treated you badly as a child. Who you are as a person is not dependent on how 3-4 people treat you at a particular time in your life.


  35. Hi Mr. and Mrs. Lefkoe. I can’t tell how truly grateful I am for your program. I have been buying and using personal development material for many years and nothing compares to your program. I got to the source of what was holding me back and making me feel anxious. I agree with you that this material can help elevate society as a whole if enough people do it. Thanks again.

  36. This is old-fashion, discredited Freudian rubbish. It was a complete waste of my time

  37. Marco Capone says:

    Hey Morty, I came across your technique through reading some of Steve Pavlina’s articles. I instantly was about to listen to your technique but it seems as though I can only click links for 3 popular limiting beliefs. How can I listen to some on other topics than the 3 main ones listed at the top of this blog?

    Thanks, and congratulations for such a great process you’ve created

  38. Stephanie says:

    thx for your work. I did the free “Not Important Enough” I have done an intensive 3 yrs personal growth program (by Bob Proctor certified coach) – numerous courses each yr, wkly coaching calls and monthly Hypnosis specifically geared to limiting bleiefs (it is really good) My challenge is that for 15 yrs. I’ve been searching or wondering what I would like to do with my life.. and come up with nothing. Ihave been in outside sales for 30 yrs and want OUT, but don’t know where ‘out’ is. I do well at my job but hate doing it – I am not working today … just can’t get my butt out. I just can’t seem to find anything I am excited or passionate about, anything that I can grab hold of and say ‘yes, this is what I want to pursue’ I am 55 so I want it to be for rest of my life… I can do it and love it for as long as I live, if I like. I want to feel I am being of ‘service’ – meaning that I’m doing something meaningful, making a contribution and feeling valued in return. I can lay out a number of things to visualize and concentrate on but I can’t seem to get past. I aso want to make more money than I’m making now because I used to and I am good, have lots of positive skills and am passionate about whatever I do.

    That’s waht is difficult – is that I DO have passion, however I feel ‘stuck’ – I’ve said for years, it’s like a thoroughbred horse that is being held back – not alowed to run – even if it was allowed to run – WHERE would it go …
    I am a member of Toastmaters & am slowly working on my speeches but work takes up lots of time and I am tired when I come home and have much to do so the speeches are only 3 after a yr. I am going through the leadership book and they have asked me to be the Pres. of the club starting July (needs to be voted on) I’m not used to leadership roles because I am an outside sales rep. I have leadership but not structured – this is all helpful.
    I just don’t know how much longer I can hold on to this sales position – as good as I’m doing I hate going to work.
    I’m doing Carol Chuttle’s Chakra 7 program right now & I do some Tapping, it works for many things but for this it see,ms to just be a bandaid…
    any sugestions?

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      I’m sorry to hear your life has not turned out the way you would like it to. My life was a mess for many years so I can appreciate how you feel.

      The only suggestion I can make is to do what I did to turn my life around and what thousands of others have done: eliminate as many negative, limiting beliefs you can. That opens up possibilities you can’t even imagine and removes barriers.

      Check out our Natural Confidence program that helps you eliminate 23 of the most common beliefs and conditionings. http://naturalconfidenceprogram.com.

      Love, Morty

      1. Dear Morty,

        I just wanted to leave a comment about how wonderful your program is. I went through all 19 beliefs and 4 conditionings. I had every single belief and as I was going through the program have come up with some other beliefs surrounding money that I want to work on next using the process. When I got to belief 19 I was shocked at the feelings even seeing it on the screen produced inside me. I also wanted to comment that with every belief I “saw” different pictures and different situations inside my head. It was really quite amazing and easy for me to see how we form these beliefs and even though they might sound similar like “I’m inadequate” or “I’m not capable”, but they do stem from different interpretations and have to be addressed separately.

        There is definitely something that shifts within you when you realize that it is your interpretations, perceptions, and the meanings you associated with events that cause you to think feel and act. And that “you” are still there regardless of what you think feel or act. Once you go back and reprocess these events it is almost like a physical response and the process reprograms your mind. Thank you so much for your work and I know this is going to change my life. I replied below Stephanie’s comment because I can totally relate to what she has said. I wanted to encourage her to try the entire program. It has been an amazing process. I am recommending it to several people and hope that they will at least take advantage of your free site. I cannot say enough good things about it!


  39. Hello There. I found your blog using msn. That is a really well written article.

    I will be sure to bookmark it and come back to read extra of your helpful info.
    Thanks for the post. I’ll certainly comeback.

  40. Hi Morty
    i really like how your available to respond to questions, concerns!
    im using the LBP course and now completed belief 10
    so far, it seems good i mean there is a bit change to the thoughts.. but im a little doubtful if my beliefs still there? when i say the belief again at the end of each session, i don’t notice much change in feelings even though iv repeated the process several times? maybe if i finish them all, it’ll change?

  41. Morty,

    I have done the belief elimination program couple months ago. Last year I was between jobs and trying to straight up my professional as well as my long term personal issues. A long time ago probably sometimes in the beginning 2011, I have got a newsletter from your institute with the three free videos. I remember, I have done the first one after a long time from receiving it and then the second one a long time afterwards.
    I feel good benefits from them and have watched the third one. I remember after completing the third video I decided to write an email to you explaining, I really felt these videos made a little changes in my life but at this time, I wasn’t planning to purchase the whole program. The reason for that was purely financial. Like I said I was between jobs (my company closed and laid everybody off) and I also signed up for classes at a local college to complete prerequisites to apply to a university program later. I was really short in money.
    After finishing writing the email I suddenly changed my mind and decided to spend the money even if this didn’t make any sense to me (I was unemployed). I thought maybe I should do something what doesn’t make sense now and will make sense later. And that’s what I did. I was working on the belief program in breaks between the college classes.
    I tell you, I don’t regret of purchasing it. During belief elimination I realized how much I was stuck in a certain way of thinking about myself, and how much this affected me and my relationship with the world.
    I understand the program may not cover everything people went through their life, because everybody may have very unique experiences. It was the same with me; however, it definitely touched crucial issues I struggled with and probably other people do.
    Right now I don’t even remember the way I was thinking about myself and even if trying to remember it feels very, very strange and not like me at all. I became new me, much more confident, thinking higher about myself, thinking I am worth of something good in life, capable of doing things I hesitated to do before and more. I definitely know this is a new me and I see the world with a different eyes.
    I also would like to mention my unemployment problems vanished. I was preparing to start a college program by attending prerequisites. I was also interviewing with few employers now and then. I didn’t expect to find a job anymore and all my focus was to go back to school. Although after one interview,
    I have got an offer for a full time job in my profession. It is a really great job. Few weeks later I received a letter from the college, saying I was accepted to the program for this year. I was shocked because I didn’t even know to the last minute, if they accept me for the spring semester of 2013.

    I am not sure what happened. If this is how I see myself and respond to the world made this difference?
    I used to struggle with many things very hard in past. Now I don’t feel I struggle anymore.

    Thank you Morty so much for inventing the technique and for sharing it with the world, I am also very thankful you give free materials and discounts. There are many people out there (like me) struggling with jobs, financial issues, and others issues as well. This way is more affordable to people who really need such help to change their life for better. I loved the technique and recommend it to anybody who wants to make a change in their lives.

  42. Almost done with the Natural Confidence program. Very amazing is all I can say! I have noticed subtle changes to how I feel (for the better) and am a better parent too. My oldest daughter (7) actually said out of the blue today “mom, you should teach others how to parent b/c you’re a great one!” Made me smile and I thanked her. Especially now that I’ve seen some beliefs I’ve probably instilled in her unknowingly; but now I know what to do to help her get rid of beliefs. Very freeing to know possibilities are endless for her too.

    I shared belief 1’s video with my mom today and she said this would not work for her because she says she can’t remember any of her childhood. She’s 68 and in good health. I know she has many low self esteem beliefs. I am taking the LBP training and hope to help her one day but what do you say when someone is adamant they can’t remember childhood or even young adulthood and therefore can’t come up with a source for their belief? She said “this seems like a great program, but for someone like me, it just wouldn’t work.”

    Sounds like she has a belief right there to get rid of but I can’t put a finger on how to phrase it.

    Thanks for any advice.


  43. Heya! I hope you don’t mind but I decided to publish your weblog: http://blog.recreateyourlife.com/bust-a-limiting-belief/ to my on-line directory website. I used, “Bust A Limiting Belief | ReCreate Your Life” as your website headline. I hope this is okay with you. If perhaps you’d
    like me to change the title or remove it entirely, email me at mickicrouse@yahoo.

    com. Thanks.

  44. I sat down this morning and listened on how to get rid of the “I’m not good enough ” core belief that I thought I had. I had to go back and repeat part of the exercise because I was not sure if it was totally gone . After I was finished I could n’t believe how much lighter I felt .All day long I was aware of how different I was feeling.Thank you for something so simple it proved to be so powerful.thanks again………………Bill

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